Harvard, Penn and MIT Presidents grilled at Congressional Hearing

Following the resignation of the University of Pennsylvania’s (Penn) president Liz Magill following her unwillingness to formally condemn anti-semitism on campus has shone a spotlight on universities in general – including those in Australia.

Her resignation was followed by that of the Chairman of their Board of Trustees, Scott Bok.

Two other university presidents, Harvard’s Claudine Gay and Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Sally Kornbluth are also under review following their similar responses to a very simple question whether ‘calls for a genocide of Jews violated their codes of conduct or were considered harassment?’

Magill replied, after repeated prompting, “It is a context-dependent decision.”

The other two presidents provided similar Woke responses to the same question.

None of them was willing to provide a straightforward and unequivocal “yes”.

Their general view appeared to be that anti-semitism is okay unless it degenerates into actual conduct.

In other words, anyone on campus can scream out anti-Jewish slogans because it only contravenes these universities’ codes of conduct if Jewish students are actually physically confronted, attacked or killed.

In her eventual half-apology, the Harvard president then said she was sorry for not conveying “my truth” – note not “the truth” – yet another weird Woke concept that replaces actual truth in favour of what someone believes is the truth.

Consequently, there was widespread condemnation of all three presidents following their hard-to-believe performances at the Congressional Hearing.

Interestingly, the boards of the three US universities only appeared to take action after strong protests from their own communities and the general public. Their Wokeism extended to the point where it was completely at odds with the broader community.

Many of us have very similar concerns about our own Universities and even some of our schools.

Wokeism has run riot in many of these institutions. Along with other western nations several of our universities appear to be currently controlled by left-wing idealogues. Their humanities departments in particular are engulfed with Marxist philosophy.  

Consequently, in those environments, a politically perverted view of truth prevails.

To show how bad it can become, it’s worth knowing what happened at Stanford University’s Law School earlier this year.

In the latest example of law students and administrators being unable to face opinions with which they disagree, students at Stanford Law School disrupted a student-organized event featuring a federal appellate judge.

Stuart Duncan, a judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals was invited to speak on the topic, “The Fifth Circuit in Conversation with the Supreme Court: Covid, Guns, and Twitter.”  While these issues may well be controversial, it seems unlikely that openly discussing them would cause mental harm to budding lawyers.

However, when Judge Duncan attempted to speak, he was shouted down and heckled by student protestors. When the judge eventually requested that a university administrator restore order, Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Tirien Steinbach stood up and delivered a prepared speech accusing the judge of harming students by his presence. 

She claimed his views were too “harmful” to be aired on campus!

The headline-making free-speech fallout was enormous after this event especially after a planned formal apology was also subsequently attacked by students.

Hundreds of students dressed in black and donning face masks emblazoned with the words “Counter-speech is free speech” lined the halls of Stanford Law School to protest Dean Jenny Martinez’s subsequent apology to Fifth Circuit judge Stuart Duncan for the treatment he had received. 

The whiteboard in the classroom where Martinez teaches constitutional law was also covered in flyers defending the students who shouted down the Judge.

And most of these students will presumably go on to become lawyers!

Hopefully, some of them will have to officially appear in court before Judge Duncan retires – should be fun! 😉

In a number of American universities, Jewish students have been forced to hide from demonstrators in libraries and dorms and were even harassed in the streets outside campuses amid accusations that Israel is an “apartheid state” committing “genocide”, which incidentally are both patently untrue claims.

The University of Sydney has experienced similar problems including a planned demonstration to call for a “global intifada” (worldwide civil uprising) – but the administrators have so far been able to shut down such incidents.

It has also been reported that the Queensland University of Technology has removed the word “merit” from its staff hiring process. In true Woke fashion, it intends to place more emphasis on diversity – preference being given to applicants with indigenous, multicultural and LGBT backgrounds rather than appointing people on the basis of merit.

While we appear in Australia to be in better shape than the US on this issue, it could very quickly escalate, so we need to take preventative action now.

Universities throughout the western democracies have been spewing out graduates many of whom have been brain-washed with Marxist ideology. Their clear intention is to divide society and attack the family unit – just as Karl Marx directed in his writings.

The Greens political party supports that same philosophy and that’s one reason why they have such a disproportionate number of tertiary qualified supporters.

It’s obvious from their tactics that everything they do is targeted to create societal division and conflict.

Marx divided society into two classes: bourgeoisie vs proletariat whereas today’s Marxists have translated that into oppressors vs oppressed; haves vs have-nots; colonisers vs indigenous …… it’s all the same to these losers.

So, what can parents and students do to stop our universities and schools going down the same path as our cousins in the USA?

Just as our silent majority stood up against the pseudo elites over the disaster that would have been created by a successful Voice referendum, a growing number of Americans have risen up against Wokeism and in support of free speech.

One organisation that has had remarkable success in the US is Speech First whose founder and Executive Director is Cherise Trump (no relation to the Don).

Cherise Trump, Executive Director of Speech First

Speech First has legally challenged several universities in the US in relation to the lack of free speech on campuses – and won!

Anyone concerned about our situation within universities and schools will get plenty of good ideas from their activities.

Their website can be accessed via https://speechfirst.org.

Locally, of course, you can always start your own protest group. University and school administrators live in perpetual fear of an uprising by disgruntled parents. And that’s especially the case when some of those parents donate funds or voluntary support. 

In the case of the University of Pennsylvania, one donor threatened to rescind $100 million in donated shares in his company if Magill wasn’t sacked. 

So, the bottom line is, don’t be overwhelmed by the prospect of tackling universities and schools on issues that are important to you and your loved ones.

Stand up for yourself and them – and don’t be put off by their Woke BS.

Confront authorities whenever there is a need to do so, because that’s the only way we are going to stamp out this nonsense before it gets out of control.

Future PM Tony Albanese protesting at Sydney University
He was the Leader of the ‘Hard Left’ faction that had links with the Communist Part of Australia