Do you really believe the tiny amount of C02 produced by humans controls the temperature of our planet?

Did you know that climate change scientists promoting the global warming narrative have never provided empirical data without cherry-picking starting dates to prove their man-made climate change catastrophe predictions?

Did you know that the only evidence (as opposed to assumptions, opinions,  emotions or consensus by the press) climate change scientists have put forward are faulty mathematical models. 

  • Models that alarmist scientists developed themselves to support their false narrative.
  • Models based on assumptions and opinions, not empirical data and the scientific process.
  • Models that are vastly inaccurate and continue to make extreme predictions that never come close to eventuating.

From their own mouths climate change scientists know that their chief evidence of mathematical modeling is faulty. What’s worse, they have no shame as they perpetuate the false narrative.

“The data doesn’t matter. We’re not basing our recommendations on the data.

We’re basing them on the climate models.”  

(Prof. Chris Folland, Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research)
“The models are convenient fictions that provide something very useful.” 
(Dr David Frame, Climate modeller, Oxford University)

Former NASA Astronaut and Physicist, Walter Cunningham in a speech addressing the false man-made climate change catastrophe agenda, remarked:

“Human-caused global warming may be the biggest scientific myth-based scam in our history” 

I highly recommend listening to the following video in full. 

NASA 25 Scientists Question the Sanity of the Global Warmists (49 minutes)

Walter Cunningham commences speaking at the 32-minute point. His 15-minute speech is central to today’s Friday Rave. It is a speech which:

1. exposes the man-made climate change catastrophe fraud;

2. touches on the agenda behind the hoax;

3. brings to light the fraudulent alarmist climate predicting models, which are based on only assumptions and opinions;

4. exposes the complicit power of the media;

5. refers (without naming it) to the sunk cost phenomena concerning politicians; and

6. puts forward a powerful suggestion for the way forward.

Are you a casualty of the ‘Sunk Cost’ phenomena in relation to your acceptance of THIS HOAX: the man-made climate change catastrophe DECEPTION? 

Recapping from FRIDAY RAVE 63 – Part 1/3 Are You experiencing ‘Sunk Cost’… and can people do so without knowing it?

‘Sunk Cost’ phenomena “is about a person being too invested personally to accept that the evil globalist Marxist technocratic agenda has deceived him or her. They have barriers that stop them, even considering that they might have been ‘tricked’. It can often come down to them being too proud to admit it”.

“The ‘Sunk Cost’ phenomenon occurs when a person is reluctant to abandon a strategy, course of action, or belief because they have invested heavily in it. Put another way, they have ‘owned’ that belief, strategy, or choice; as a result, they are too connected to it to turn around now”.

The intention of this Friday Rave is to provide scientific facts from reputable experts in their field. Facts that will both inform and/or challenge people’s reality on this most critical issue. 

I encourage all readers to apply critical thinking skills based on empirical data with supportive evidence (not cherry-picked dates) to reach their viewpoint on this matter. There is no sound place to adopt a view based on observation, opinion and emotions as it leaves one vulnerable to be indoctrinated and controlled.  

The man-made climate change catastrophe agenda has already impacted us all. Australian manufacturing has been lost, and the excessive increase in food, electricity, and fuel costs has significantly contributed to the drop in living standards of most Australians.

Impending harm to future generations will be imminent if the false narrative is permitted to continue and grow in momentum to achieve its totalitarian aims and objectives.  

(A topic that will be covered in a future Friday Rave)

Are you too proud or too invested to accept that whether it be through deception,  disinformation, misinformation, propaganda and misdirection driven by globalist Marxist controlled media, politicians and education system, you may be someone who has been indoctrinated or tricked into firmly supporting the globalist Marxist technocratic man-made climate change catastrophe agenda. 

Has the deception, disinformation, misinformation, propaganda and misdirection caused you to:

  • lose your ability to think rationally because of future doomsday predictions, despite the fact that they have been so wrong over decades. 

50 Years of Failed Doomsday, Eco-pocalyptic Predictions; the So-called ‘experts’ Are 0-50

“I believe it is appropriate to have an ‘over-representation’ of the facts on how dangerous it is, as a predicate for opening up the audience.”

Al Gore, member of the Club of Rome 

“Unless we announce disasters, no one will listen.”

