Education levels were the major deciding factor on whether people voted Yes or No for the Indigenous Voice to Parliament, Waleed Aly said, adding the referendum was just too 'complicated' for some people

The audacity of a second-rate television presenter and journalist in claiming ‘No’ voters are basically uneducated morons is beyond belief. He’s proven beyond doubt that he has no understanding of what the word ‘education’ means – he clearly thinks it begins and ends with a university degree.

The reality is, a person’s level of education comprises all the knowledge and experience gained throughout his or her life. It’s certainly not just restricted to whether they attended university and gained a degree. By claiming the latter, Waleed has clearly shown he is a real ‘wally’ (slang for a ‘silly and inept person’).

Of course, the lovies at the ABC would totally agree with him as would the urban inner-west ‘Trots’ and the Teals who all voted ‘Yes’ to a race-based and divisive Voice proposal.

I’ve employed many tertiary-educated people over the years including PhDs and I can assure you they haven’t all been supremely smart. I’ve also employed a number of people who left school after Year 10 and many proved to be super smart and highly effective employees.

What separates highly-educated people from the rest depends a great deal on what they have done since leaving school or university.

If they continue to study, learn new skills, and gain factual knowledge then their level of ‘education’ – in the broadest sense of the word – will increase. However, if they get most of their ongoing ‘knowledge’ via social media, the ABC, Nine Network and The Guardian then they will become increasingly ignorant.

For someone like Waleed Aly to suggest otherwise just shows that he lacks the intellect to fully understand what the word ‘education’ really means.

Of course, we need to factor in that he made these comments on Channel 10’s The Project program, so he wasn’t exactly addressing the brightest people in the country.

The ABC’s Patricia Karvelas also shared his views, which proves my point.

His opinion that the Voice was too complicated says a lot about him. It might well seem complicated to someone with his obvious lack of intellect but it certainly wasn’t complicated.

Street-smart and more roundly educated people saw through the lies and disinformation propagated by PM Tony Albanese and his comrades and just voted accordingly. It was as simple as that.

We need to understand that Albanese is being directed by a tiny number of left-wing indigenous activists who falsely claim to represent all indigenous people in Australia.

He is now waiting for them to get through their week of sulking before receiving instructions on what he should do next.

And who are ‘them’? Well, the obvious suspects like Pearson, Langton, Mayo(r), Anderson, Davis will certainly be included but as to the others – we’ll never know – they are just the faceless mob that have always controlled the ALP.

Many of you will remember Labor leader Arthur Calwell and his deputy Gough Whitlam having to wait outside an hotel on a cold and windy night while the infamous ‘faceless men’ decided on what policies the ALP should adopt at the coming election.

What a way to run a political party and government.

And it’s happening again right now!

Sent outside … Gough Whitlam and Arthur Calwell waited outside the Kingston Hotel while party powerbrokers decided policy. As reported in The Canberra Times.