Senator Jacinta Nampijinpa Price astounded the nation during the recent referendum campaign when she dared tell a journalist there were no ongoing negative impacts of colonisation – the only continuing impacts, were positive! 

Pointing out that Aborigines have the same opportunities as other Australians, she said that constantly telling them they were victims was “the worst possible thing” that can be done to any human being, creating the impression that “someone else” was responsible for their lives.

She said that those in remote communities who experience the “highest rates of violence in the country” do not do so because of colonisation.

It was often because “young girls are married off to older husbands in arranged marriages,” she said. Domestic violence has been an ongoing problem in many communities and little is being done by taxpayer-funded indigenous groups to stop it.

These were certainly not the answers expected by the many Australians indoctrinated by our seriously failing education system as well as those in the mainstream media who push a victimhood agenda.

Chairing the function was left-wing tabloid Sydney Morning Herald’s David Crowe, who immediately challenged her unorthodox denials about colonialism.

“Would you accept that there have been generations of trauma as a result of that (colonial) history?” he asked.

Referring to her mixed-race background, Senator Price said this would mean that those whose ancestors were brought to Australia in chains as convicts were also suffering from intergenerational trauma!

“So, I should be doubly suffering from intergenerational trauma,” she declared.

This brought the house down and Crowe moved immediately to the next question.

In one fell swoop, Senator Price exposed what historian Keith Windschuttle long ago named “the fabrication of Aboriginal history”.

Little wonder that the big talking point across Australia after this was that hers were the words of a potential future Prime Minister.

That struck terror into the hearts of the ruling Woke so-called ‘elites’ – wondering what on Earth they had unleashed !

Senator Jacinta Price also pointed out that most Australians who identify as having Indigenous ancestry are of mixed ancestry, like herself.

The last census in 2021 showed there had been an increase of 130,000 people calling themselves Aborigines since the earlier 2016 census, as Andrew Bolt identified in the Daily Telegraph. That’s not possible simply by an increase in births.

He also wrote about Suzanne Ingram, an Aboriginal board member of the NSW Aboriginal Housing Office, who complained on SBS in 2022 that 300,000 of the 810,000 Australians then claiming to be Aboriginal were fakes. No doubt that included the notorious Bruce Pascoe who wrote the wildly funny fictional novel Dark Emu.

Also in The Daily Telegraph, Aboriginal Australian Alwyn Doolan (who completed the Message Stick Walk from Cape York to Canberra in 2019) wrote that for 65,000 years Aboriginal people have lived with the lore that no mob can speak for any other mob.

“My mob can’t speak for your mob. Your mob can’t speak for my mob. There are 300+ First Nations countries that have survived in Australia. That means 300+ ‘voices’ need to be heard equally by the government, he said.”

He pointed out that one national Indigenous group is not allowed to speak for all mobs “just because the government wants it to.”

Nyunggai Warren Mundine wrote regarding the Uluru Statement that it was adopted at a convention at a Yulara resort, 25 kilometres from Uluru. He and others spoke to Anangu elders angry that it was named after their mob, because it’s not their culture.

He advised that the convention was attended by 250 delegates, hand-picked from only about a dozen community Dialogues. Attendance was capped at 100, 60 of which were reserved for so-called ‘First Nations’ groups – all aimed at consensus on a pre-prepared narrative.

A video exists of radical unionist and Uluru Statement committee member Thomas Mayo (formerly named ‘Mayor’) referring to and thanking the “Communist Elders” for their advice to the Uluru Statement committee.

The 1960s Aboriginal Activist Movement was University student based, encouraged by the Communist Party of Australia and introduced to the Black Panther Movement in the United States of America.

Professor David Flint wrote in Politicom: “A small but determined far-left minority plans to take over and seriously damage the country. They will never stop raising new ways to undermine Australia. Australians are realising the danger of compromising on fundamental matters such as Australia Day.”

Fortunately, most of our ‘working class’ people – including young trades people and apprentices – are returning to our traditional Australian values. They are practical, down-to-earth people who have avoided the indoctrination of university education often provided by extreme-left lecturers.

They are also awake to the massive climate-based scare campaign conducted by ignorant politicians like our Federal Minister for High Energy Prices, Chris ‘Blackouts’ Bowen, and self-serving renewables investors and producers like Simon Holmes à Court and ‘Twiggy’ Forrest.

Albanese’s Labor is, of course, dominated by far-left factions, and he is a Trotskyite Marxist or “Trot” and has been for decades. Leopards don’t change their spots!

So it’s no wonder that sensible centre-left Labor members and former MPs are concerned about this current socialist Labor Federal Government.

Many of them remember the 1950s split away from the ALP to form the DLP in order to escape Communist Party influence. Could it happen again?

Thanks to Professor David Flint AM at Politicom ( and Johannes Leak for his cartoon