Clare O’Neil’s performance as Minister for Home Affairs and Andrew Giles as Immigration Minister (both pictured above) have been widely criticised in recent weeks over their shambolic handling of the High Court detention saga. Calls have been made for both of them to be sacked from their critically important portfolios.

The decision made by the court ruled indefinite immigration detention as unlawful, resulting in the release of known criminals including murderers and multiple child sex offenders.

At the time only one person – identified as NZYQ – actually needed to be released but the two responsible ministers, for reasons yet unknown, chose to release dozens more into our community. Six have already been arrested for alleged offences and many more are likely to follow given their past criminal history.

O’Neil and Giles clearly failed to prepare in advance for the likely High Court decision even though they had several months warning.

They then compounded their slack performance by releasing known criminals without the immediate need to do so and also by neglecting to ensure that their release was properly managed.

As a result, one was totally ‘lost’ for several days and others refused to abide by their release conditions including the wearing of GPS ankle bracelets.

O’Neil and Giles then took weeks to enact necessary legislative counter-measures, which ultimately had to be finalised by Opposition Leader Peter Dutton as he was the only one with any expertise in this field.

Despite all that, O’Neil decided to attack Peter Dutton with outlandish and unforgivable remarks that were repeated outside Parliament by Sports Minister Anika Wells. This should lead to a defamation case against Wells.

No-one should be surprised if both O’Neil and Giles remain in their current roles given our ‘beta male’ Prime Minister Albanese’s total lack of backbone when it comes to hard core decision-making and leadership.

Chris ‘Blackouts’ Bowen, Minister for High Energy Prices

However, even these two ministers are vastly outclassed in terms of sheer idiocy by our Minister for High Energy Prices, Chris Bowen MP.

Has there ever been anyone sitting on the government’s front benches in Federal Parliament as unbelievably dumb as this bloke?

He was our Immigration Minister when 1200 illegal boat people died at sea as a result of the then Labor government’s soft policy on border protection.

As Shadow Treasurer, he then lost Bill Shorten’s 2019 ‘unlosable’ federal election by telling voters that if they didn’t like the ALP’s policies, then they shouldn’t vote for them.

So voters didn’t – and they lost that election, against all expectations.

Despite his tragic past performance, PM Albanese still chose him to manage the critical portfolio of energy and climate change.

Since then, our electricity prices have increased exponentially and are now higher than the OECD average, which has never been the case previously.

The Menzies Research Centre (MRC) has analysed the global situation and has noted in a recent report that Australia has a less diverse mix of technologies than most of the other countries in the OECD.

“The most notable difference between Australia and the OECD nations is our country’s absence of nuclear power”, said MRC’s Executive Director, David Hughes.

He went on to say, “This week, world leaders assembled for a global climate summit in Dubai. The Australia delegation led by anti-nuclear energy campaigner Chris Bowen were embarrassed when the US, Canada, France, Japan, the UAE and Britain recognised “the key role of nuclear energy in achieving global net-zero greenhouse gas emissions/carbon neutrality by or around mid-century and in keeping a 1.5C limit on temperature rise within reach”.

French President Emmanuel Macron had a specific message for Australia: “I hope that you will manage to lift the ban. Nuclear energy is a source that is necessary to succeed for carbon neutrality in 2050.”

France derives about 70% of its electricity from nuclear energy.

MRC also pointed out that by replacing just one of Australia’s coal generators with nuclear power would remove around 1.6 million tonnes of CO2 annually, equivalent to the emissions created by nearly 900,000 cars running on petrol.

David Hughes said, “As we know, nuclear technology isn’t just good for the environment, it also provides reliable baseload power which drives down electricity prices.”

He also referred to a poll undertaken in Australia that showed opposition to lifting the nuclear ban sitting at just 18%. 

Chris Bowen is not only isolated at the Dubai climate summit. He is becoming even more detached from the wishes of the Australian voting public. 

Surely, even Albanese must see that this guy is a total misfit in this role – as he was in all previous ones

Thanks to Menzies Research Centre and Australia’s favourite political cartoonist Johannes Leak