Six members of a neo-Nazi group have been arrested after dozens of men wearing black balaclavas and brandishing Australian flags swarmed a Sydney train.

The group of about 60 hooded men were seen at Artarmon station about 11.30am on Friday.

After boarding a train heading towards the CBD, the group was stopped at North Sydney station by more than 20 police officers.

“Officers boarded and contained the group of approximately 61 to a few carriages,” NSW Police said in a statement on Friday. 

Passengers not involved with the group were evacuated.

Police said the group concealed their faces and were carrying shields and a flag.

Australian neo-Nazi leader Thomas Sewell was part of the throng stopped by police. 

The 30-year-old self-appointed leader of the National Socialist Network was filmed being served by officers with a legal order banning him from attending any Australia Day events in Sydney. 

“You’re being served with a public safety order,” an officer told Sewell.

“I believe your presence in the Sydney City local government area poses a serious risk to public safety,” the officer added.

“This is based on your ideological links, including your associates, your previous attendance and ideologically motivated public order incidents, your criminal history of assaulting members of the public and your goal of intimidating and provoking people.”

Sewell is then told to remain out of the Sydney City local government area or anywhere where an Australia Day event is planned until 11.59pm on Friday. 

“So we’re not allowed to celebrate Australia Day?” Sewell asks the officer. 

NSW Premier Chris Minns responded, saying, “Normal people don’t celebrate Australia Day with a balaclava on” in a statement on Friday.

“Due to great police work millions of Aussies were able to celebrate and come together without a potentially ugly confrontation.

“There is absolutely no tolerance for this behaviour,” Mr Minns said.

Sewell, who defended the group’s right to attend events as “proud white Australians”, previously admitted to attacking a group of hikers in a Victorian state park in May 2021.

He was among a group of far-right National Socialist Network and European Australian Movement members who set upon a group of friends hiking in the Cathedral Ranges State Park.

On Friday morning, Sewell posted a photo of a recently vandalised statue of Captain Cook in Melbourne to X, formerly known as Twitter. 

“A day before our National Day, anti-White scum cowardly tore down a Statue of one of the greatest sons of the Anglo-Saxon race – Captain Cook,” he wrote.

“We will respond, and the world will know, that there are White men in this land who are still worthy of being called Australian.”

So apart from joining the Marxists who are also trying to disrupt Australian society, what did this mob actually set out to achieve?

The simple fact is they have seriously set back the efforts of people like myself who have been opposing Marxism/Communism for many decades by educating the public on the evils of left-wing extremism.

All these neo-Nazi clowns have done is alienate ordinary Australians against them and their creed of ‘white male’ dominance.  

Australia – like the UK – wll never be a Marxist/Communist country and it will never be a Nazi/Fascist one either. The people of these two countries are far too sensible to support extremism in whatever form it takes.

What many of us are trying hard to do is push back on the current wave of left-wing extremism that’s dominating western society at the present time.

But unlike these neo-Nazi louts, we are doing it sensibly through debate and presentation of facts – because that’s the only way we’re going to win.

Aggressive bullying isn’t going to do anything to negate left-wing extremism – all it actually does is encourage it. How stupid is that !

And as for the attack on Captain Cook’s statue in Melbourne …. I’m a member of the Captain Cook Society, so I’m appalled by this act of vandalism and will continue to oppose it strongly through the written and spoken word as well as demand firm action from the Police and the Courts.

There’s no room in Australia or the UK for extremists of any persuasion. 

And there’s no room for ‘white’ racism any more than there is for any other form of racism. All that does is alienate society.

A friendly bit of advice for the neo-Nazi boys: just stop and think guys – take a deep breath – and stop wasting your and everyone else’s time and energy on ridiculous and childish pranks!

You’re not going to achieve anything by scaring women and children on trains!

Thanks to AAP for much of the information in this article