There’s a saying that even paranoid people have enemies.

Sometimes, you’re right to be suspicious—and when it comes to the vaccines, a lot of people have been very suspicious.

Some of these concerns have been about the vaccine’s efficacy, some of them have been about the side effects and risks, and some have been about the specific risks of forcing vaccines on people who are already immune because they’ve had COVID.

Then there is a much deeper concern that the vaccines are injecting permanent substances in the body that support a “transhumanist” agenda. The newest video from the World Economic Forum (“WEF”) isn’t going to put that last concern to rest.

First, for those unfamiliar with the concept, “transhumanism” is an idea that sounds wonderful in theory:

Transhumanism can be viewed as an extension of humanism, from which it is partially derived.

Humanists believe that humans matter, that individuals matter. We might not be perfect, but we can make things better by promoting rational thinking, freedom, tolerance, democracy, and concern for our fellow human beings.

Transhumanists agree with this but also emphasize what we have the potential to become.

Just as we use rational means to improve the human condition and the external world, we can also use such means to improve ourselves, the human organism.

In doing so, we are not limited to traditional humanistic methods, such as education and cultural development. We can also use technological means that will eventually enable us to move beyond what some would think of as “human”.

Building better humans through science! Who could be opposed to that?

Well, a lot of people. First, it’s entirely possible that they allow those who hold the keys to control us, taking away free will.

Second, it makes human development subordinate to scientists.

Third, for those who are religious, it sees science deliberately co-opt and “improve” upon God’s creation.

Fourth, if the suspicions about the vaccines implanting more in our bodies than mere vaccine capabilities are true, we will have been lied to and subjected to a mass human experiment with unknown repercussions for individuals and for humans as a whole.

As for that last point, those who worry about the vaccines may be on to something. At The Conservative Treehouse, Sundance reports on a new WEF video celebrating a universal COVID pass that would allow people to travel anywhere around the globe and go into any facility anywhere with this single pass proving their vaccination status.

Never mind, for now, the fact that the vaccines’ efficacy is proving to be minimal, at best. (The J&J vaccine is now down to 3% efficacy.)

The point is that, in this brave new world, unless you’re vaccinated, you’re not going to be allowed to go anywhere or do anything. You won’t just be a second-class citizen. You’ll have no life at all—something that’s already started here in America, with leftist policies leading to thousands of firings across the country.

Therefore, you’d better get vaxxed and, once you are, promises the video, the world is your oyster:

Sundance, however, caught something ominous about that video:

The entire premise of the World Economic Forum’s “COVIDPass” is predicated on a blood test being able to identify whether a person has been vaccinated or not.

Think about that carefully.

Think about that deeply.

Currently, proof of vaccine status is dependent on paperwork and registration in computer systems. If for some reason you got the shot on the sly without that paper proof or being entered in the system, it would be as if you never got the vaccine.

Sure, a blood test may prove that you’re immune, but it’s impossible to tell if that’s from natural immunity (which Joe Biden and everyone on his side of the aisle says doesn’t count) or from getting a vaccine (which is the cattle chute into which we’re being herded, whether we’re on our way to a glorious future or the abattoir.)

If a blood test cannot prove whether we’ve been vaccinated, what the heck is the WEF talking about? Sundance has a guess:

The WEF proposal is based on a blood sample, or a blood test, to prove you have been vaccinated. The only way that is possible is if the vaccine itself carries some form of marker that permanently stays (at a cellular level) in your body which can then be detected in a blood test.


Let’s call whatever is in your blood system a “marker”, because generically we do not know what they would specifically be looking for to isolate blood as vaccinated -vs- non vaccinated. They are looking for something, so let’s call that a marker. That means the following points are evident:

  • Whatever that marker is, has to be present in all versions of the vaccine.
  • Whatever that marker is, has to be present permanently.
  • Whatever that marker is, was known by the World Economic Forum to exist prior to this proposal.

Without a way to identify vaccinated blood, the entire premise of the COVIDPass proposed by the WEF is moot.

So, the question becomes: what is that marker?

Sundance doesn’t answer that question. It’s just out there as one more worry regarding the vaccines that Joe Biden, Democrat politicians, and corporations are bullying Americans into getting.

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