Health gurus say, “you are what you eat!” Their comments are based on years of experience and observation. Feed your body every day on a diet of deep-fried takeaways, sugary drinks, and cream puffs for dessert, and your body will suffer from clogged arteries.

So, what is the impact on your mental health of a diet of 6 o’clock deep fried news, sugary pop celebrity entertainment, and indulgence in easy TV answers to life’s hard questions?

Quite likely your mental health will suffer from sloppy thinking, and your fearful relationships will give you a taste of hell.

Today’s media consumer, that’s you, or someone close to you, is fed by media newsroom “chefs” on a daily main course of COVID-19 fear, followed by dessert of Climate Change catastrophe.

Months and years on this mental diet creates a mindset that is fearful, docile, reactive, defensive, and depressed.


Have you seen the TV news promote images of the COVID-19 “virus” as a pinkish ball with sticky spikes, like a biological hand-grenade about to explode?

Their climate change image has a lonely, endangered polar bear on a melting icefloe, surrounded by water and about to go extinct. The question is, are these manufactured images – and are their subliminal messages real?

We asked a University Medical Department if they had any real samples of COVID-19, as imaged on their website. “No”, they wrote back, “We do not have any isolated COVID-19 virus samples”.

Then they referred us to that computer-simulated image of COVID-19 with its spiky pink ball graphic. A fake remains a fake, even if you have a 3-D computer picture.

We already know that Al Gore’s polar bear is a fake, because fifteen years later the polar icecaps remain in place, and the polar bears are doing fine.

Spoiler Alert; the media deal in fakery created from fragments of real world events. The newsroom spin doctors arrange these fragments and snippets to look like they known the whole story. And the public swallow this montage as if it were the true image of reality.

You must ask yourself, what is the impact on parents and children of endless media images that are fake or manipulated? Yes, polar bears do exist, and yes, there are invisible microorganisms called viruses.

But their existence does not automatically prove that the media stories about COVID-19 and Global Warming/Climate Change are true. Neither do these matters justify the politician’s attacks on our freedoms, in the name of Public Health or Climate Emergency.


That part of the population whose mental health has deteriorated under the endless media and social onslaught of weasel-words, and manipulated images, are too weakened to question the Official Narrative.

However, readers of ‘The Richardson Post’, and many others who keep mentally fit on a diet of studied truth, researched facts, Critical Thinking, and real-world experience, are breaking through the façade of that stinky Narrative.

They question the Official story where and when it conflicts with evidence. They challenge politicians who are caught in the nets of their own lies, as they seek to entrap us with anti-freedom legislation. They think for themselves and ask the obvious questions.

People, there is Good News. The game is changing in our favour.

Let’s examine the Covid-19 story in more detail to see how it falls apart under scrutiny. (The Climate Change narrative will fail the truth test in a similar way.)

The COVID-19 story of a “virus thingy” that will make you very, very, ill is in fact a metaphor for their “Vaccine”.

We now have evidence that the Pfizer and Moderna “jabs” do make many people very, very ill. Too many are then dying from heart attacks and more.

That evidence suggests that at best,  the Pfizer and Moderna ‘vaccines’ are little more than mRNA experimental gene therapies and at worst, they could be Bioweapons.

Most politicians, health authorities, church leaders, media and Police advocate the use of these drugs on a largely ignorant, even innocent population. Certainly, children have immune systems that are healthy and protect them from this virus epidemic.

But Pfizer and Moderna are coming for our children and insist on “jabbing” them repeatedly. Obviously, these drug manufacturers and their running dogs, the “Jab Mandate Advocates”, are not our friends, they are the enemies of humanity.


Fact, the human immune system is quite capable of defeating viruses, bacteria, and most other environmental challenges. Humans with intact immune systems have been repelling microorganisms for hundreds of thousands of years.

Do you really believe that suddenly from 2020 onward that “COVID-19” exists as a mortal threat to human life? Do you believe the media story that the alleged COVID-19 virus can easily defeat your well-developed immune system?

The real-world facts destroy this story. So, the Pfizer and Moderna corporations fund media professionals to generate manufactured data and produce “fact-checked” propaganda for mass consumption.

More toxic information for the media to pump into the minds of gullible people.

Do you continue to believe the media story, when there is ample proof that drug companies lie outright on matters of Life and Death? Do you swallow their best lies when they are coated in sugar by celebrities, or smothered in the deep-fried batter of the “fact checkers”?

Your responsibility is to keep your immune systems, both physical and mental, in good tone. Your body requires fresh, clean water (no fluoride or other impurities), healthy food (reduce the deep fries, sugars etc.), exercise (20 minutes brisk walk outdoors, or equivalent daily), intermittent fasting helps keep your mind-body connection sharp (skip breakfast once or twice weekly).

Mental health improves with positive conversations, is stimulated by quality reading, and expands by listening to truthful content. Turn off that garbage TV show, abandon your social media addiction, energize your spirit, and keep your imagination focussed on productive, creative ideas.

Do you recall those images of a once-free, fit, clear-minded, and strong people, your parents and grandparents, who built up this great nation? Those people are the true Aussies and Kiwis.

In contrast to your inherited freedoms and privileges, are you engaged in the de-evolution of our culture? Do you believe we should slump into an unfit, weakened, and submissive nation, a flock of clones? Of course not, you are a Richardson Post reader!

You are on the right side of history.


Evidently there are some people who want us to become their slaves. These quiet tyrants have spent decades to develop their agenda of domination, power, and control. We, the free men and women, and our children are their target.

In particular, the white people who founded Western Civilisation, the Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Christian peoples are the tyrants’ target for destruction. Their Pfizer and Moderna mRNA experimental gene therapies are essential weapons in this project to destroy us en masse. One immune system, one mind at a time.

The mass media messaging is designed to degrade the person’s mind and will. Their ‘vaccines’ weaken the human body. Those sociopath politicians, with their mandatory Public Health statutes, would break our unity into competing factions (the vaxxed versus the unvaxxed etc.).

Divide and conquer is their tactic.

The cabal who conspired to implement this plan began their work long ago. They sit inside the United Nations HQ, inside the boardrooms of the global corporations, inside the big banks, in many churches, in all governments, and with Wall Street money merchants.

They are what they eat. They decided long ago that it is us, our children and our world that they want to consume.

These Global Elites are becoming the very first Transhumans (let’s save this topic for later), and their morality is sub-human, that means demonic. Have you ever seen an image of a demon? 

We have people who have surrendered their faces to become human masks for spiritual demons. No longer hidden from us, you can see these creatures in public with your physical eyes. They are the Big Names with the Huge Fortunes, and the Grand Appetites.

They never stop consuming. Despite their huge fortunes and access to power, their hunger knows no bounds. They are coming for us; we are on their menu as the Main Course.

This we know, and now we know what to do.