Saturday, Sept. 18 was the date for the “J6 Rally,” organized by a political advocacy group called Look Ahead America. It was billed as:

A rally in support of those who have been charged with nonviolent offences to protest of their disparate treatment at the hands of the Department of Justice and the Judiciary.

Our event on Saturday, like all of our other events, is a 100% peaceful First Amendment exercise.

We have had dozen successful protest events around the country, including two in the District of Columbia, and we have worked on a daily basis with the Capitol Hill Police to ensure this is a safe, successful event.

Look Ahead America has a website with a mission statement,

Our mission is to register, educate, and enfranchise these disaffected citizens and ensure that their voices are not just heard but heeded and that the American Dream becomes their dream again.

One can donate, volunteer, and become active in this organization. It is headquartered in Washington, D.C., with a leadership board of experienced individuals who worked in the Trump and other campaigns and in political advocacy, similar in experience to those one might find in other political think tanks and advocacy groups.

There is nothing secretive about their events or where they stand on the issues, unlike nebulous groups such as Antifa who organize in the shadows through message boards and behind black masks.

It was to be the essence of free political speech, a peaceful protest and rally for a political cause, no different than the myriad other similar events held in Washington, D.C.

This would be similar to the pink-hatted women’s march featuring James Comey, or a George Floyd protest showcasing Mitt Romney.

Yet the media and the Democrats painted a far more sinister picture. CNN warned, “Renewed fears of political violence grip Capitol Hill ahead of right-wing rally.”

The Biden administration cautioned, “DHS intelligence bulletin warns of small number of online threats of violence ahead of Justice for J6 rally.” I don’t recall seeing similar warnings ahead of the many BLM protests last summer.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi took the warnings seriously, demanding fences and barriers, not on America’s open southern border but around her domain: “Security fencing, barriers go back up at Capitol.” If only the Democrats were as security-conscious regarding stranded Americans in Afghanistan.

This was to be the next “insurrection,” like January 6, when Trump encouraged his supporters to “Peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.”

So they wandered from Trump’s speech to the U.S. Capitol, where police officers felt so threatened that: “Officers calmly posed for selfies and appeared to open gates for protesters during the madness of the Capitol building insurrection.”

Despite claims by Democrats, the media, and a handful of useless Republicans, including a former Republican president, that January 6 was on par with 9/11, the only fatality came from a black Capitol Police officer shooting an unarmed white woman.

Imagine if the skin colors and genders were reversed, how that would have played out.

Was January 6 a giant set-up, an entrapment scheme by the FBI to blame Trump supporters and other innocents?

Tucker Carlson explained how the many “unindicted co-conspirators on legal documents” were likely undercover FBI agents, attempting to entrap then arrest innocent protesters wandering through the Capitol that afternoon.

The FBI wouldn’t do that, would it? Actually, it has a long history of such actions. Here are just a few examples. Richard Jewell was falsely accused by the FBI of bombing the Olympic Park in Atlanta in 1996. The FBI entrapped General Michael Flynn, destroying his life through a multi-year legal battle.

At least 12 of the 18 supposed would-be kidnappers of Michigan Gov. were FBI informants. Then there is Spygate, a fabricated tale woven by the Clinton campaign, FBI, and DOJ to seditiously undermine a presidential election and subsequent administration.

Lastly was the FBI’s botched investigation over sexual abuse of Olympic gymnasts. Abusing young women was an unimportant matter for the FBI, yet they sent 15 special agents lickety-split to investigate a garage door pull handle in NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace’s garage that supposedly looked like a noose.

Back to the J6 rally. Anyone with half a brain could see that this was another FBI entrapment scheme, to justify more arrests and more prisoners in solitary confinement awaiting trial for walking benignly through the U.S. Capitol.

Social media was full of warnings to stay away from the trap. Even President Trump warned that it was “a setup.”

And as usual, Trump was right. The Daily Mail reported, “Protesters outnumbered by police…as just a handful of demonstrators turn up.” One of only a few arrests was a comical scene of Feds, dressed like Star Wars storm troopers arresting one of their own, an undercover cop.

Rumble screen grab

The pièce de resistance was this photo making the rounds on social media and the subject of endless memes, featuring a half dozen 30-something men, tall, lean, muscular, with matching watches and sunglasses hiding watchful eyes, along with short haircuts, pistol-shaped bulges in their pockets, trying to look like MAGA protesters when their dress is more suited for a group Sunday brunch in Brooklyn or an Abercrombie & Fitch catalog photoshoot.

Twitter screen grab

Of note, they were all maskless. Will Dr. Fauci be asked for comment on this as he recently warned against large outdoor gatherings and COVID transmission? The only thing missing was AOC in her “tax the rich” costume to complete the staged and contrived event.

Rather than entrapping some poor souls coming out to support the Constitution and republic, the FBI stepped in it again.

It won’t be long until some enterprising internet sleuths identify the undercover feds, confirming which agency they actually work for, likely the FBI, based on their track record of infiltration and entrapment.

Should the FBI change their motto from “Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity” to “False, Bogus, Indictments” or something similar? It turns out they threw an insurrection party last weekend, and no one showed up, except their own agents. Hopefully, they were being paid time and a half for their weekend work.

This article first appeared in

What If the FBI Threw an Insurrection and Nobody Came? – American Thinker