Sir John Houghton, First chairman of IPCC

Polar Bears and Climate Change  Puppet Greta Thumberg


  • lose your critical thinking thought processes because of the fear generated by the faulty climate change models. Models that can’t, because of the huge amount of variables, possibly predict the accurate temperature in the future and in fact, intentionally predict far inflated temperatures. This perpetuates fear, which makes people vulnerable to be manipulated and controlled as they lose the ability of critical thinking thought process (as mentioned in FRIDAY RAVE 63 Sunk Cost1/3) 

           “The models are convenient fictions that provide something very useful.”                   

(Dr David Frame, Climate modeller, Oxford University)
  • deny what scientists have known for many years and which is supported by empirical data: that the sun, the ocean, and variations of the earth’s orbit around the sun are the principal drivers of our changing climate.

Astrophysicist Piers Corbyn Says “Climate Change is Junk Science” and in the linked video explains clearly how the temperature of the earth is mostly determined by the big ball of gas known as the Sun and the changing levels of heat radiation due to numerous factors, including the solar activity on the sun (ie the number of sunspots)

  • believe that man can control the temperature of the world by eliminating the small component of CO2 that he contributes. (If you believe this, I suggest you have another look at the sun picture above and watch the quality videos contained in this rave)
  • accept the science is settled on man-made climate change catastrophe.

10 Prominent Scientists Refuting ‘man-made Global Warming’ With Solid Research

  • hold an incorrect understanding of CO2:
  • CO2 is something evil and not the gas of life – plant food      
    • CO2 controls the temperature of Earth despite making up only 0.04% of the atmosphere. Note that if CO2 levels drop to 0.02%, humans will be close to extinction, as photosynthesis won’t be able to take place, and all plant life will die.     At 150ppm atmospheric CO2 on the planet, photosynthesis stops. The world in 2024 is only at a level of 420ppm.
  • Temperature drives CO2 levels not CO2 drives temperature.

Learn many more facts from an expert in CO2 – Professor William Happer Emeritus professor of Physics Princeton University

“CO2 , The Gas of Life”-Dr. William Happer (3 October 2023)  

Conversation UPDATE: William Happer

  • think that renewable energy can replace fossil fuels.  Once again, you don’t have to be Einstein to know that when the wind don’t blow and the sun don’t shine, the wind mills and solar panels are pretty useless, as they try to produce energy to pay back the CO2 debt caused in producing them.   

  • fear nuclear energy and nuclear waste storage. 

Nuclear Energy: Abundant, Clean, and Safe (5 minutes)

How Dangerous Is Nuclear Waste? (5 minutes)

  • fear  fossil fuels, and neglect to recognise that energy consumption has increased our standard of living 

A World without Fossil Fuels (5 minutes)

Fossil Fuels the Big Picture (5 minutes)

The Real Climate Crisis (5 minutes)

  • naively accept that science (including NASA scientists) is about discovering and reporting the truth and not the agenda of who funds them. 

NASA 25 Scientists Question the Sanity of the Global Warmists (49 minutes)

Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) has been on numerous occasions exposed for manipulation of the temperature records, dating back to the early 1900s to show a false increase in temperature. 

Just recently, Senator Gerard Rennick exposed the BOM manipulation of data in the 1940’s

BOM has manipulated temperature records to show a false increase in temperature – 27.02.24

If you are telling the truth don’t need to play with the figures

  • naively accept that government acts in the best interests of its citizens.

FRIDAY RAVE 30 – Do you trust the government to always act in the best interests of its citizens?

  • naively believe that the globalist Marxist Technocrats (ie UN / WHO / WEF alliance) driving the man-made climate change catastrophe fear agenda actually care about the environment.

            FRIDAY RAVE 28 – Deceived by the Climate Change Agenda

The above is only part of all the Deception, disinformation, misinformation, propaganda and misdirection used to drive people to accept and believe the false narrative of man-made climate change catastrophe to be true. 

If the above hasn’t challenged your position it would appear you might be one of the Group 1 30% mentioned in FRIDAY RAVE 63 – Part 1/3 Are You experiencing ‘Sunk Cost’… and can people do so without knowing it?

For those who dispel what has been presented in this Friday Rave, I do propose the following question?  

As the climate does change, should the debate not be about climate change but about the cause of climate change?

The above statement concerning the cause of climate change is supported by John Clauser, winner of the 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics, who risked his reputation and future funding to state with great confidence that there is “NO climate emergency.”

“… As much as this may upset many people, my message is that the planet is NOT in danger. … Atmospheric CO2 and methane have a minor effect on the climate.

So far, we have totally poorly identified what the dominant process in climate control is, and all various models are based on incomplete and incorrect physics.

