Has New Zealand society entered a dictatorship under the Ardern Labour government?

Are the Kiwis giving up their democracy without a fight?

What is going on in the land of All Blacks, America’s Cup, and countless sheep?

According to the compliant NZ media, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern can do no wrong and her “team of five million” is happily following her leadership toward a COVID-free Utopia.

Officially, 90% of the population are already jabbed with the Pfizer experimental gene therapy. Unofficially, more than 30% of the country engages in acts of non-compliance and defiance.

After 20 months of ceaseless propaganda, it is obvious that the politicians and bureaucrats are acting on behalf of Pfizer, the globalist COVID corporation.

Even the government’s Medsafe organisation admits that the Pfizer jab is experimental, and not medically approved for widespread application.

Yet the elected and appointed officials of New Zealand bow to Pfizer. They no longer represent those who elected them and refuse to protect the people’s wellbeing.

PM Jacinda Ardern and her Director General of Health Ashley Bloomfield have assembled a team to inject Pfizer’s cocktail of experimental substances into innocent and trusting people and their children.

Without the government’s ceaseless propaganda-driven fear campaign and threats of “no jab no job”, very few would bother to comply.

Jacinda probably believes that each jab represents a vote for her policies.

Her freshly minted media profile as a “kindly feminist”, and “national saviour from COVID”, elevates her pronouncements to Pope-like status. Recently she declared, with a completely straight face, that: “We will continue to be your single source of truth.”

Encouraged by fawning accolades from her Leftist audience, the PM is driving the country into text-book socialism, not unlike Lenin’s Russia in 1917.

Russian communists collectivised the farms and destroyed the rural economy. NZ farmers are facing a similar miserable fate under Ardern’s socialist agenda.

Although the government’s idealised narrative declares their Pfizer “COVID vaccine” is safe and approved, evidence shows that more people are harmed by it than are helped.

Many Kiwis are alarmed, including the prominent lawyer Sue Grey and have put government members on written notice that their COVID vaccine project is demonstrably criminal. The evidence for this is mounting.

A crime becomes intentional when it is committed knowingly. This means the NZ government and politicians individually and collectively are now intentionally involved in crimes against humanity.

Their COVID game has moved to a level of deep seriousness. All involved face criminal liability. When this matter eventually goes to trial there will be no excuses for the guilty.

What the one-eyed media will not report, is the widespread and determined public resistance.

Tens of thousands of freedom loving Kiwis are organising and learning how to save their nation from a Marxist coup backed by Big Pharma.

At present their efforts are home-grown, even clumsy, but these people are quick learners.

They resent any politician who attacks their relaxed lifestyle. They realise this parliamentary coup is the result of betrayal by those entrusted with political and economic power.

Kiwis are learning that the political parties, left, centre, and right, National, Act, Greens, Maori Party, all are unified with Labour’s plans to drive the people into submission through fearmongering.

The politicians only differ in the degree and speed with which they intend to promote the agenda.

They act in lockstep with UN Agenda 2030 and the World Economic Forum’s Global Reset program.

The endgame is to transform society into classes of slaves and masters.

PM Jacinda’s Lockdown project has turned Auckland city into a prison camp with Police controlled borders across all the highway exits.

On October 27 a thousand-strong contingent tested the southern border at Mercer. They were driving to a “hui” or freedom gathering in the far north at Waitangi.

Acting under politicians’ instructions the Police blocked the people’s free movement.

Scores of these free men and women with their families are now encamped peacefully at the Police blockade in a test of wills. At stake is the character of the Police system.

Does the NZ Police force still protect the people’s safety, or are the Police tools of repression, serving the will of their political masters?

Why do they need the tasers?

The past months of naked State aggression against the people have united dozens of organisations and groups in a loosely knit nation-wide resistance network.

These people are smart enough to keep their freedom movement decentralised so that it can’t be decapitated by PM Ardern’s politicised State.

Peaceful gatherings of tens of thousands of families in picnic settings across the nation’s parks are Kiwi-style resistance to the government’s nasty policies.

Patriots are using social media and a budding free press to spread the word on events.

The people gather. Then friendly farmers on tractors join with trailer loads of potatoes, onions, and vegetables which they donate to the crowd in a show of unity between town and country.

Prominent at these events are Pastor Brian Tamaki and his wife Hannah.

They have raised their Destiny church members to have guts, brains, and a backbone.

Their Christian example is so different from the Catholics, Anglicans, Mormons, and others who remain supine before the State and support its crimes.

New leaders are educating others at training sessions on topics of Direct Democracy, Common Law, Localism, fiat money, and strategy.

Step by step people are learning about the Globalists, Socialists and Cultural Marxists who have spent the past 70 years plotting to take New Zealand down to their satanic level through divisive tactics that sow conflict and disunity.

The lessons from George Orwell’s dystopian novel ‘1984’ are incorporated into this new learning.

Like all patriots who struggle against tyrants within and globalists without, the Kiwis are dealing with a multi-headed monster of oppression.

They are learning how to unite without providing an obvious target for the State, how to conduct asymmetrical “warfare”, how to control territory.

Many of them are realising that they must turn off the State’s TV propaganda, then work together to construct a parallel society based on Localism.

New Zealand is not yet lost.

Many Kiwis continue to practice their traditional freedoms in displays of peaceful defiance, while they learn how to develop a new and better society from the grassroots.

The wake-up process is highly contagious.

This freedom variant spreads faster than any lab-engineered virus from Wuhan.