Our Prime Minister Anthony Albanese constantly claims that the Voice will bring our great Nation together and we should, therefore, all vote ‘Yes’ at the referendum on Saturday 14 October. What a joke that is – except, of course, it’s not at all funny.

He called for this referendum without even trying to gain support from the Liberal-National Coalition parties. He thought that his assumed popularity after winning the election would be enough to convince the majority of Australians to vote ‘Yes’.

How arrogant and plain stupid is this bloke!?

And because of that, he has managed to divide this country into two competing blocks comprising those in favour and those opposed to the referendum question and all the scary baggage that goes with it.

The ‘No’ voters are against radically changing the Constitution that would then become biased in favour of the 3.8% of the population who claim to be indigenous. The selected (not elected) members of the Voice would have the power to question ALL proposed government legislation and policies. Then they would have the option to take such matters to the High Court should their wishes be not agreed to by the democratically elected federal government. You couldn’t make up this stuff if you tried!

And it won’t end there. The division that Albanese has directly created in our society will get even worse after the referendum – regardless of which side wins. If the referendum fails, the ‘Yes’ voters will be extremely angry and I’m sure that many will demonstrate their anger in various ways. And if the ‘Yes’ voters win there will be constant disruption to mining and other essential activities together with delays in implementation of government policies and enactment of new legislation, and a huge cost blowout with nothing likely to show for it.

Thomas Mayo and his Marxist comrades will see to that because that’s how Marxism/Communism operates. Their goal has always been to create division within societies and then make their move towards taking power. We see that happening with the Greens practically on a daily basis.

And if you think Mayo is not a Marxist/Communist then perhaps you should reflect on his recent request to his supporters, “…..to pay respects to the Elders of the Communist Party” who he said had helped their cause considerably. 

He has also demanded that non-indigenous people should pay rent, reparations and compensation to indigenous people together with a proportion of Australia’s GDP, which alone could amount to several billions of dollars on top of all the other payments!

Mayo also said that he and his people will, in relation to the Voice, “Punish politicians that ignore our advice.”

And he’s not alone by any means – he has a huge following as does the perpetually angry, hate-filled and racist Senator Lidia Thorpe.

Let’s be clear, this referendum must fail because the Voice will:

  • Divide us as a Nation – those who voted ‘Yes’ vs those who voted ‘No’.
  • Divide indigenous Australians from non-indigenous Australians.
  • Divide indigenous Australians among themselves because many are against the Voice and many are for it.
  • Forever change how our government works – once it’s in the Constitution, it will be next to impossible to get rid of it.
  • Impose huge costs on our economy by way of reparations and even a share of our GDP, which alone could add billions more dollars to the $30 billion per annum indigenous people already receive – although very little of that reaches the people who need it.

Hopefully, there will be enough sensible people to stop this nonsense by voting ‘No’.

But there’s a long way to go because the ‘No’ case has very little funding compared to the huge war chest available to the ‘Yes’ proponents. Leading ‘No’ advocates like Senator Jacinta Nampijinpa Price and Nyunggai Warren Mundine are up against a consortium of virtue-signallers from Big Government, Big Business, Big Tech, Big Sport, many of the Unions as well as the left-wing media including, of course, the ABC.

It will be up to us to show these people that we won’t be bullied into submission.

Former Prime Minister John Howard recently said that he is against anything that divides Australians by race.

He is also concerned that if the Voice proposes something the elected government doesn’t like, they will be “yelling at the government to do what they are told.”

He further fears that if that doesn’t work, Voice activists will then head off to the High Court. He went on to say that he is concerned about what could happen in the hands of an “activist High Court”.  

And we need to be aware that the High Court is the final authority in these matters and the Constitution takes precedence over government legislation.

The message is clear – we all need to actively support the ‘No’ campaign in any way we can. Their campaign team urgently requires volunteers and funding. They can be contacted at info@fairaustralia.com.au or on (02) 6145 0182.