By Cliff Reece

One of the many really dumb ideas proposed by climate alarmists is that we should all stop eating meat in order to ‘save the planet’!

However, a recent study conducted by La Trobe University has found that Australians simply do not want to do so despite dubious claims that it might help to mitigate the so-called ‘climate crisis’.

Specifically, 74% of those surveyed stated they simply liked eating meat, 58% did not want to change their eating habit and 48% said humans were meant to eat meat.

The underlying question, of course, is whether climate change is really that big a deal to the extent that we should stop eating meat, give up our gas stoves and ovens, and drive around in expensive electric vehicles with batteries that take a loooong time to recharge and that can also self-ignite without warning?  

Electric vehicle lithium-ion batteries self-ignite and take hours to extinguish!

A growing number of climate experts are now claiming there is no climate crisis or emergency and that the problems created and promoted by climate activists do not actually exist.

Moreover, the quantity of carbon dioxide (CO2) produced by humans is miniscule compared to that produced by natural occurrences like volcanic activity, fires caused by lightning strikes, and the release from geologically sequestered sources such as carbonate rock.

In a recent speech at the Alliance for Responsible Citizenship (ARC) conference in London, energy expert Michael Shellenberger revealed data debunking the myth about climate “apocalypse” promoted by left-wing media worldwide.

Mr Shellenberger said there were currently fewer bushfires and areas around the world affected by bushfires compared to previous years.

He added that less than 1% of species on our planet had been lost since AD1500, while deaths from natural disasters had declined by 90%.

Despite this, governments in many countries have implemented so-called ‘green’ agriculture policies with devastating impacts on farmers and consumers.

A recent documentary by The Epoch Times has exposed a decades-old plan to disrupt the world’s food supply, which could trigger a global crisis and possibly even war.

The film revealed a UN agenda aiming to end private farming and create dependance on a one-world government that will control the world’s food supply.

It also explained how governments are using the climate agenda to take control of private farms whilst blaming climate change for continued increasing food prices.

Examples of government incompetence include the ‘nitrogen crisis’ in The Netherlands and the ban on chemical fertilisers in Sri Lanka that both led to disastrous outcomes.

California’s emergency drought regulations are also reviewed in the documentary and may provide a ‘wake-up’ call to our politicians and bureaucrats.

Under those regulations property owners were prevented from accessing their own groundwater and this led to a revolt by the farming community just as is happening here in Australia in relation to wind turbines and transmission towers.  

Landowners are being forced to have monstrous transmission towers on their land!

Just within the past few days, the Albanese ALP-Greens government has announced that farmers and the broader agricultural sector must deliver more ambitious climate outcomes by tackling major sources of emissions such as methane from cows – or suffer the consequences!

The primary reason for this is Albanese’s desire for Australia to host a hugely expensive United Nations COP Climate Summit. However, this will only happen if they show the world – and particularly the Pacific nations – how wonderful his government is at tackling the supposed climate ‘crisis’.

Once again – like they did with the Voice referendum – Albanese and his comrades have obligated us to even more totally unnecessary cost-of-living pain, all in the name of virtue-signalling.

And this is despite the fact that Australia only produces just over 1% of global CO2 emissions, so nothing we do will have any meaningful impact on global warming.

For how much longer do we have to put up with this insane government?

Alfred Bui from The Epoch Times together with Jana Pruet are thanked for their contribution to this article.