Xi Jinping and ‘Handsome Boy’ Albanese

In politics, as in sport, when your opponents start falsely praising you, the game is as good as lost. And that’s how it began during Prime Minister Albanese’s totally wasted recent trip to China. He came back with nothing except a ridiculous story about pandas and Tasmanian devils……and a new nickname ‘Handsome Boy’!

This is called derisory praise – basically making fun of him …… and Australia.

But since then, there have been two occasions when real praise was heaped on Albanese and his government by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

The first was when our government joined forces with Canada and New Zealand calling on Israel to cease their attacks on Hamas, which by doing so would allow Hamas to win this war.

This totally went against the strategy and wishes of our two closest allies, the USA and the UK.

This decision was also well received by terrorist group Hamas. It’s deputy, Ghazi Hamad, said the three countries had taken the “right” steps towards “isolating the fascist Israeli government”. 

The second dose of genuine praise from the CCP followed the Albanese government’s refusal to send a warship to join a fleet comprised of ships from many other nations who answered the call from the USA to help protect vital shipping accessing the Suez Canal.

Just one warship – that’s all they requested!  

But that was all too much for Albanese and his comrades in our socialist-left government.

Of course, in Albanese’s case, he was simply reflecting his earlier youthful leadership of the ‘Hard Left’ faction within the Labor Party that I referred to in an earlier article.

A group that had a close connexion with several communist organisations around the world as well as with the Communist Party of Australia.

When challenged on the decision not to send a warship, our hapless Defence Minister and Deputy PM, Richard Marles, claimed that we are resisting sending a warship to the Middle East on the grounds that we need to focus on our “own region”.

This is nonsense, of course, because a great deal of our trade with other countries passes through the area where our warship would have been patrolling.

The real reason for this absurd decision is that we don’t have a suitable ship that has the necessary equipment to counter drone attacks. Ships have been blown out of the water by drones in recent times, so it is a real threat.

That raises the question: why don’t we have such equipment given the amount of money allocated to defence? The answer lies with the Defence Minister who is clearly totally out of his depth in this portfolio. All he seems to do is talk about AUKUS and other possible defence options – but he does nothing.

If and when China expands militarily in the region – as Xi Jinping has stated they will do – we will be entirely at the mercy of the USA and to a lesser extent the UK and France – all of whom possess nuclear weapons and the means to use them as a deterrent.

Given that likely scenario, how can this government even consider not helping our allies who we will depend upon if and when war erupts in the region?

Also, whatever happened to traditional Australian mateship – or doesn’t that apply any more to the inner-west urban luvvies who control the ALP and the Greens?

There was a time in Australia when a call for assistance from a ‘mate’ was instantly and positively responded to – but apparently that no longer applies – at least not as far as this mob is concerned.

The sooner they are out of office, the better it will be for all of us!

Many thanks once again to Johannes Leak for his marvellous cartoon!