Shortly after its 2020 election win, New Zealand’s Labour government proudly declared itself as, “New Zealand’s most open and transparent government ever”.

That statement was made during the opening phases of the COVID pandemic. At that time matters of public health should have been at the peak of government openness and transparency.

Most Kiwis and Aussies believe their governments act for the people’s best interests.

They expect that politician’s explanations of public health issues will be founded on truth and inspire confidence and unity.

Recently NZ’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, Director General of Health Ashley Bloomfield, and their bureaucrats have been promoting the Pfizer jab with hysterical intensity.

Yet there is no evidence of any epidemic in the land. People are not dying in the streets; the hospitals are not crowded with Covid victims. So, what drives Labour’s media-fuelled panic and its insistence that people must take an experimental vaccine which has had only limited short term testing?

Surely this government would happily share the good news about their contract for this wonderful, safe, and proven vaccine if all was well? When asked, however, under the Official Information Act, the Ministry of Health refused to release any details of its contract with Pfizer.

Perhaps you are wondering, “why would the NZ government not be transparent on this vital matter?” What are the politicians hiding from the Kiwis? What sort of Pfizer deal have they got the country into?

We now know the Ardern Labour government entered into a “vaccine contract” with Pfizer that laid the groundwork for imposing the Pfizer vaccine program on NZ citizens.

Over a year after NZ’s Pfizer deal was signed, the true story of the contract terms is emerging.

Many governments were panicked in the early days of COVID and signed away their sovereign power to Pfizer’s control.

A new report has been released by an established and credible organisation called Public Citizen.

The full report can be viewed as a PDF here:

It quotes the written conditions of Pfizer contracts obtained from sources within nine governments.

These include Brazil, Argentina, Albania, Colombia, and others. I think we can presume that Pfizer would have negotiated similar terms with the Australian and New Zealand governments.

No wonder the politicians are hiding the raw deal that allows Pfizer a free reign over our people’s lives and national assets.

Here are five samples taken from the conditions Pfizer imposes on governments that sign its contracts.

  1.  The (nation) government is prohibited from making any public announcement concerning the existence, subject matter, or terms of the agreement, or of commenting on its relationship with Pfizer, without the prior written consent of the company.

This means Pfizer has the right to silence governments, so they do not talk about these one-sided deals.

  •  Pfizer controls the delivery of its vaccine shots, not the country that buys them.

This hands Pfizer a monopoly position and prevents the country from either receiving or giving any related vaccine products to or from any other country as a donation or assistance.

  •  Pfizer has secured an Intellectual Property waiver for itself and does not fully disclose vaccine contents.

So, if Pfizer is accused of intellectual property theft, the (OZ/NZ) government is liable, not Pfizer. Therefore, the (OZ/NZ) government would have to defend Pfizer from any challenges, but Pfizer is free to use anyone’s intellectual property as it pleases, and to conceal its vaccine formulae/ingredients from everyone.

  •  If there are any disputes, Pfizer’s private arbitrators operating under New York law will decide the outcome of any (NZ) problems, the (OZ/(NZ) law is not binding on Pfizer.

In case of any side effects Pfizer be exempted from all liability. Pfizer calls the shots on all key decisions; the (OZ/NZ) government is an agent for Pfizer. The (OZ/NZ) people have no legal protection against vaccine injury.

  • Pfizer controls the delivery timetable for the vaccines and the country (OZ/NZ) will have to agree to whatever they are given, whenever they are given it and follow Pfizer’s instructions.

Pfizer, of course, gets to decide the price. If there is any delay in delivery of the products Pfizer is not to be penalised.

To secure this deal the country waives the sovereignty of certain assets and puts (for example) its bank reserves, its oil refineries, mineral rights, and its embassy buildings at stake as collateral against any disobedience to its conditions under the Pfizer deal.

Now, a brave Indian media company, World is One News (WION), has brought Pfizer’s hidden evil into public view with an excellent news video, based on the above mentioned report, that can still be viewed on Youtube.

From the above clues we can assume that Australian and NZ politicians signed secret contracts with Pfizer that gives them the power to dictate terms to our governments over and above our nation’s sovereignty and in violation of our laws.

The health rights and human rights of New Zealanders and their families are over-ridden by this Ardern Labour government, which is in turn, dictated to by the Pfizer corporation.

The Australian situation is likely to be no different.

Who controls Pfizer? The globalist investors, Vanguard Group, BlackRock, State Street Corporation, Wellington Management Company, and Capital World Investors hold $64B shares, the majority control. In case you are unaware, these same top corporations keep control of almost every significant global company that dominates trade and industry.

There is a cabal, these are its owners, this is not a fairy tale made up in an Irish pub.

Behind these titanic corporations sits a network of powerful families, whose people and agents keep everything on track.

Their strategy gives them power over governments and great control over the lives of billions. Unfortunately, our elected governments invariably cave in and serve the dictates of these thieves and tyrants.

Did you approve of democratically elected governments in Australia and New Zealand signing deals that make our nations subservient to the officers and agenda of international corporations?

Do you approve of Aussie and Kiwi politicians doing the bidding of Pfizer and driving the nation’s citizens to a state of fear through a relentless campaign to take the experimental Pfizer shot?

Are you pleased to learn that the Australian and NZ governments have made their taxpayers contribute to Pfizer’s record profits of around $US20 Billion Covid dollars this year?

To distract the people from its crimes, NZ’s Labour Government is now attempting to divide our families and communities.

The same political tyranny is evident in Australia, particularly under Victoria’s Dan Andrews. Political tyrants would set the vaccinated against the unvaccinated and the compliant against the cautious.

Career politicians play a dangerous game when they use fear and public health to divide us and drive our nations deeper into the control of the globalist agenda.

Nevertheless, this Pfizer vaccine project is doing us a great favour.

We now see the Australian and New Zealand governments and politicians exposed in their true colours.

The Aussie and Kiwi political classes and their gangs of sycophants stand stark naked before us as Pfizer puppets.

They and their fellow travellers have inadvertently become the most open and transparent governments we have ever known.