The dominant process is “the mechanism of the reflectivity thermostat of the solar light cloud.

Clouds are all bright and white and reflect 90% of sunlight back into space, making them the most crucial, yet neglected, aspect of the climate system.

Two thirds of the Earth is oceans The Pacific Ocean alone makes up half the Earth.

The average cloud coverage on Earth is 67%; about 50% over Earth and 75% over the oceans.

I’d say that the conspiracy properties of clouds are the missing piece of the puzzle.

I can confidently say that there is no climate emergency.”

Last Year’s Nobel Physics Laureate Signs World Climate Declaration Stating ‘There is No Climate Emergency’ 

John Clauser identifies that “clouds are the missing piece of the puzzle”. This is supported by eminent physicist Professor Freeman Dyson, who said in relation to how the sun influences climate “the sun’s effect on clouds, but we don’t know for sure” 

Professor Dyson also supports the notion that there is no climate change emergency as he highlights (what was spoken about in the beginning of this Friday Rave), the faulty prediction models used as well as the positive greening effect of increased C02 in the atmosphere

“Climate models are excellent tools for understanding climate, but they are very bad tools for predicting climate” because predicting climate is too complex.” 

Is Carbon Dioxide Making The World Greener? (w/ Freeman Dyson, Institute for Advanced Studies) June 2015 (23 minutes)

Professor William Happer also highlights the failure and exaggeration of the data from the faulty computer models that can’t deal with the complexity of predicting climate 

Can Climate Models Predict Climate Change? (5 Minutes)

Unfortunately for our nation and the welfare of citizens now and in the future, there are not enough people awake and speaking up to resist the false global Marxist elite climate change narrative perpetrated by globalists – politicians, corporations and mainstream media. 

WEF – Klaus Schwab (founder of The World Economic Forum): “We penetrate the cabinets”

Globalist Marxist Technocrats are using a huge  man-made climate change catastrophe agenda to inflict their drive towards a New World Order / One World Government to quench their thirst and decades-long aspirations for power, for money and to inflict a humanistic technocratic theology onto the world in opposition to what God intended. 

This globalist drive will be covered in detail in a future edition of the Friday Rave.  

I recommend the following video to you by Rosa Koire ‘The Truth Behind Sustainable Agenda’


I encourage you to investigate further and apply your critical thinking skills. Please use the material presented in this Friday’s Rave to help challenge and hopefully awaken the ignorant and/or those who have misplaced their critical thinking skills as a result of the deception, disinformation, misinformation, propaganda, and misdirection of a clever and manipulative globalist Marxist technocratic elite using demonising plant foot (C02) as the spring board for totalitarian political change. 

We must not be angry or frustrated with those who won’t or can’t change their view from supporting the false man-made climate change catastrophe narrative. One of the luxuries of living in a free democratic society is freedom of speech and thought. 

I remind you of what was written in Sunk Cost 1/3 due to the mass formation phenomenon

“Thirty per cent of the population will automatically, habitually, and sometimes even unconsciously support totalitarian agendas…………………………..”

I leave something for the good and honourable people on both sides of the man-made climate change catastrophe narrative to consider and collaboratively work together to support and advocate for, as I reinforce my earlier question

As the climate does change, should the debate not be about climate change but about the cause of climate change?


This Is What They Don’t Want You to Know About the Climate Agenda

(An interview by Tucker Carlson with astrophysicist and aerospace engineer Dr Willie Soon

(If you only have the time to view one resource I suggest this one)

Climate Change HOAX Exposed by Geologist to the UK Government – (Australian Professor Ian Plimer)  This is very entertaining if you want to have a good laugh as you learn the truth. 

Weather Channel Founder Says “There Is No Global Warming”!

The experts explain the global warming myth: John Coleman

Here are two resources to challenge the thinking of deceived Christians and hopefully draw them away from the sunk cost phenomenon. Many Christians are unaware that the man-made climate change issue has become a Counter-Theology, the religion of Mother Earth with its own high priests and prophets of doom (e.g., Al Gore, Greta Thumberg).


This video is for all to watch, particularly for Christians who are discerning. It exposes the religion of environmentalism (ie Mother Earth) of the Church of Climate Change where science is the spiritual power.

Amir Tsarfati: Climate Change: A New World Religion?


For those who disagree with this post and believe that man-made climate change catastrophe is real, please post what evidence (empirical data without cherry-picked dates) you rely upon in order in coming to that conclusion.

This article was first published at Friday Rave