One of the most admirable things about Donald Trump is that he has a fast learning curve. He’ll try out something and, if it fails, he’ll adapt—although, sadly, he wasn’t fast enough to adapt to the Deep State, while his misplaced respect for Fauci ultimately did him in…but that’s the past. The present is that, having learned that people didn’t like his juvenile attacks on DeSantis, Trump pivoted and focused once again on the American people. Conservatives are eating it up, and leftists are panicking.

Trump’s turnaround began when he went to East Palestine and focused on the Biden government’s failures and the American people instead of sniping at potential primary challengers. Then, when Trump, who has not aged a single minute since 2016, spoke at CPAC, he focused on what Americans want after two years of Biden’s destructive policies. Based on a summary his own team put out, Trump promised a lot of conservative wish-list items, including the following:

  • Stopping the Deep State
  • Stopping the Ukraine war and ending the reign of warmongers
  • Stopping the globalist agenda
  • Ending the perpetual political class
  • Becoming independent from China
  • Securing the border, evicting illegal aliens, and destroying the cartels to stop the flow of illicit drugs
  • Driving Critical Race Theory and DEI from America’s institutions
  • Restoring the rule of law
  • Stamping out homelessness
  • Championing parents’ rights
  • Protecting women’s sports
  • Making elections honest

Those promises hit all the right notes for genuine conservatives.

In the past week or so, Trump’s popularity has started to soar. A CPAC straw poll saw Trump receive 62% of the votes versus Ron DeSantis’s 22%–although, to give DeSantis his due, he chose not to attend CPAC, so he wasn’t there to get the attendees excited.

Perhaps more significantly than that straw poll, a YouGov poll showed that, in a survey asking Hispanic voters to choose between Trump and DeSantis, Trump won by 67% to 20%. The difference is striking, considering how popular DeSantis is in his home state, and what a large Hispanic population Florida has.

It’s early days yet, so none of what we’re seeing is usefully predictive for the primaries or the ultimate 2024 election. However, Trump’s resurrection from the ashes was enough to trigger Democrats. My favorite trigger moment was the completely bat-fecal-matter crazy screed from Lindy Li, an Asian woman who is the Women’s Co-Chair and Mid-Atlantic Regional Chair for the DNC.

Li’s rant was directed against CPAC generally, but it ended with a manic, hysterical blow against Trump himself (emphasis mine; hyperlinks omitted):

Speaking to host Yasmin Vossoughian, Li began the segment fighting back
against what she saw as conservatives such as Nikki Haley calling the Democrats

‘Let’s be clear what anti-woke means. It’s anti-black,’ Li, who served on
the Asian American outreach team for President Joe Biden’s 2020 campaign, said.

‘And I think people are very reluctant to say it, but I don’t mince any
words, and that’s the truth.

‘That’s their way of, you know, sounding the dog whistle without being
extremely explicit,’ she added.

Li also called Haley, the former ambassador to the United Nations and
Governor of South Carolina, ‘cringeworthy’ and a ‘total sell-out’.

She then went after what she felt were the faults of the Republicans
speaking at the annual conservative conference.

Li then gave her summary of the annual event put on by the ACU.

‘Let’s also not ignore the fact that CPAC has become a gathering of sexual
predators. Let’s be honest,’ Li said, referencing the investigation into
Representative Matt Gaetz – which did not lead to charges – and accusations of
inappropriate behavior by Representative Jim Jordan and organizer Matt Schlapp.

She then went further into a tirade, referring to Representative Marjorie
Taylor Greene as an ‘adulteress’ and complaining that Representative Lauren
Boebert ‘brags about carrying a Glock.’ Finally, she said:
‘Tonight, we have Trump, a serial rapist.’

Li, incidentally, is proud of her tirade:

The opinions Li states are hers alone, and she’s entitled to them, no matter how wacky they are. But “facts are stubborn things,” and there is no evidence that Trump is a rapist, let alone a serial rapist. None of the allegations against him have proven to have merit. An honest analysis of the Access Hollywood tape shows how the media lied about it.

Likewise, the other women claiming sexual assault were Hillary fanatics and vanished when that fact was raised. And for now, E. Jean Carroll’s allegations must be viewed with suspicion, given that she can’t even remember when the alleged sexual assault happened.

Li’s contention that Trump is a “serial rapist” is scandalous defamation. However, thanks to the Supreme Court, Li will get away with it because he’s a public figure.

What’s most interesting, though, is the tone of hysteria behind Li’s accusations. She’s worried, and that’s how we like it when it comes to Democrats heading into the 2024 election.