Channel Nine Vultures


Channel Nine News should be ashamed of itself, hanging around the villa of the four Italian girls like a pack of vultures, inciting high drama and hysterical performances. By the reporter's own admission, the girls reacted to the cameras. Channel Nine, please leave them alone. It's time to give the girls and the family some space.

The Four Italian Girls

The mother of the four Italian girls has vowed to continue to fight in the Italian courts. Fight for what?...(cont'd)



The stood aside Health Services Union boss, Michael Williamson has been arrested. He allegedly attempted to hinder police in their investigations into fraud within the HSU.

FOUR GIRLS’ MOTHER… evil to the bitter end


The girls’ mother stood by and watched her children be dragged, crying, to a waiting plane. She had told her children she would not be going back with them so the children would tell the court they wanted to stay. The trauma for girls was a small matter for the mother in her final attempt to muster media support. When the girls were on the plane she told a reporter that she would return “tomorrow”. She was always going to return. She has custody awarded to her by an Italian court. There seems there is no depth of indecency this woman will not stoop to.



AN Australian filmmaker has refused to sell footage of a firestorm to former US vice-president Al Gore - to use in Mr Gore's climate presentations - because the event was unrelated to climate change.



Leaders of Islamic communities in Sydney and Melbourne this morning called for restraint. “A tiny radical element within our movement has acted without our authority and it is unacceptable. Both sides including the Police should show restraint. We will instruct that no further demonstrations be carried out in the near future.”



Many countries have banned the immigration of those who promote the annihilation of their hosts. It seems a reasonable thing for governments to protect its people. But not for our government. I was appalled to see that Gillard approves of a visa for a person who promotes terrorism. Has political correctness completely gone mad? 

Climate plan axed to help budget: Abbott


Opposition Leader Tony Abbott says the government's dumping of a plan to shut down some coal-fired power stations is a budget patch-up.

Cubbie Station Boxes Ticked


Chinese investment in Cubbie Station is a win / win for China and for Australian jobs. Trade with China is essential to Australia’s wealth and financial health. There are safeguards in place to meet stringent national interest tests, and the Cubbie Station purchase ticked all the boxes. Barnaby Joyce’s objections are based on nationalism, but Australia is not an inward looking backwater. We’ll always need foreign investment. This $300 million injection from China and the jobs flow is a much needed boost to the area, the State of Queensland and the working families.



Julia Gillard makes a lot of grand statements she, or we, can't afford to fund. Again today she committed $6.5 billion spending to education reforms. She wants the States to pay 70% of the bill. The problem here is (a) the States know nothing about it (b) the States can't afford it because most States are still grappling with State Labor debts in the billions of dollars. Like Rudd, she doesn't consult yet makes bold announcements with no detail. She justified getting rid of Rudd for this very reason.

Gillard Has Damning Doc Deleted

Gillard’s media staff has been successful in having a copy of the fraudulent Association Incorporation Form, that displays her handwriting, taken down from Facebook.

Social Media Trolls


Social media has come under attack because of a minority of idiots, known in social media terms as the ‘trolls’. We will always have idiots. Don’t blame social media because it‘s misused or abused. Should we ban kitchen knives because they may not be used for their intended purpose? Ropes? Cars? Planes? Tall buildings? Bridges?. If your feelings are hurt by what’s being said on social media sites, don’t feed it oxygen by responding. Ban, delete, report, or cancel your account. The regulators and the mainstream media are now using trolls as their next excuse to ban free speech. This is about personal responsibility, not regulation.