Our beloved Federal Minister for Climate Change & Energy Chris Bowen has now pledged “to work together with the US state of California to fight climate change and support the world’s transition to renewable energy.”

Isn’t that just wonderful? I’m sure you’re as excited as he is with the prospect of joining forces with California, the USA’s leading state for power outages. It’s been claimed that he’s even been heard singing The Mamas & The Papas signature tune California Dreamin’ in the corridors of Parliament !

But, unfortunately, it’s no joke. Millions of Californians routinely suffer power blackouts whenever high temperatures cause customer demand to exceed the power available. The California grid is the worst in the nation, with green energy policies pursued by the state likely furthering reduced grid reliability.

Almost one-quarter of the USA’s power outages in 2022 occurred in California, which also came in first for the most power outages overall in the last 20 years.

And if that’s not bad enough, according to a new poll, 40% of Californians are considering moving out of the State because it’s become too expensive.

California saw its first-ever population decline in 2020 and Californians continue to leave in droves, moving their homes and businesses to other parts of the country.

From January 2020 to July 2022, the state lost well over half a million people, with the number of residents leaving surpassing those moving in by almost 700,000.

Another impact of California’s renewables hysteria has been making it the most taxed State in the USA. Someone has to pay for all their virtue-signalling and hugely expensive solar and wind energy facilities and accompanying storage batteries and infrastructure – and that’s the Californian taxpayers.

And this is who ‘Blackout’ Bowen wants us to emulate!?

Meanwhile, while he’s busy dreaming up these insane ideas, A global network of over 1600 scientists and professionals has stated this urgent message: “There is no climate emergency.”

Dr John F. Clauser, winner of the 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics is the latest to sign CLINTEL’s World Climate Declaration (WCD). Clauser is the second Nobel Laureate to sign the  declaration, Dr. Ivar Giaever was the first.

Clauser has publicly distanced himself from climate alarmism and this year he also joined the Board of the CO­2 Coalition.

In an interview with The Epoch Times ‘American Thought Leaders’ program Clauser criticised US Government efforts to reduce CO2 and methane as a colossal waste of resources and “should be stopped immediately.”

“It’s a total waste of time, money and effort …. and is strangling industry,” he said.

But Dr Clauser is not holding his breath. “My suspicion is what I am saying here will be totally ignored because people don’t like being told they have made mistakes of this magnitude,” he said.

He and other members of the Clintel Group also believe that the IPCC is one of the worst sources of dangerous misinformation. The following facts are provided to substantiate that conclusion.

Natural as well as anthropogenic factors cause warming

The geological archive reveals that Earth’s climate has varied as long as the planet has existed, with natural cold and warm phases. The Little Ice Age ended as recently as 1850. Therefore, it is no surprise that we now are experiencing a period of warming. Human involvement in global warming is minimal – probably no more than 3%.

Warming is far slower than predicted

The world has warmed significantly less than predicted by IPCC on the basis of modelled anthropogenic (human-influenced) forcing. The gap between the real world and the modelled world tells us that we are far from understanding climate change.

Climate policy relies on inadequate models

Climate models have many shortcomings and are not remotely plausible as global policy tools. They blow up the effect of greenhouse gases such as methane and CO2. In addition, they ignore the fact that enriching the atmosphere with CO2 is beneficial.

They also totally ignore the impact of clouds in their modelling, even though cloud cover makes a huge difference to the level of heat reaching the Earth’s surface from the Sun.

CO2 is plant food, the basis of all life on Earth

CO2 is not a pollutant. It is essential to all life on Earth. Photosynthesis is a blessing. More CO2 is beneficial for nature, greening the Earth: additional CO2 in the air has promoted growth in global plant biomass. It is also good for agriculture, increasing the yields of crops worldwide.

Global warming has not increased natural disasters

There is no statistical evidence that global warming is intensifying hurricanes, floods, droughts and other natural disasters, or making them more frequent. However, there is ample evidence that CO2 mitigation measures are as damaging as they are costly.

Climate policy must respect scientific and economic realities

There is no climate emergency and so there is absolutely no cause for panic and alarm. What we should be doing is strongly opposing the harmful and unrealistic net-zero CO2 policy proposed by misguided people like Chris Bowen and other climate alarmists. The wasting of literally trillions of dollars is inexcusable. And it is pure waste given that Australia only produces just over 1% of global CO2 emissions.

It’s a big step forward seeing Clintel’s World Climate Declaration bringing together such a wide variety of competent scientists from all over the world. The considerable knowledge and experience of this group is indispensable in reaching a balanced, dispassionate and competent view of climate change.

Hopefully, more scientists will now come out of hiding and sign up in support of this initiative via https://clintel.org/world-climate-declaration.

Climate science should be less political, while climate policies should be more scientific. Scientists should openly address uncertainties and exaggerations in their predictions of global warming, while politicians should dispassionately count the real costs as well as the imagined benefits of their policy measures.

Australia and other western nations also need to wipe the smiles off the faces of the leaders of totalitarian countries who surely must be thoroughly enjoying watching our insane attempts to ‘save the planet’.

For more information

Go to: clintel.org, co2coalition.org, and theepochtimes.com