The politicians’ statements, news reports, and video images coming out of Australia have been shocking.  

A nation that was once as free as any in the British Commonwealth has become a complete tyranny, right down to shooting politically incorrect dogs.  However, Australia’s truckers (or at least, some of Australia’s truckers) are vowing to end the tyrants’ rule and bring sanity back to that continent.

In his superb book, Empire: The Rise and Demise of the British World Order and the Lessons for Global Power, Niall Ferguson made the point that, of all the world’s former colonies, it was the colonies that once belonged to the British empire that fared best, starting with America.  

The reason was that the British created an honest civil service mostly staffed with indigenous people who were able to continue after the British left and because the British, even in their colonies, imparted their tradition of liberty.

Therefore, it’s been shocking to see the governments in former British colonies use the excuse of COVID to become total tyrants.  

New Zealand has been almost perpetually locked down since COVID emerged and Canada has been using COVID as an excuse to shut down religion and free speech along with its borders.

But it’s Australia that went truly insane.  The land we Americans associate with Crocodile Dundee and Steve Irwin turns out to be a land populated by evil nannies and frightened children.  I could go on at length, but I’ll let Tucker Carlson fill you in on what’s been happening Down Under:

It turns out, though, that not everyone in Australia is cowed.  

The Daily Expose, a British publication that pushes back against the pro-left, pro-government propaganda from the BBC, found something interesting:

Video messages from Australian truck drivers have surfaced in some of the alternative social media sites in recent days stating that they are going to take their country back, by going on strike and creating a blockade that will choke the supply chain.

They are warning Australians to prepare, and stock up on food and basic necessities while they do this. They claim to have widespread support among “truckies” and also among military veterans.

They recently had a “snap” protest in Sydney where dozens of trucks spanning miles lined up blowing their horns in a sign of solidarity against tyranny.

To be honest, I have no idea whether this will work.  After all, given that Australia has turned out its military to maintain the lockdown, it’s clear that the tyrants in government aren’t playing tiddlywinks; they’re playing for keeps.

However, I remember how Lech Wałęsa and his fellow Gdańsk shipyard workers, in 1980, created the Solidarity movement that was the first major political movement to stand against the Soviet Union.  (Poland, after all, was just a satellite of the Soviet Union.)  

There was a straight line between the shipyard workers’ strike and the fall of the Berlin Wall nine years later and the Soviet Union’s final demise in 1991.

Keep an eye on events in Australia, because it will show just how far the new Western tyrants are willing to go when it comes to retaining the power that COVID gave them.

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