Tennis star Novak Djokovic has apparently been held up at the Australian border while attempting entry for the Australian Open in Melbourne. Djokovic has publicly refused to reveal his vaccine status, which is resistance speak for, I didn’t submit to putting your poison goop in my arm.

The Australian government has declared that he is barred from entry but don’t hold your breath on that being the last hurrah as the official Australian government position is always along the lines of, will the important parts of the world still like us?

Just why Djokovic would so badly want to enter Kangaroo Gulag is somewhat beyond me. Yes, it’s his job but it’s not like he’s hard up for coin. What I do find interesting is how revealing this sudden little drama is of wider public beliefs at this point in time.

The primary criticism of Djokovic is not that he has refused to take the clot shot. That is merely a symptom of his greater mental disease. Rather, this man has had the very public effrontery to not believe in science.

Djokovic is “anti-science” in the realm of public opinion. Being anti-science on the surface seems to indicate that you do not believe in the glories of heart transplants and the like.

But what it actually means in practice is that you will not get with the program.

The “pro-science” position is based on rhetoric rather than logic. If it were based on logic then Djokovic’s bargaining chip of using the fact that he is recovered from Covid and thus immune would have been accepted as this approach is recognised in several European countries. But not in Australia.

So it seems that “science” does not cross international borders. Which means that the “science” that they keep going on about is subjective rather than objective. It is science based on feelings and propaganda rather than facts and logic. It has been this way for many, many years except they previously did their best to obfuscate it.

If you believe in science then what you are saying is that you believe in this world rather than God. Believing in science is thus a religion but a profoundly insecure one. Science has been contradicting itself and throwing away previous certainties for centuries.

A science believer is completely impotent; he has no agency of any kind, even if he is an actual scientist. He depends on being told what is reality and what to believe in on a daily and ever changing basis.

In order to mentally survive such an existence, one must willingly suspend all mental capacity for critical thinking. This is chaos. Supreme chaos. And it ends in despair.

The wonderful thing about Christianity is that God wants us to freely choose Him. He could force us, but where would the satisfaction in that be for Him? God wants willing participants in His work and plan. Yes, we must believe and have faith. But the word of God is the word of God.

The Ten Commandments don’t get updated every generation when new information comes to light. They are just as applicable to us as they were to all those who came before us. We are the same as our ancestors, we just have pretty toys to play with and indoor plumbing.

The god of science wants us to be proud in our modernity. To disparage our ancestors as less than human in their actions and thoughts. We are better because we believe in science, goes the dogmatic line.

Which means that you believe in nothing because those that will come in a hundred years will be told to look back at us as equally backward and unacceptable while they tear down the statues erected in this time.

This is the moment for real choosing. Do you believe in science or do you believe in God? You can’t have it both ways. You can’t sit astride some agnostic science/god fence procrastinating until “more information comes to light”. The gods of today are greedy and insatiable. If you’re not with them, you’re against them.

Is Djokovic a man of God? I do not know, but if he is not then he is at least on his own journey to arrive at that destination.

So pray for him, and pray for all those who swallow the lies that they might somehow be illuminated with God’s grace and awaken from this terrible spell that has captured so many with its siren calls.

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