He’s managed to divide the country in a manner never seen before in Australia’s history but you can guarantee that our illustrious leader, PM Tony Albanese, has many more bright ideas in store for us.

The mess he is making of industrial relations and the economy in general will be ongoing, as you’d expect from a socialist government.

But then there’s climate change that he and his little mate Chris ‘Blackouts’ Bowen still have much to work on.

Their obsessive rush to turn Australia into an energy-starved third world nation will undoubtedly continue.

If you want to see how that might well turn out, study the results of socialism in the once rich nation of Venezuela.

A recent article in Time Magazine summed it up well when it stated the following:

“Venezuela was once Latin America’s exemplar: home to Simón Bolívar, who freed much of the continent from Spanish rule. Now, after years of political mismanagement and months in economic free fall, it is the region’s cautionary tale.

The bolivar, the currency named for the Liberator himself, is now carried in backpacks instead of wallets; one unit is worth less than a penny. While production plummets, crime soars. Fights frequently break out in food lines.

The number of murders last year ranged between 17,000 and 28,000. No one knows the exact tally, but regardless it would put the nation’s murder rate—driven by a lethal mix of street gangs, drug cartels, leftist guerrillas and right-wing paramilitaries jostling for power—among the world’s highest.

Even animals are dying: some 50 zoo animals have starved to death over the past six months because there’s not enough food.”

Keep in mind that Venezuela was once a rich country like Australia with massive oil reserves and a successful, thriving population.

Then, along came socialism with all the centralised decision-making and consequent incompetence that comes with it.

We’re obviously a long way from that situation – but we’re certainly on the same path as a result of this government’s unbelievably expensive and totally unnecessary climate change policies that are already causing a huge increase in energy costs.

Australia produces just over 1% of global CO2 emissions, so nothing we do as a nation will have any measurable effect on global warming. Climate experts from both ends of the political spectrum agree on this but nothing penetrates the thick skulls of morons like Albanese, Bowen and the Teals.

They just continue with their insane march towards energy shortages, blackouts and consequent social and economic disruption – just as Venezuela and other countries have experienced with left-wing governments.

Germany is another example. They have a Greens-driven government that went down the ‘climate emergency’ path – even though there is clearly no crisis or emergency associated with climate change.

They’ve now had to reverse their position on coal and gas because their country was heading towards economic disaster – and not just because of Russia but rather their own blatant stupidity in going down the renewables path and even closing down nuclear power facilities.

Then there are Bowen’s outright lies on the cost of nuclear energy. He has claimed that the cost of developing nuclear power is prohibitive but admits this is based on modelling that has since been totally refuted by leading experts from around the world.

Nuclear energy is relatively cheap over the medium to long term. It is also safe, reliable and emissions free. It is utilised in numerous countries including the USA, UK, Canada and many European and Asian countries. It provides 70% of France’s electricity.

‘Blackouts’ Bowen and his computer say ‘No’ to nuclear power!

However, once again, ‘Blackouts’ Bowen completely ignores the facts and just continues with his infantile attempts to fool the public with his distorted claims and outright lies that will cost taxpayers trillions of dollars.

That money that should instead be spent on defence and national security in readiness for a war in the region which is highly likely.

Australians have spoken up against the urban so-called ‘elites’ in relation to the race-based Voice.

Perhaps now we can do the same with climate change.

We should also take the advice of experts in the field and former Snowy Hydro CEO Paul Broad and stock up with candles in readiness for this summer’s expected blackouts – courtesy of Energy Minister Chris Bowen and his comrades in our Labor-Greens government.

God save us from this insanity!