The Australian Greens leader, Adam Bandt (pictured left above), has called on his comrades to join disruptive climate protests to pressure the Albanese government into stopping the opening of new fossil fuel mines, saying he plans to personally participate in blocking the country’s largest coal port in Newcastle.

He said more people needed to “get in behind” groups that engaged in civil disobedience, naming Disrupt Burrup Hub, Rising Tide and Extinction Rebellion.

Bandt sees himself as a latter-day Vladimir Lenin who, like Bandt, was a Marxist and the architect of the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution that led in turn to the formation of the Communist Party in the USSR.

The latter was deposed in 1991 by the Russian people and others in Soviet bloc countries following the economic collapse of the Soviet Union and the deaths of at least 100 million people. Most of these died as a result of failed communist economic policies and consequent famines and social upheaval together with ethnic cleansing of minorities and incarceration of their citizens in inhumane gulags and prisons.

Meanwhile, in today’s world, two new coal-fired power plants are being built in China and India every week without any protests by Bandt and his mob of anarchists.

According to the Centre for Research on Energy and Clean Air (CREA), coal power continues to expand in China, despite the Chinese government’s pledges and goals.

Newly permitted power plants are moving rapidly into construction and developers are securing permits “just in case”, which suggests that China has absolutely no plans to decrease its reliance on coal, much of which is obtained from Australia.

Also, the BRICS countries have made it clear that they are not taking net zero commitments seriously. This means that half of the world’s population that accounts for a third of the global economy are travelling in the opposite direction to western nations like the USA, UK and Australia.

Despite all of this, we continue in Australia to travel down the path to blackouts, social upheaval and economic disaster as a result of PM Albanese’s and Energy Minister Chris Bowen’s insane obsession with achieving net zero.

They want Australia – including vast swathes of privately owned prime agricultural land – to be festooned with hideous transmission and distribution lines, land and sea-based wind turbines and solar farms – none of which will make any impact whatsoever on global CO2 emissions.

The fact that Australia only produces just over 1% of these emissions simply isn’t being accepted by these brainless buffoons who are running this country.