Ask our farmers and graziers what they think of the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) and you will receive a very clear and precise answer.

As well as losing vast acres of their properties to transmission towers and wind turbines in order to conform with the Albanese government’s crusade to net zero, they also have to endure appalling levels of weather forecasting that has cost many of them huge amounts of income.

BoM believes it is the font of all knowledge on long-term climate issues but can’t even successfully perform its prime duty of predicting short term weather.

As a result of their prediction that we would be experiencing dry and possibly even drought conditions many farmers and graziers sold off their produce at ridiculously low prices.

Given there has in fact been plenty of rain, they could have held out until the end of the season and obtained more realistic sale prices to compensate for all their hard work.

Many regional producers have now turned to alternative suppliers of weather forecasts having given up on BoM. They see the latter as a bunch of incompetent, city-dwelling greenies who have little regard for regional concerns.

Interestingly, they have found that their external sources of weather forecasting advice have generally proven to be very accurate, so what exactly is going on at BoM?

Physicist and adjunct fellow with the Institute of Public Affairs (IPA), Dr Peter Ridd, believes there should be an inquiry into the BoM.

However, he believes it’s important to differentiate between the short-term weather forecasting staff at BoM and the anti-science catastrophists in their climate department.

Who directs policy at BoM?

Who makes the decisions that formulate their narrative?

Perhaps their National Manager Climate Services, Dr Karl Braganza, should be asked for his views on this issue?

Of course, none of this really matters to the so-called ‘elites’ as they gulp down their triple espresso macchiatos in trendy inner-city coffee shops, but it certainly matters to the people out in the regions who have to put up with all this nonsense.

And it’s not just in the regions that weather forecasts have been inaccurate.

According to BoM, the unexpected current heavy rain experienced in coastal New South Wales is all due to a ‘marine heatwave’. They apparently didn’t know about this when they predicted dry conditions as a result of El Nino a few weeks earlier.

The apparent marine heatwave involves just 1-2 degrees increase in coastal water temperature, which they say complies with their definition of a ‘heatwave’.

Many people might well find that a little strange but it certainly fits nicely with BoM’s catastrophic global warming narrative. ‘Heatwave’….’Boiling’….’Unprecedented’ are all words utilised by BoM and other climate activists to instil fear for the future in the community.  

According to BoM, it’s not their fault that they keep getting it wrong – it’s climate change and global warming that’s to blame!

Needless to say, ‘their’ ABC always backs up whatever BoM claims.

The ABC’s in-house weatherman, Tom Saunders, said in November, “We are entering a period of much drier conditions than what we’ve seen over the past couple of years”, which exactly reinforced BoM’s forecast.

However, according to BoM’s own advice, most major states in December received above average rainfall. And, so far this month, it’s been much the same.

As Sky News host Peta Credlin wrote in her Sunday Telegraph column last week, “We all have an interest in the weather but the constant predictions of climate doom and the endless dwelling on imminent storms is starting to resemble weather porn.

“When the experts are so frequently contradicted by observed facts, you’ve got to fear that the “science” has been contaminated by ‘green’ prejudice,” she said.

Frankly, if the Bureau of Meteorology can’t do better than this, it may well be beyond the time for a review.

Instead, the government should consider just closing BoM down altogether and using external sources of weather forecasting – just as many farmers and graziers have had to do.

It would probably also be a lot cheaper!

Thanks again to cartoonist John Spooner