We already knew that a man with a high-level position in the Chinese Communist Party had defected to America.  

We also knew that the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) refused to let the other intelligence agencies in on the secret because it was immediately apparent that our government is riddled with Chinese spies, agents, true believers, and people on the payroll.  

Now, though, we know who the spy is and the broad outlines of the information he provided — and it’s a lot worse than you thought.

As before, Jennifer Van Laar — who I believe first reported about the defector’s existence — has the most comprehensive information.  For the deep dive, go to RedState; for the short(ish) summary, stick with me.

The defector’s name is Dong Jingwei, and he’s the vice minister of state security.  He knows where all the bodies are buried, both in China and, I’m sorry to say, in America.  

According to Spy Talk, Dong “was responsible for the Ministry’s counterintelligence efforts in China, i.e., spy-catching, since being promoted to vice minister in April 2018.”

Spy Talk also reports that China demanded Dong’s return, but Blinken said no.  Interestingly, the weak, woke Blinken said “no” not as a matter of principle.  

Instead, he took a stand only because the DIA hadn’t told the administration about Dong’s existence.  That tells you about how little the DIA trusts the Biden administration.

According to Spy Talk, Dong’s presence in the U.S. is a rumor.  However, Van Laar seems very sure of her sources, who told her China possesses “embarrassing and damaging information about our intelligence community and government officials in the ‘terabytes of data’ he’s provided to the DIA.”

Van Laar also shares information from a Washington Free Beacon report claiming that, when China realized that Trump was about to close travel from China, it sent hundreds of “students” back in January, much earlier than their planned return dates, to monitor events in America.  

These students (spies), summarizes Van Laar, “were charged with reporting back on public policy changes, economic response and damage, impacts on the healthcare system (equipment/hospital bed shortages, etc), supply chain impacts (including how long it took things like semiconductors from China to reach the United States), civil unrest, and more.”

And here, straight from Van Laar herself, is other information Dong brought with him that should have you simultaneously furiously angry and really terrified:

  • Early pathogenic studies of what we know as COVID.
  • China’s models about what COVID would do to the U.S. and the world (which makes it sound as if COVID was a bioweapon, not an accident).
  • Financial records about which organizations and governments funded COVID “and other biological warfare” research.
  • The identity of U.S. citizens who gave intel to China.
  • The names of Chinese spies working or attending universities in America.
  • Financial records showing American businesspeople and officials who took money from China.  (Note: At least as to the businesspeople, these may have been legitimate transactions.  I don’t know how they can have been for the officials.)
  • U.S. government officials who met (knowingly or not) with Chinese and Russian spies.
  • Details about the Chinese government getting into the CIA communications system, which led the Chinese to kill dozens of CIA assets in China.
  • Hunter Biden’s hard drive, which meant that the Chinese knew all about his porn and drug problems, his acting as a conduit for money to Joe, and his and Joe’s corrupt financial dealings generally.
  • News that at least a third of Chinese students on American campuses (who pay full retail, so they drive out American students) are Communist Party assets or the children of high-level communist officials in America under false names.

There’s every reason to believe that all this information is true.  Says Van Laar, “DIA has high confidence in the veracity of Dong’s claims.

“In a sane, just world, our government would act upon this information immediately.  China would become a pariah nation, with immediate steps taken to shut down all possible trade with China; Chinese students would be returned to China; corrupt officials and politicians (regardless of party) would be fired and, if appropriate, indicted; and our intelligence agencies would be cleaned up or, if too corrupt, disbanded.

The mainstream media, however, are currently keeping a tight lid on this story, and it’s doubtful that the Biden administration will act — especially considering how compromised both Biden and his son are.  

We’ll have to wait for the 2022 election for things to happen.  

If Republicans gain the majority in Congress, there should be some very interesting hearings.  And if DeSantis becomes president in 2024, the indictments had better start rolling out.

This article first appeared at americanthinker.com

That high-level Chinese defector’s ’embarrassing and damaging information about our intelligence community’ – American Thinker