Why is it so important to denounce climate activists who lie to us?

For one very simple reason: lies cost lives. While some scientists who have predicted doom and gloom scenarios are undoubtedly sincere in their belief in climate catastrophe, there are other scientists together with individuals like Gore, Flannery and Thunberg who have very clearly shown themselves to be opportunists who simply desire media attention and notoriety.  

Unfortunately, many people – especially young people – believe in what they have to say. It’s no coincidence that suicides and particularly youth suicides have increased in recent years. Climate activists who have created totally unnecessary fear over a non-existent climate crisis or emergency have a lot to answer for and undoubtedly will when the truth is finally accepted.

The new head of the UN’s IPCC (International Panel on Climate Change), Professor Jim Skea, advised soon after his appointment that we should not overstate the perceived threat of climate change, saying there is “no existential threat to humanity.” And he is absolutely right.

Then there is the cost of trying to achieve the impossible i.e., ‘control’ the natural environment. Trillions of dollars are forecast to be spent on this issue – money that could far better be spent on reducing poverty, feeding the hungry and on other worthwhile causes.

There is no doubt that global-warming is an issue and that it needs to be addressed. But the fact is, as much as 97% of global warming is naturally caused largely by solar and volcano activity and changes in ocean currents, as it has been since the Earth was created. Western governments are using a bulldozer when only a shovel is required. And it’s all based on a combination of ignorance, fake science and blatant lies.

Consider the facts……….

1. Of course there is such a thing as climate change and global warming – to deny it would be clearly ridiculous. In fact, our planet has undergone climate change since its very inception. However, it’s also entirely evident that the most dramatic periods of global climate change were at times when there were either no humans on the planet or very few. How then do climate activists explain how the planet went through such major cooling and warming periods without any input whatsoever from humans?

2. It has never been shown that human emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) drive global warming. Temperature measurements show no correlation between human emissions of CO2 and temperature. Without correlation there can be no causation.

CO2 vs Temperature Through Deep Time

3. The zenith of the most recent cooling period known as The Little Ice Age was 300 years ago and since then there has been natural warming and cooling periods during a long-term warming trend. In that time of warming, life expectancy has increased considerably, world grain crops have set new records, and the death rate from extreme weather has been reduced by over 90%. 

4. In any event, Australia’s current CO2 emissions are estimated to be only 1.3% of total global emissions. Therefore, even if we accept that humans have impacted on climate change/global warming, reducing Australian emissions will have minimal impact on the planet’s temperature, especially as countries such as China and India are massively increasing their usage of coal.

Even Australia’s Chief Scientist Alan Finkel, a global warming advocate, admits that even if Australia cut all its emissions the difference to the global climate would be “virtually none”.

5. Studies suggest that as little as 3% of global carbon emissions are actually caused by human activity. However, if we suppose that humans are to blame for 100% of CO2 emissions (as climate activists appear to believe) then logically it would also have to be shown that the remaining 97% of emissions from natural processes such as ocean degassing, volcanoes, solar activity, tectonic plate activity, and natural chemical emissions and exhalations do not drive global warming, which is clearly absurd given para ‘1’ above.

6. In the geological past, Earth’s atmosphere had hundreds of times the CO2 content of the modern atmosphere yet there were no carbon dioxide catastrophes such as those currently predicted by the global warming doomsayers.

As indicated in the chart above, during 4.6 billion years of Earth’s long history, there were periods when high CO2 levels coincided with high temperature. Just as often, though, very high CO2 concentrations were accompanied by very low temperatures.

7. The past clearly shows that climate change is normal and that warmer times and more CO2 have driven biodiversity and plant growth; carbon dioxide is plant food, without it all life on Earth would end.

8. More people die from cold than from heat.

9. Australia is a huge exporter of coal, LNG and uranium to countries that are building coal and nuclear-powered electricity generators. And yet, Australia’s electricity is increasingly unreliable and one of the most expensive in the world.

10. Electricity costs in Australia are increasing in tandem with loss of current energy production facilities such as coal-fired power stations. Meanwhile, at a global level, solar and wind power only account for 4% of energy production – that’s all the payback for the tens of trillions of wasted money. Coal, gas and oil still account for more than 80% of energy usage globally according to the International Energy Agency (IEA).

11. Australia is the only G20 country that doesn’t produce nuclear power despite the fact that we have 30% of the world’s uranium deposits. Canada, a country with which we often compare ourselves, produces about 15% of its electricity from nuclear power.

12. Construction and maintenance of wind and solar facilities release far more CO2 than they are meant to save over their working lives. They also need to be supported 24/7 by coal-fired generators or other fossil fuel means.

13. Wind turbines despoil the countryside, slice and dice birds and bats, damage human health, and spread toxins – and yet they are supported by so-called ‘environmentalists.

14.The grasslands, crops, forests and territorial waters of Australia absorb more carbon dioxide than Australia emits due to our relatively small population.

15. Temperature measurement equipment and practice both in Australia and overseas have been severely criticised by many experts in the field of meteorological science. The worldwide temperature record has been changed; cooling trends have been “homogenised” to warming trends. This is considered by many to be deceptive and entirely unacceptable.