The Hon. Chris Bowen MP, Minister for Climate Change & Energy, has been lampooned by cartoonists and ridiculed by others who have labelled him ‘Blackout’ Bowen and other such names. It’s even been suggested that he must surely be one of Australia’s dumbest politicians. Personally, I think the latter suggestion is far too flattering.

Consider the following reasons why so many people detest the man and hate what he and his comrades are doing – and planning to do – to this wonderful country.

However, before I do that, we should examine the background to his climate hysteria agenda. Australia produces just over 1% of global CO2 emissions, so nothing we do will make any effective difference to global warming.

China produces approximately 30% of global climate emissions and India produces approx. 8%. Both countries are building coal-fired power stations and have absolutely no short- or even medium-term intention of reducing their reliance on coal and gas because it would impact too heavily on their economies and their citizens’ lives.

The UK and most of the European mainland countries are backing off their charge towards Net Zero because they are waking up to the fact that it is far too harmful to their economies due to the huge increase in energy prices that affect everything that’s produced and manufactured.

So why on earth does the Australian government and the Opposition and the Greens and the Teals and Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore continue with their obsession to reduce CO2 emissions?

As we all know, it’s purely a matter of virtue-signaling – aren’t we a wonderful people for doing what we can to save the planet? Well kiddies – you’re not going to save the planet because the planet doesn’t need saving! We are just going through a perfectly normal period of global warming and that will be followed in due course by a period of global cooling – because that’s how it works! And funnily enough it doesn’t even relate to CO2 – but we’ll leave that for another day because that fact is far too controversial.

So, what exactly is Chris Bowen planning to do?

Probably the most disruptive is his plan to construct hideous and monstrous transmission towers across 10,000 kms of mainly prime agricultural land owned by farming families that have often owned their properties for several generations.

Almost equally disruptive are the wind farms. These visual monstrosities are subject to lightning strikes as well as spontaneous combustion. The resultant fires are too dangerous to try to extinguish so are just left to burn out naturally. The turbines kill numerous varieties of birds including the magnificent wedge-tailed eagle. And when they are situated offshore, they have also been shown to have led to the killing of whales. Once again, our rural communities are being forced to live with these monsters on or near their properties. Meanwhile, so-called ‘environmentalists’ remain silent.

Fires are also a constant threat in relation to lithium-ion batteries used in EVs. They can spontaneously combust and are extremely hard to extinguish. They can also explode and emit toxic fumes. They also pose a threat to firefighters. Any extremely patient person (because you’d have to be with these ridiculous vehicles) who is planning to buy an EV should be aware of the dangers they face because if their battery catches fire while being recharged in their garage it could easily and quickly extend to their house or apartment block.

Also on the ‘Blackout’ Bowen list are gas stoves and appliances. He and his comrades including Clover Moore would like us all to remove these and replace them with electric stoves and appliances. Good luck with that idea!

And to make matters even worse, most of the equipment and supplies we need such as solar panels and turbines are manufactured in Communist China. Instead of spending literally billions of dollars on these goods that are providing China with even more armaments for their eventual invasion of Taiwan and possibly even Australia, we should be spending it on defence and security. Currently, we are totally incapable of defending ourselves should China attack us militarily.

Now, in fairness to Bowen, he’s not the only one driving this insane agenda. Prime Minister Albanese is fully supportive, as are most of his left-wing comrades. These same people also believe that nuclear energy is far too expensive and far too dangerous – even though it’s a longer-term cheaper option than either solar or wind and statistically it’s the second safest form of energy generation after solar.

Nuclear power plants operate in 32 countries and generate about 10% of the world’s electricity. The USA is the largest producer of nuclear power followed by China, France, Russia, South Korea and Canada.

France has the largest share of electricity generated by nuclear power at about 70%. China has the fastest growing nuclear power program, followed by India.

Meanwhile, our Federal Minister for Climate Change & Energy, the unbelievably incompetent Chris Bowen, ridicules the idea of extending our nuclear energy capabilities. He obviously believes that all these 32 countries’ governments are wrong and only he is right. His level of arrogance is mind-blowing.

The man is a dunce and needs to be quickly replaced before he does any more harm to Australia’s economy and our image overseas and to each of us personally through higher energy bills and inflated retail prices. And all of this nonsense for no measurable improvement to global CO2 emissions. It’s insane and needs to be stopped.