BREAKING: Workers have congregated on the CFMEU headquarters in Victoria to confront John Setka over mandatory vaccination.

“F*** the jab!” was shouted at the Union boss as he existed the building.

The crowd gathered to protest the strict regulation on various union industries requiring Covid vaccination under threat of losing their jobs. They are the same restrictions facing private industry.

Furious, the protesters heckled Setka as he emerged to confront them. Among the accusations were those claiming that Setka is ‘owned by Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews’ after he failed to fight the premier on Covid regulations. Setka was barely able to get a word in under the tirade of abuse.

“Dan Andrews’ b***!” was also shouted along with, “Sell out!”

The protest became more violent, with protestors attempting to force their way into the CFMEU headquarters.

Victorian Police have not treated CFMEU union protesters with the same brutality shown to Freedom Day protesters on the weekend.

There has been no explanation offered regarding the different approaches in policing by the Commissioner.

The protest comes less than a day after Victorian Daniel Andrews released his unpopular roadmap out of Covid.

This story is breaking. More to come.

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Unions turn on Setka in rally against medical tyranny – Rebel News