UK’s Daily and Sunday Telegraph newspapers are politically conservative and have endorsed the Conservative Party at every UK general election since 1945.

So, you can imagine how their traditional conservative readers felt when they read this headline on Sunday 14 January:

The Sunday Telegraph article continued as follows:

“The Conservatives are heading for an electoral wipeout on the scale of their 1997 defeat by Labour, the most authoritative opinion poll in five years has predicted.

The YouGov survey of 14,000 people forecasts that the Tories will retain just 169 seats, while Labour will sweep to power with 385 – giving Sir Keir Starmer a 120-seat majority. 

Every ‘Red Wall’ seat won from Labour by Boris Johnson in 2019 will be lost, the poll indicates, and the Chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, will be one of 11 Cabinet ministers to lose their seats.

The Tories will win 196 fewer seats than in 2019, more than the 178 Sir John Major lost in 1997.

The poll exposes the huge influence that Reform UK is set to have on the election result. The right-wing party would not win any seats, but support for it would be the decisive factor in 96 Tory losses – the difference between a Labour majority and a hung Parliament.

The result would be the biggest collapse in support for a governing party since 1906, with an 11.5 per cent swing to Labour.

Writing for The Telegraph, Lord Frost, the Conservative peer, described the poll’s findings as “stunningly awful” for the party, saying it was facing “a 1997-style wipeout – if we are lucky”.

He said a combination of tactical voting and any decision by Nigel Farage to return to front-line politics could leave the Conservatives facing “an extinction event”.

Lord Frost added that the only way to avoid the likely defeat was “to be as tough as it takes on immigration, reverse the debilitating increases in tax, end the renewables tax on energy costs – and much more”.

 James Johnson, a former Number 10 pollster, said the figures suggested any possible path to victory for the Conservatives had “all but vanished”.           END

Research showed the Tories were haemorrhaging the votes of Brexit supporters who backed them in 2019 and would be punished by those voters unless they got tough on immigration, reduced tax, and ended the insane renewables crusade.

Of course, this is only one poll and the UK general election isn’t due until the second half of this year. However, given these polling results it will likely be a loss of some magnitude if not as drastic as forecasted.

UK’s Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has called on his MPs to ignore the poll and just get on with the task ahead of them, which is obviously good general advice.

However, a great deal more will depend on how much they claw back illegal immigration; the wokeness in their government; and the sheer stupidity of their climate policies in a country that only produces 1% of global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

And, of course, they need to do much more to reduce cost of living pressures.

A win for the lacklustre Sir Keir Starmer’s socialist Labor Party would be a disaster for the UK. They have no policy on immigration, no ideas on how to reduce the cost of living, and they are also climate-obsessed.

As with all socialist governments they only know how to spend money and increase taxes. Look at what that’s done to Venezuela, Argentina, Germany, Cuba and a host of other socialist/communist mismanaged countries including the entire former USSR.

And, to add insult to injury, Sir Keir Starmer’s “friend” and “colleague” – until he was suspended from the Labour Party – was the detestable anti-semitic Marxist Jeremy Corbyn, the previous leader of the party.

How can UK voters support the Labour Party when they must surely know by now what the consequences will be? There will even more illegal migrants, higher levels of taxation, and further loss of freedom of choice as a result of climate alarmism?

The current Conservative government has been incompetent but a Labour one would be far worse, especially if Corbyn is reinstated.

UK’s PM Rishi Sunak needs to get off the climate bandwagon and address real issues!

All of the above lines up exactly with what the Liberal National Party (LNP) in Australia needs to be addressing in its planning for the coming election.

Voters in all western democracies, including Australia, are sick and tired of cost-of-living increases caused largely by exorbitant energy prices inflicted on them by morons like our own Energy Minister Chris ‘Blackouts’ Bowen and their obsession with renewables.

As in the UK, Australians also face excessively high levels of immigration as well as high levels of taxation caused primarily by bracket creep and the wasting of money on programs and projects that have added little or no value to the community.

Our socialist Labor-Greens government’s ‘spend-spend-spend’ mentality is directly fuelling inflation and the cost-of-living.

Constantly hearing about how we’re all going to die from the non-existent global warming ‘crisis’ is probably the most annoying issue because most sensible people by now realise that nothing we do as a nation will make any difference whatsoever to global warming.

Australia only produces just over 1% of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions – so how can Albanese and Bowen justify spending even more money on renewables like wind and solar when we have enormous reserves of coal, oil and uranium just waiting to be mined and used.

And our government won’t even consider nuclear energy despite all the mounting global evidence of its important role as a secure source of safe, emissions-free and relatively cheap baseload energy.

The LNP needs to take careful note of what’s been happening in the UK and ensure that it has a clear understanding that voters are seeking strong leadership.

Practically everyone has now realised what a weak and pathetic so-called ‘leader’ we have in Prime Minister Anthony Albanese.

They have also concluded that much of the Labor-Greens ministerial team members are much the same. Marles, Chalmers, Dreyfus, Gallagher, Burke, Burney, O’Neil, Giles ….. the list of incompetents gets added to on a weekly basis.

LNP’s Opposition Leader Peter Dutton has the balls to do what needs to be done but will the others on his team get behind him and shut down the leftie Woke brigade?

And they especially need to stop trying to win back Teal seats by emulating the Teals’ primary political platform……. global warming/climate change.

Instead, they need to communicate with voters in those electorates and explain why tackling global warming is not a priority given the facts stated above.

The LNP is currently trying to prove that they are more virtuous than the Teals on the question of climate change. They need to realise that there is nothing virtuous in being ignorant.

The Teals have nothing to offer voters once global warming alarmism is neutralised.

The LNP, therefore, needs to focus on educating voters and allaying their fear of global Armageddon should they not keep blindly following the Teals and Energy Minister Chris ‘Blackouts’ Bowen’s obsessive renewables crusade.

Thanks to the UK’S Spectator and Telegraph Newspapers