We experienced it during the Covid-19 pandemic and we’re experiencing it right now with global warming/climate change …… people feeling pressure to conform.

Just as masses of Germans and Russians flocked to hear dictators Hitler and Stalin speak at rallies, so are many of us similarly acting like sheep in order to conform and thereby avoid the pain of rejection and humiliation.

The derogatory term ‘sheeple’ has emerged meaning people acting foolishly by being easily led by those in power.

Wearing masks during the pandemic is a good example. At first, health authorities in many countries – including Australia – claimed they weren’t necessary but then changed their views when they realised that the wearing of totally inadequate flimsy surgical masks gave them the power to control the population.

Following our government’s edict that masks must be worn, many people then began openly chastising anyone seen not wearing one.

The sheeples in our community suddenly had a cause and purpose in life – to attack non-compliant behaviour – even to the extent of dobbing neighbours in to authorities.

This, of course, was exactly what dictatorial governments desired.

Comrade Dan celebrates his Covid-19 assault on Victorians

Undoubtedly, there will be people who will wear masks for the rest of their lives as a direct result of the propaganda used by governments to instil fear. And it was all disguised as being based on ‘medical science’.

This was the medical science that totally overlooked the FACT that simple surgical masks do not stop Covid-19 viral penetration – in fact, not even the far more efficient WHO-recommended N95 masks are entirely capable of achieving that objective.

During the pandemic, I recall being at the summit of Mt. Kosciuszko in NSW in what must be the cleanest air in Australia and being astounded at the sight of a bunch of Japanese tourists who had climbed all the way up wearing face masks.

They even still kept them on at the summit apart from a brief period when they gulped down some water and took a quick bite of food! That’s the impact of fear at its worst.

Vaccine mandates followed the same ridiculous path. If you didn’t comply then you were restricted or even not allowed at all to work, play, visit relatives and friends, or have people visit you in your own home.

This still applied even after the lie was exposed that viral transmission was not possible if you were vaccinated.

And then we come to the ongoing hysteria associated with global warming and humankind’s apparent destiny with death by ‘boiling’, as predicted by the United Nation’s very weird and very socialist-left Secretary-General, António Guterres

“The era of global boiling has arrived!”, he said to a somewhat bewildered audience.

His ridiculous rant then continued with more wild claims such as: “Climate change is here. It is terrifying. And it is just the beginning,” warning that the consequences are as clear as they are tragic: “children swept away by monsoon rains, families running from the flames, and workers collapsing in scorching heat.”

Presumably, he then went home and had a nice cup of tea, a Bex and a good lie down having successfully completed the CCP’s (Chinese Communist Party) directed task, thereby helping them to benefit from our obsession with renewables.

As a result of his stupidity and dishonesty, he also managed to traumatise millions of kids around the world. That obviously didn’t bother him at all.

The UN’s outrageously false propaganda is all based on the lie that our planet has reached its “highest ever temperature”. The truth is we are living in one of the coldest periods in Earth’s history, as can be clearly seen in the diagram below.

Unfortunately, vast numbers of people around the world – particularly in western democracies – believe all this guff. They really and truly believe that we are at risk of dying as a result of a perfectly normal climate change event – a slight warming that has been unfolding since the Little Ice Age ceased in about 1850.

The Little Ice Age followed the Medieval Warming Period that existed between roughly 900–1300 AD. We are heading in that warming direction now but that may well reverse into another colder spell in the future.

If so, an ice age would be of great concern because far more people die from cold than from heat even under our current climatic conditions let alone an ice age.

What we are currently experiencing is a normal cyclical event that simply requires us to adapt, as humans have been successfully doing since the very beginning of our time on Earth.

Carbon dioxide (CO2), methane and other minor trace gases in our atmosphere have very little to do with climate change/global warming. In fact, being a plant food, CO2 has actually helped create far better agricultural conditions and increased levels of food production.

Attacking CO2 as being a danger to humanity is just another lie promulgated by those who are either too dumb to understand how the climate works or who have a vested political or financial interest in promoting renewables as the ‘great saviour of humankind’.

It’s time for the silent majority to put an end to this government’s insane net zero policy and all the dramatic, totally unnecessary, and hugely expensive changes they propose to make in order to achieve it. 

And we all need to push back at unnecessary bureaucratic and government decrees and interference in our lives. We should make it clear that we won’t be told what to do when there is no sense in what is being demanded of us.

Many thanks to Johannes Leak for his very apt cartoons