Eighty-one years ago, on 22 February 1943, a young German woman, Sophie Scholl (aged 21) and her brother Hans (aged 24) were beheaded by guillotine for their resistance against the Nazis. Later that year, the other members of the group known as “The White Rose” were captured and executed by the Nazis.

These brave young people knew that to speak up against Hitler and the Nazis would mean death if caught. However, they chose not to be silent, as they printed and distributed anti-Nazi flyers among university students in Germany.

Despite their young lives being cut short, their legacy inspires others that we must stand up against evil.

Australia today is in danger from different forms of evil manifesting differently to those of the major dictators of the 20th century (Hitler. Stalin, and Mao Zedong, etc). These are evils perpetrated by traitors to humanity, endangering our nation and endangering the welfare of individuals.

This evil of cultural and global marxism is variously propagated, supported and/or allowed to perpetuate by: inherently evil people; the deceived, the ignorant and the stupid.

Significantly, also, all of this is permitted to continue by the weak, unfortunately – by people who recognise the evil but lack the courage to stand against it in some capacity.

CULTURAL MARXISM spreads like a cancer, as our nation and way of life are attacked by identified oppressive atheist Marxist movements such as the ‘evolving alphabet’ radical LGBTIQA+ movement; radical feminism (man-haters); critical race theory, post-colonial theory; and other Marxist initiatives. These movements and theories fester by driving division throughout Australia as they attack the foundations of Western society, Christianity (Judeo-Christian values) and the family.

GLOBAL MARXISM, an evil primarily perpetrated on the world by the globalist elite of the UN/WHO/WEF alliance and global corporations, threatens the sovereignty of our nation, its economics and the health of every human being.  

It amounts to a brand of evil that uses politicians, dodgy scientists and experts, along with the majority of the globalist Marxist mainstream media, to inhibit the rational thinking of people and take control through fear – through the creation of mass formation psychosis. We recently witnessed how people responded to the Covid-19 crisis as rational thought processes were inhibited by a relentless fear campaign to control the masses.

‘Controlling the masses’ can amount to desensitising – and otherwise disempowering them – to get them to a shared feeling-experience of lack of agency. This surfaces in sayings like:

“Why should i worry about that? 

“It doesn’t impact me”

 “Nothing i do could change things! So, I choose not to think about such ideas”. 

“They’re probably only conspiracy theories.”

With the two-pronged attack of both Cultural and Global Marxism, Australians have so much they MUST be standing up to oppose. We, the responsible citizens of this country, have a duty to oppose evil and to protect this nation and its people both now and into the future.

Listed below are what I have identified as crucial matters embedded in all of this – huge but too often unrecognised. Issues that I will be focusing on in the Friday Raves of 2024 as I play my part in standing up against these evils.

  1. I want to do my part in exposing the threat to our nation imposed by the Globalist Marxist United Nations / World Health Organisation / World Economic Forum (UN/WHO/WEF) Alliance This includes their driving of the man-made climate change catastrophe hoax, an agenda that originated from the 1968 Club of Rome.

This globalist elite agenda is what drives the insane suicidal push by the Albanese Labor government toward net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Learn More from a video you shouldn’t-miss ‘Rosa Koire UN Agenda 2030 exposed’ the author of “Behind the Green Mask: U.N. Agenda 21”

2. Protecting our nation and the welfare of future generations from the globalist Marxist UN/WHO/WEF alliance threatening our nation’s health sovereignty through the WHO Global Pandemic Treaty /Accord and the May 2023 International Health Regulations (IHR) Amendments.

Is the globalist Albanese Labor Government’s new Centre for Disease Control (CDC) a Trojan horse for implementing the WHO Pandemic Treaty in Australia??? 

Learn more about what this will mean.

FRIDAY RAVE 54 – Australia dodged a bullet to the chest, but the next shot is aimed at the back

3. Protecting free speech from the Globalist Marxist UN/WHO/WEF alliance and the Marxist Albanese government. The Globalist elite is attempting to protect all of this from public gaze and criticism by censoring free speech.

They claim to be implementing such measures to “combat misinformation”, which could easily limit free speech through the WHO Global Pandemic Treaty and the May 2023 IHR Amendments.  Meanwhile, the  Marxist Albanese government is attempting to censor free speech through the Communications Legislation Amendment (Combatting Misinformation and Disinformation) Bill 2023.

