In the glory days of US President Ronald Reagan and UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher the unbelievable nonsense that just occurred at the COP28 Climate Conference in Dubai would simply not have happened.

Reagan and Thatcher were supreme pragmatists and would have given short shrift to morons like our Climate Change and Energy Minister Chris ‘Blackouts’ Bowen and his fellow climate alarmists.

They would also have challenged the ridiculous concept of successful nations paying huge sums of ‘global warming’ money to poorer nations many of whom became poor as a result of their socialist governments’ incompetence. Venezuela and Argentina are good examples.

And they would certainly have challenged the plainly ridiculous notion that China is still a ‘developing nation’ when it’s clearly highly developed with vast stores of nuclear weapons and numerically the largest navy in the world.

They would also have asked to see the evidence relating to the increasingly psychotic Chris Bowen’s claims that our Pacific Island neighbours are facing being “inundated” and “swallowed by the seas”. There is, of course, no such evidence except in a few isolated cases.

The simple reason Reagan and Thatcher would have challenged these claims and demands for money is simply that we are not facing global warming apocalypse as climate activists and the ‘useful idiots’ amongst our politicians, business corporations and left-wing media would like us to believe.

This was clearly articulated by a number of delegates at that conference including the conference president Dr Sultan Al Jaber, CBE who certainly knows a lot more about this subject than Albanese and Bowen.

Thousands of expert scientists around the globe also support the fact that global warming is a perfectly natural event and certainly should not be classified as a crisis or emergency. In fact, so far, there has been minimal increase in global temperature.

Margaret Thatcher was a huge fan of the brilliant UK TV series Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister. In fact, she encouraged her Ministers and senior bureaucrats to watch it as part of their continuing education program.

It brilliantly exposed how politicians and bureaucrats manipulate the system to achieve their own personal goals – many of which are not in the best interests of the communities they serve.

She even wrote a sketch and acted in one of the episodes!

Our own politicians would learn much from it even now, so many years later. One short sketch in relation to global warming would be particularly instructive:

Sir Humphrey Appleby (Cabinet Secretary): I have returned with the answer to all your problems…. global warming!

Jim Hacker (Prime Minister): I thought you were against it?

Humphrey: Everybody’s against it, Prime Minister. I suddenly realised that is the beauty of it. We can get a unanimous agreement with all of our European partners to do something about it.

Jim: But how can we do something about something that isn’t happening?

Humphrey: But it doesn’t matter what we think. If everyone else thinks it’s real, they’ll all want to stop it – so long as it doesn’t cost too much. So, the question now is, what are we going to do about it?

Jim: But if it isn’t happening, what can we do about it?

Humphrey: Oh, there’s so much we can do, Prime Minister. We can impose taxes; we can stiffen European rules about carbon emissions and rubbish disposal. We can make massive investments in wind turbines. We can, in fact, Prime Minister, under your leadership, agree to save the world !

This cleverly nails the global warming crusade for what it is – a huge overblown rort !

Meanwhile, our farmers and regional communities are paying a huge price both financially and mentally as a result of the Albanese’s government’s crazy net zero obsession.

According to a report by the Institute of Public Affairs (IPA), Australia could lose one-third of its productive agricultural land to solar and wind farms if the government continues on its current path.

Net Zero Australia has supported this through their own study which identified that five Tasmanias worth of solar farms will be needed to produce the energy required to achieve net zero.

And our government still won’t allow nuclear power to be used to reinforce the critical supply of baseload power even though it requires far less land to generate an equivalent amount of electricity as solar and wind. And it’s emissions free.

Farmers and growers have even had to go to the extreme of enlisting independent meteorologists to provide medium and long-term weather forecasting following the loss of so much income as a result of Bureau of Meteorology incorrect forecasting.

How much more pain do regional people in particular have to endure as a result of Albanese’s socialist-left, inner-westies-controlled ALP-Greens government?

And, most importantly, how soon before we see an end to Chris Bowen’s insane global warming crusade that’s entirely based on ignorance and lies?

They would all be a lot wiser if they referred to Sir Winston Churchill’s famous quote, “A lie doesn’t become truth, wrong doesn’t become right and evil doesn’t become good just because it’s accepted by a majority.”