Bettina Arndt protested by feminists

During the last few weeks, we have seen the Coalition Government under attack from a carefully orchestrated feminist campaign, supported by a frothing, captured mainstream media.

Just look back to how it all unfolded. First came Brittany Higgins’ alleged rape, and then within weeks the ABC sprang into action releasing details of historic rape allegations designed to destroy Christian Porter.

Given that people had been sitting on these cases for years, the neat timing was hardly accidental.

Next, we saw thousands of enraged women marching in the streets – a supposedly defining cultural event which lost some of its impact when it was revealed that the organiser of the march had been tweeting back in January, soliciting good ideas to take down ScoMo and his government.

Rape crisis in schools?

Since then, we have seen the brave young teenage girl gathering evidence from thousands of rape victims attending private schools in Sydney and elsewhere.

Funny that exactly the same scandal is sweeping schools in the UK. Read this excellent recent article from Spiked- online, showing remarkable parallels, including claim of a rape culture and calls for more measures to punish predatory boys.

Joe Biden’s kangaroo courts and our own.

Meanwhile, in the USA feminists are celebrating the fact that Joe Biden is making good his promise to remove due process reforms to regulations governing sexual misconduct on American campuses.

In the Obama administration, Biden was the key player in setting up kangaroo courts which led to hundreds of accused young men successfully suing universities for failing to protect their legal rights.  

Biden is now winding back the minimal legal protections introduced by Trump, despite numerous judges calling out the grossly unfair system he had established.   

It was this issue – the kangaroo courts on university campuses – which led me to become the favoured target of feminist activists in this country.

For many years I have been writing about efforts in Australia to mimic the success of activists in America whose manufactured campus “rape crisis” encouraged Biden to set up his courts.

Exactly the same thing happened here, even after an AHRC survey found only 0.8 % of students reporting sexual assault. These survey results were fudged to claim alarming sexual violence (which was actually mainly unwanted staring) and universities across Australia set up regulations for our own kangaroo courts.

I’ve been involved in supporting a steady stream of cases of young men accused under this grossly unfair quasi-judicial system making decisions behind closed doors, disrupting the education and ruining the lives of accused male students across the country.

Untrained administrators make decisions using the lowest possible standard – balance of probabilities – to turf young men out of universities and withhold their degrees, denying them any legal protection.

I now have a team of lawyers working to support these young men and draw attention to the fact that our universities are acting in breach of proper tertiary standards in operating in this way. (We would most welcome additions to our group.)  

I encountered fierce opposition when I embarked on a campus speaking tour to expose what was happening.

The riot squad was needed to protect my audience at Sydney University – which led to Dan Tehan establishing the free speech enquiry and ultimately the recent legislative reforms.

Independent inquiries to find more men guilty

It is frightening seeing the feminists now flexing their muscles, using the current fuss in Canberra to launch a campaign to discredit our justice system and establish an alternate system which, just like the kangaroo courts, is expressly designed to find more accused men guilty in sexual assault cases.

Look at Michael Bradley, the lawyer who was acting for the now deceased accuser in the Christian Porter case. This is the lawyer who has provided pro bono advice to the activists who have succeeded in setting up our campus kangaroo courts.

Now Bradley is out there declaring that the police and the criminal courts can’t offer justice to rape victims and calling for an independent inquiry into the Christian Porter case.

Listen here – as he spells out the advantage of this new system. What he proposes is an independent system, taking evidence far from public scrutiny and messy due process rules.

And its crowning glory? It would use a lower standard of proof, just like the campus kangaroo courts – the “balance of probabilities”. Much easier to nail the guy that way.

Incidentally, Michael Bradley and his firm Marque Lawyers also provided legal support for Grace Tames’ Let Her Speak campaign, which gave Tame the platform that led her to become Australian of the Year.

As a 15-year-old-girl, Grace Tame had a sexual relationship with her maths teacher, Nicholaas Bester – which led to Bester being convicted of statuary rape and sent to prison. When he completed his sentence, Bester started a PhD at Hobart University, where he was subjected to a ferocious vigilante campaign from the End Rape on Campus activists. When a local judge spoke out condemning this campaign, I decided to interview Bester.

The resulting video was then maliciously edited, distorting the conversation using cherry-picked quotes falsely implying I condoned Bester’s behaviour.

Nina Funnell, one of the founders of End Rape on Campus, has endlessly promoted that video as part of her ongoing effort to undermine my campus work – most obviously during the media pile on that followed the announcement of my honours award last year.    

They don’t speak for me!

Now Bradley and the mob are out there claiming that rape victims don’t receive fair treatment, that rape is rarely reported, and that convictions are rare in such cases.

Sadly, they’ve done such a good job that politicians and commentator are lining up to agree with them that our justice system is failing sexual assault victims.   

Seeking to put the record straight is a new organisation called Mothers of Sons, started by a group of ordinary mothers whose sons have suffered extraordinary ordeals in our unjust legal system.

They are rightly concerned that the current feminist campaign might succeed in further tilting justice towards believing only women, undermining the already reduced legal protections for men accused of sexual assault.

They are running a new campaign – They don’t speak for me! – encouraging everyone to use the draft letter which is now on their website, designed to send to parliamentarians pointing out that most women, particularly mothers of sons, seek fair treatment for woman and men.

They’ve pulled together statistics showing conviction rates for sexual assault are the highest they have ever been.

Most of the cases which don’t end up in court are boyfriend/girlfriend or ‘date rape’ cases involving very young women, with alcohol a major contributing factor – cases which the women themselves don’t feel worth reporting.   

Most politicians only ever hear from one side – the small but noisy group of activists now controlling the media narrative.

We owe it to future generations of young men to ensure they hear from the silent majority care about genuine equality and justice for all.

Loony feminazi protesters tried to stop Bettina receiving her Order of Australia medal for standing up for men’s rights.
After completing a master’s degree in clinical psychology, Bettina Arndt became one of Australia’s first sex therapists discussing sex on television and radio. She then became a social commentator, writing and speaking mainly about men’s issues. Feminists recently tried to cancel Bettina after she received an honour for promoting gender equity through advocacy for men.