Does it really matter how many pages comprise the Uluru statement?

Well, yes it does, it matters a lot because, as the saying goes, ‘the devil is in the details’

It’s no wonder PM Albanese hasn’t read past page 1 of the 26 pages of the Uluru Statement from the Heart.

He’s never been interested in details as we noted during the election campaign when he didn’t know any of the very basic facts relating to Australia’s economy and level of employment.

The 25 pages after the first page of the Uluru Statement (the first page also doubling up as the signed poster that Albanese and others always refer to) contain a whole heap of grievances.

That is on top of the outright nonsense about invasion and the need for a treaty (or ‘Makarrata’ as they choose to call it)

The document also includes these words relating to the Voice: “…. must also be supported by a sufficient and guaranteed budget, with access to its own independent secretariat, experts and lawyers.”

Bear in mind that the latter is in addition to the $30 billion already spent every year on indigenous affairs and the financial reparations – including a share of GDP – that have been claimed by activists such as Senator Lidia Thorpe, Thomas Mayo and others.

All of this funding is to be paid by Australia’s taxpayers without any say on how it is going to be spent or proof of what it has been spent on!

One thing is abundantly clear, if the Voice is passed there will suddenly be a lot of very rich indigenous activists who can then spend their new wealth on furthering their cause.

Of course, we all know what that cause is, given Thomas Mayo’s request to his Marxist comrades: “… pay respects to the Elders of the Communist Party” who he said had helped their cause considerably.

The term ‘Makarrata’, by the way, doesn’t just mean “‘treaty or agreement-making” as is claimed on the 7th page of the Uluru Statement.

As the ABC correctly reported: “Makarrata literally means a spear penetrating, usually the thigh, of a person that has done wrong… so that they cannot hunt anymore, that they cannot walk properly, that they cannot run properly; to maim them, to settle them down, to calm them — that’s Makarrata.”

Isn’t that just great – that’s what the activists who wrote the Uluru Statement think of the non-indigenous people of Australia!

They want us punished for the perceived misdeeds of the past as well as what they believe are our current failings.

That’s despite the billions of dollars thrown at the problem by taxpayers and the fact that 11 members of the Federal Parliament claim indigenous ancestry.

Australian indigenous boxer and former rugby league star Anthony Mundine summed it all up very well recently when he came out against the Voice proposal.

As he pointed out, “Why the Hell would we need a Voice? We’ve got (indigenous) people in Parliament, we’ve got (indigenous) Senators, we already are making our voices heard.”

He was also critical of both ‘Big Business’ corporate support and the Indigenous lobbying industry behind the push to change the Australian Constitution.

Mundine also criticised figureheads such as former National Basketball Association player Shaqulle O’Neal and AFL player Adam Goodes for their public backing of the proposal.

Anthony Mundine is one of a growing number of indigenous people who are seeing through the con job being perpetrated by Albanese and his ‘Yes’ support group.

The realization has spread well beyond the initial few who were brave enough to stand up to Big Government, Big Business, Big Tech, Big Sport as well as the left-wing media including, of course, the ABC.

Senator Jacinta Nampijinpa Price and Nyunggai Warren Mundine AO are no longer lone voices in the wilderness.