Rising resistance to the New Zealand government’s Lockdown was evident last Saturday. Some 3,000 peaceful protesters rallied at Auckland’s War Memorial to show their opposition to the Ardern government’s Covid restrictions.

The Freedom and Rights Coalition united farmers, free speech groups and members of the public in a peaceful display that rejected the government’s excessive lockdowns.

Supportive farmers with tractors brought three trailer loads of potatoes, onions, and silverbeet, and donated them to the public. Their friendly gesture united town and country folk determined to save their nation from State enforced Covid policies that bring destruction not healing.

The Coalition’s principal speaker, Pastor Brian Tamaki of Destiny Church, emphasized that only 27 people had died from Covid since March 2020, in the same period 680 New Zealanders had committed suicide. Some of these were “Lockdown Suicides” of young people driven to despair by the incessant fear-mongering messages of the government’s Covid media machine.

Pastor Tamaki underlined that government enforced lockdowns were equivalent to a Court ordering a criminal to confinement under “House Arrest” except the New Zealand people were being needlessly confined, and innocent of any crime.

Earlier that week Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern under her “Kindness policy” invited social media feedback on her Pfizer vaccine rollout. Over 13,000 people responded with woeful reports of vaccine injuries. Their Facebook posts were quickly shut down.

No facts or news that challenge Ardern’s rose-tinted Kindness narrative are permitted in New Zealand. The government makes no provisions for the vaccine-injured, because they deny that such tragedies happen.

Ardern’s government gave the mainstream media $55 million to purchase their compliance with her spin on reality that Covid is a lethal highly contagious plague. New Zealand’s leading epidemiologist, Dr Simon Thornley notes that there is no statistically significant change in the national death statistics both before and after Covid.

Dr. Thornley, a qualified expert on health data is now persecuted by the media because he reports on the truth.

The national discourse is now a science-free zone. Propaganda smothers the truth and rude reporters gleefully attack those who stand for honesty and integrity. Power-hungry politicians torment the taxpayers with lockdowns and institute policies that attack Civil Liberties. These are the symptoms of tyranny.

Rising numbers of Kiwis know the truth. They have a friend or family member hurt or damaged by the vaccine or devastated financially by the ongoing lockdowns. Because Jacinda Ardern rejects the people’s honest feedback her media monopoly is based on blatant lies.

The more this Prime Minister rejects the evidence the easier for the Freedom and Rights Coalition to expand its influence. Freedom leaders can now prove to the people that the Labour government has become a State fascist organisation and all the other parties are complicit in this betrayal of democracy.

Another Coalition rally is scheduled for October 16th.