Media Silent As Muslim-Canadian Council Rejects Trudeau’s LGBT Ideology

“The IMAMs say the Islamic position on LGBTQ, which is derived from the Quran, is fixed and cannot be changed.”

“More than 130 prominent Muslim scholars from North America have issued a statement defending the Muslim community’s right to maintain the normative Islamic position on LGBTQ without being accused of bigotry or hatred.”

How fortunate they are. Unlike accusations toward Anglo-European Canadians, the Muslim community in Canada are off-the-hook in terms of being branded homophobic and transphobic.

It’s a privilege poorly understood by general society. CAP has long wondered about the hypocrisy emanating from Canadian Muslim MPs, MLA’s and City Councillors.

Ask an IMAM, and they will tell you:

“The scholars, who include Imam Siraj Wahaj, Imam Suhaib Webb, Shaykh Shadee Elmasry, Shaykh Yasir Qadhi, Imam Omar Suleiman and the Canadian Council of Imams  say that Islamic sexual and gender ethics are at odds with general society’s views.”

Wanna know who never express these thoughts? Liberal MPs Iqra Khalid, Salma Zahid, Omar Alghabra, Ahmed Hussen, Ali Ehsassi and all the rest.

Why the silence? Don’t tell us you sublimate fundamentalist religious beliefs for the purpose of keeping boss-man Justin Trudeau pleased. Which is it– religion or politics?

In “no core identity” Canada, it’s both. Some communities have all the luck. Transition to Canadians of the light-skinned variety, and presto– you’re a homophobic bigot.

The IMAMs  say “the normative Islamic position on LGBTQ, which is derived from the Quran, is fixed and cannot be changed.”

Cultural Action Party believe them. Pourquoi? Because in some necks of the religious woods, a cast-in-stone quality is the order of the day. What’s called for is for everyone else to adapt, while said community remains immutable and omniscient.

“The scholars also reject any attempts to reinterpret or revise religious doctrine to be inclusive of LGBTQ ideology.” 

Lucky for them. Try being a white scholar in Canada who pushes back against LGBT promotion at any level within our education system. Gone like the wind they are, cast out of woke paradise like Adam and Eve of old.

“We refuse the false choice between succumbing to social pressures to adopt views contrary to our beliefs or facing unfounded charges of bigotry. Such coercive ultimatums undermine prospects for harmonious coexistence.”

What entitlement. Cast anything in the light of a specific religious faith, and witness the exemption from what the rest of us have to deal with. For validation, try this test:

As a self-professed Christian, stand up in public and denounce the LGBT movement and the propaganda currently infused within the Canadian public education system.

A 16-year old Christian boy named Josh Alexander did so, and look what transpired:

“A video circulating on social media shows Calgary Police Services leading teenage activist Josh Alexander away in handcuffs after he was surrounded by a mob of LGBTQ activists.”

Flip the switch to PM Trudeau’s preferred communities, and it’s an entirely different curriculum.

“Such policies[LGBT] subvert the agency of Muslim parents to teach their children their religiously grounded sexual ethics, violate their constitutional right to freely practice their religion, and contribute to an atmosphere of intolerance toward faith communities.”

Why doesn’t the same apply to Christian parents? Why is it that Canadian media have never pointed to the Muslim-LGBT dichotomy? Sounds like a case of stone-cold community entitlement, no?

But not to worry, IMAMs of Canada. To be certain, CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and the rest will refrain from breathing a word regarding the Christian-Muslim-LGBT dynamic.

Meanwhile, Alghabra, Khalid, Hussen and crew enjoy the silence. These politicians want it both ways, and are accustomed to getting everything they want, when they want it.

“By a decree from God, sexual relations are permitted within the bounds of marriage, and marriage can only occur between a man and a woman. In the Quran, God explicitly condemns sexual relations with the same sex.”

Holy Cow. Islam is anti-homosexual, and anti-same sex marriage. Yet not a peep of protest regarding LGBT ever emanates from Muslim politicians and community leaders. Why not?

“We emphasize our God-given and constitutional rights to hold, live by, and promote our religious beliefs in the best manner (Quran, al-Naḥl: 125) without fear of legal reprisal or systematic marginalization.”

Fellas, you’re good-to-go. As for Anglophones and Christians, systematic marginalization has transitioned to the order of the day.

In Justin Trudeau’s post-modern Canada, 3rd World community privilege is Justin Trudeau’s command.

This article was first published in Cultural Action Party Of Canada Newsletter