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FRIDAY RAVE 43 – Have your say, and protect free speech 28 July 2023

4. Protecting children and humanity, as we know it, from the potential threat imposed of the transhumanist agenda of the the dangerous global elite crazies of the World Economic Forum (WEF).

Are you aware the globalist elite are the ones driving the transgender movement? Innocent children are being sacrificed as collateral damage in the quest for a post-human, transhuman society.

Learn more from this MUST-WATCH video. Laura Aboli “Transhumanism: The End Game”  (12 minutes)

Should you scoff at what Laura Aboli has to say and dismiss it as misinformation, please take the time to read the supporting opinion, evidence and videos in  Friday Rave 60 – Evil speaks, hear it straight from their own mouth and listen to the attached video. 

5. Exposing the Globalist  ‘Depopulation’ Agenda of the ‘Club of Rome’ 1968, which in 2024 is a core objective of the UN Agenda for the 21st Century (‘Agenda 21’ and ‘Agenda 2030’). 

Do you oppose the killing of helpless unborn babies: the taking of one’s own life and/or the slippery slope of euthanasia? Further, why has there been an increase in mortality worldwide since 2021 after the height of the Covid-19 Virus??  Did you know that Mr Vaccines, Bill Gates, is a member of the Club of Rome? 

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The Club of Rome’s world government, climate-change hoax and depopulation agenda exposed!

6. Exposing the truth about Cultural Marxism and Its evil agenda of division and deception, as it attacks the two foundations of Western civilisation – Christianity and the Family. 

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Friday Rave 1 Silence / Conspiracy Theory – 26 August 2022

7…AND other issues as they arise, including the future impact of a Central Digital Currency (CDC) and a cashless society – goodbye freedom 


From 2020 to 2022, Australia sampled a soft form of totalitarianism with State Premiers acting like quasi-dictators backed by Health Ministers and unelected bureaucrats, all coordinated and collaborating in pushing fear.

Freedom was under attack, with unlawful mandates and lockdowns and the ridiculous – often heavy-handed enforcement of ever-changing rules, even when very few of these rules were based on science and/or rational thought processes.

Thankfully for Australia, 10-15% of the adult population stood against the overreaching power-hungry undemocratic government. This brave group’s resistance proved substantial enough to win the day and help force the State governments to give up their newfound totalitarian powers and measures.

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FRIDAY RAVE 4 – The Important Role of the Dissenting Voice


From my observations and personal interactions with people these past years, it has become clear that many more are now awake to the evil agenda of the globalist Marxist elite discerning the evils of cultural Marxism. This was evidenced by the massive failure of the Albanese Labor government’s Voice to Parliament referendum by a whopping 60% to 40%.

There are enough people in Australia awake now because they have discerned the evils of global and cultural Marxism. We are in sufficient numbers now to prevent our nation from further sliding down the horrific path ahead to Marxist destruction and then death, if we stand as one. History shows that the legacy of Marxism is death – 100 million plus and counting.

Coming back to where this Friday Rave started. In 1942-43, Sophie Scholl and the ‘White Rose’ movement showed what needed to be done when many Germans were being deceived by Hitler or simply proving too cowardly to stand against evil.

I encourage you to consider seriously the words of Sophie Scholl as you reflect on your actions – And thus on the story you will get to tell your children of what you did to stand against evil when you saw it threatening Australia and the welfare of future generations.

“The real damage is done by those millions who want to ‘survive.’ The honest men who just want to be left in peace. Those who don’t want their little lives disturbed by anything bigger than themselves. Those with no sides and no causes. Those who won’t take measure of their own strength, for fear of antagonising their own weakness. Those who don’t like to make waves – or enemies.”

Hours before her death Sophie Scholl told her cellmate, political prisoner Else Gebel, the following: ‘It is such a splendid sunny day, and I have to go. But so many men are dying every day on the battlefield, so many promising lives are being lost…. What does my death amount to as long as what we did served to stir up people and make them think?’

We don’t have to put our lives at risk. All we have to do is have the courage to break the spiral of silence and speak up like a brave young 21 year old and the rest of those courageous young Germans known as “The White Rose”.

Friday Rave 56 – PROTECT YOUR FAMILY – Break the Spiral of Silence

I conclude the Friday Rave  with these words from Sophie Scholl, which I encourage you to reflect and act on.

“Stand up for what you believe in even if you are standing alone.”

This article was first published at Friday Rave