Unless we act fast, Canada’s transgender and euthanasia nightmare is our future

Thanks to Justin Trudeau’s two terms in office, Canada is already where the Democrats hope to direct America. Notably, it’s ahead of us in transgenderism and euthanasia. Two stories illustrate how bad things can get and why we in America should oppose both ideas with all our might.

America’s soccer team has already behaved badly at the FIFA Women’s World Cup in New Zealand, with more than half the team refusing to acknowledge their own national anthem. They’re playing for themselves and their own aggrandizement, not for the nation that sends them there. (As always, I’m sorry for the decent, normal women on the team.)

But at least all the women’s team members (currently) seem to know that they’re women. It turns out that, in Canada, at least one of the Canadian players lacks even that certainty.

The Canadian team has fielded a player named Quinn (one name only, like Cher or Madonna), who identifies as transgender and non-binary. And no, there is no logic tying together someone who claims to be the opposite of his or her gender as well as being no gender at all. For now, then, let’s ignore the “non-binary” claim, which adds a weird Schrodinger’s Cat vibe to the whole thing. Still, this oxymoronic identification has a purpose, although not one you’d easily imagine.

Given the word “transgender” identification and Quinn’s place on the Canadian women’s team, you’re probably assuming that Quinn is another Will Thomas; that is, a man who is incapable of competing against other men, so he dons “woman face,” where his biological abilities suddenly elevate him to star status on a women’s team. That’s certainly what I assumed when I heard about Quinn.

I was wrong. Quinn, believe it or not, is a biological woman who claims to be a man and who is playing on the Canadian women’s soccer team as a “transgender” and “non-binary” player.

The problem for Quinn is that, unlike biological men who are stars on women’s teams, biological women are a drag on men’s teams. Therefore, by adding “non-binary” to her designation, Quinn can play on whichever team she wants, either one aligned with her actual biological sex or one aligned with her imaginary one.

The Canadian team is doing better at the World Cup than the American team (it’s won one game), but that’s no thanks to Quinn. None of the media articles celebrating her gender confusion can say anything about her contributions to the team’s single victory (e.g., here and here, both of which call Quinn “they/them,” which makes for incoherent writing).

But really, how are so-called transgender people faring in Canada? If they’re anything like a man named Lois Cardinal, they’re doing poorly.

In 2009, thanks to living in a cutting-edge country, Lois was a man who elected to have his penis and testicles hollowed out, after which the remaining shell was turned inside out and stuffed into his peritoneal cavity to make a very fake “vagina.”

A “vaginoplasty” is a procedure that medieval torturers would have loved to have added to their repertoire. The vast majority of those who have had the procedure suffer some or all the following post-surgical effects: Sterility, chronic pain throughout their bodies, painful sexual intercourse with no sexual pleasure, and incontinence. Additionally, men who have vaginoplasties must also dilate their fake vagina daily, itself a painful procedure.

Cardinal has suffered these consequences for 14 years and can’t take it anymore:

Cardinal underwent a vaginoplasty in 2009, but developed complications and quickly regretted the procedure.

She told DailyMail.com that she feels constant pressure, pain and discomfort now, many years after the original surgery.

To alleviate Cardinal’s suffering, Canada’s socialized medical system offered him “numbing cream.”

So, Cardinal did what many Canadians do when their medical system fails them: He asked the state to kill him.

And here’s the irony. In a nation in which state-practiced murder is becoming one of the most common causes of death, the state refused to grant Cardinal’s request.

I understand why. Giving Cardinal terminal relief from his suffering is to acknowledge that a procedure that the state so strongly supports is cruel and inhuman. It’s better that one person suffers horribly than to admit that its “gender-affirming” care is barbaric. (I am not advocating euthanasia. I am just pointing out the cruel logic here.)

All this gender madness will be remembered as one of the darkest times in Western history (assuming we survive to have a history written about us). And what’s happening in Canada is coming soon to America. In fact, depending on where you live, it’s already here.

This article was first published in American Thinker