Winston Peters, Christopher Luxon and David Seymour with the ‘Beehive’ in the background

After 5+ years of Jacinda Ardern’s well-meaning but disastrous government followed by a few months of the easily forgettable Chris Hipkins, New Zealand now has the opportunity to recover.

Ardern came in with some great promises. Her government would be kind, open and transparent, the housing crisis would be fixed, climate change solved in “her generation’s nuclear-free moment”, and child poverty dealt with.

Sadly, none of her promises came true.

New Zealand is a less united place today. Ardern’s sheer bloody-mindedness over-vaccination led to open conflict. While Ardern was saying “if you want to do x, y, or z, get vaccinated,” the Government was actively stopping the import of rapid antigen tests.

The division over race is far worse, and will be more difficult to turn around. One constant in Ardern’s legacy is the work of Labour’s Māori caucus to ensure everything the Government does divides people into tangata whenua – land people here by right, and Tangata Tiriti – Treaty people here by the grace of the Treaty.

If Labour had one founding value everyone should support, it was universal human rights and liberal democracy. Now the Government has spent six years telling New Zealanders that their race defines their role in public affairs from healthcare to Three Waters governance.

Making sense of the Treaty in a modern, multi-ethnic, liberal democratic state is now essential for the next Government.

It has been said that all political careers end in failure. In Ardern’s case, her unique combination of superhuman emotional intelligence and abysmal practical problem-solving brought failure on herself.

As Brooke van Velden MP, the ACT NZ Party’s Deputy Leader said: “The next government must learn the lessons she unwittingly taught us, and reunite this country behind ideas that actually work.”

Her comments will be remembered following the election last week of Christopher Luxon’s Nationals Party and their subsequent coalition with the libertarian ACT New Zealand Party led by David Seymour and the NZ First Party led by Winston Peters. 

Christopher Luxon is the new Prime Minister and David Seymour together with Winston Peters are joint Deputy PMs.

They’ve certainly started well with a move to overturn a total ban on offshore oil and gas exploration, terminate the Covid-19 vaccine mandate and commence a full inquiry into the management of the pandemic.

It is also reviewing its current objective of achieving Net Zero by 2050.

By opening up its economy, the Nationals Coalition plans to reduce New Zealand’s reliance on imported coal while ensuring that gas can be maintained as a major source of energy.

According to Energy Resources Aotearoa, a peak oil and gas industry body, the sector contributes $2.5 billion to the country’s GDP, supplies approximately 54% of NZ’s total energy, and employs 11,000 people.

The previous Labour government’s ban followed intense lobbying by 50,000 Greenpeace supporters who urged the government to phase out offshore oil and gas exploration. Government by capitulation suddenly became the norm under Labour.

This would have left New Zealand dependent on imports given that the required additional solar and wind renewables would never have been able to fill the gap with reliable baseload energy.

The new government’s intention to “end all Covid-19 vaccine mandates still in operation” follows an agreement between the three coalition parties. That includes bans still in place by employers unless based on health and safety legislation.

Ardern’s socialist-left Labour government vaccine mandate for workers included amongst others police, defence force personnel, school and early-learning staff.

It also brought in a vaccine pass for workers and the public to access hospitality, gyms, and hair salons.

Jacinda Ardern and Daniel Andrews … two Ps from the same pod!

New Zealand went down the same path as Victoria in Australia with over-the-top legislation and enforcement, none of which has now been shown to have been necessary – as Sweden and other countries have clearly demonstrated.

In addition to ending vaccine mandates, an urgent and comprehensive independent Covid-19 Inquiry will be conducted, featuring both local and international experts.

This is in sharp contrast with our PM Albanese’s ridiculous ‘cover up’ inquiry that excludes states and territories so that his Labor Party comrades get off the hook. This includes Victoria’s Premier at the time, Daniel Andrews, who caused so much ongoing mental and financial harm to the people of Victoria. 

New Zealand’s inquiry will look into how the Covid-19 pandemic was managed including the use of multiple – and now considered entirely unnecessary – lockdowns and the efficiency of vaccine procurement.

The inquiry will also look into the social and economics of the pandemic and whether the decisions and steps taken were justified.

This will help their government and others to better manage the next pandemic that many believe will occur within the next few years. People who believe that Covid-19 was a ‘once in a 100 years’ event are fooling themselves if they think that means it won’t happen again soon. That’s not what that term means.

The new government in New Zealand has also made it clear that they won’t be accepting any deal from the United Nations (UN) in relation to the proposed international agreement on pandemic management unless it’s been thoroughly considered and also put to the people.

Sovereignty will not be replaced with UN or World Health Organisation (WHO) mandates.

This follows WHO’s declaring that it wants the power to tell the nations of the world how pandemics are to be managed in future.

They also want the right to tell us what drugs we can and can’t have and how we are to manage other health emergencies in the future.

Dr Meryl Nass, founder and president of the Door to Freedom organisation in the USA said in a recent Epoch Times documentary, “By creating this thing they call ‘one health’ approach – which enables everything else to be wrapped up into health – it seems that the sovereignty grab by the WHO is going to be greater that just health. If you say ‘climate change’ then health is related to climate.”

This would lead to the UN and WHO deciding how we manage all aspects of health including climate change, or ‘global warming’ as it should be called.

Given the New Zealand government’s attitude this isn’t likely to happen there but who knows what ‘Handsome Boy’ Tony Albanese and the increasingly emissions-obsessed Chris ‘Blackouts’ Bowen will do?

Our Labor-Greens government is taking us down a path that will lead to even more financial pain and social disharmony than they have already caused.

Hopefully, the next election will see an end to them – preferably for a long time! Thanks to Alfred Bui and Monica O’Shea from The Epoch Times for much of the factual commentary in this article