Farmers could be labeled as being guilty of ‘ecocide’ and could face criminal prosecution for simply being involved in farming.

This was among the more controversial positions expressed by participants at the 2024 World Economic Forum in Davos, but it ties into an existing debate around the world on ‘personhood’ status.

Already, there is a growing movement to grant human rights to plants, animals, rivers, and even artificial intelligence. And this is raising concerns over what it means for the value of human life if everything is treated on the same value as a human life.

Environmental damage, known as ‘ecocide’, would become an international crime similar to genocide and war crimes under a proposed new legal definition.

The definition’s recent unveiling by a panel of 12 lawyers from around the world marks a big first step in the left-wing global campaign’s efforts as it now includes actions that can contribute to climate change.

There are currently four core international crimes: genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity, and the crime of aggression. These crimes are dealt with by the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (ICC).

While proponents of the legislation have often pointed to disasters such as oil spills and nuclear meltdowns, it’s been suggested that ecocide could be extended to include necessary functions of humanity such as agriculture and energy production.

A green-activist at Davos said, “If you are campaigning for human rights, at least you know mass murder, torture all of these things are serious crimes, but there is no equivalent in environmental space.

”Unlike an international crime like genocide that involves a specific intent, with ecocide what we see is what people are trying to do in business, is to farm, is fish, is produce energy, but what is missing is the awareness and the conscience of the side effects, around the collateral damage that happens with that,” the green-activist said.

Last year the European Parliament voted in favour of backing draft legislation to recognise ecocide as a crime, but it has yet to be voted into EU law.

However, currently 11 nations around the world have codified the concept into their criminal codes including: Vietnam, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Belarus, Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova, Armenia, and France.

A further 27 countries, including some EU member states, are actively considering following suit, according to Stop Ecocide International, “Enjoy that real meat, fruit and vegetables while you can!”

So, why is such patently obvious stupidity gaining support?

First of all, it needs to be recognised that the World Economic Forum (WEF) is strongly backing this proposal, so that tells us a lot already because supporters of that body include many of the world’s richest and most powerful global players. Its founder and executive chairman is Professor Klaus Schwab.

Their primary goal is to change our current situation of individual countries making their own decisions to one where there is greater centralised control – the New World Order, as predicted by George Orwell in his famous dystopian novel, 1984.

WEF and other such entities would decide, enact and police the outcome of policies affecting all major human-related activities such as food production and climate management.  

Melissa Hart had this to say on behalf of Farmers’ Advance, a US-based farming publication.

“At face value ecocide seems like a worthy cause. No one wants the environment to be damaged. I don’t know any farmer who intentionally wastes our natural resources.  

“In agriculture we are constantly researching ways for producers to grow food and fibre while balancing conservation with yield.  Growers have been adopting new technologies for years and we are all better for it.

“But with anything, we must examine the motivation behind ecocide. Are the motives of the WEF pure? Are they wanting everyone to go electric and vegan for a good reason? Or is their desire to oversee the population and how they live?

“To look at their motives, maybe we should consider their actions. The people belonging to this elitest group met in Davos, Switzerland. How did they get there? Not by electric car or by electric planes, but by private jets that use fossil fuel — over 1500 private jets!

“You and I are supposed to give up our gas stoves, our gas water heater, our car and our tractors, while the power brokers of WEF use fossil fuel to jet set across the globe to discuss things like ecocide and rewilding in the name of ‘saving the planet’.

“Climate activist Jojo Mehta speaking at the WEF in Davos said it plainly…… because farmers are trying to make a living, they are producing collateral damage to nature, and we are just too dumb to know better. 

“She basically wants to enlighten us so that we won’t commit ecocide anymore and if we don’t stop, then we will be thrown in jail — international jail, wherever that is!” she said

It should be clear to us that we have to take note of these developments and be prepared to oppose them in Australia, because the simple fact is:

Global ‘elites’ – corporates and individuals – want to control the rest of us!

And control over food production is a major factor because whoever controls food production, controls the population. We saw that very clearly when Joseph Stalin and Mao Tse Tung controlled the USSR and China respectively.

The famines they created killed millions of people. It was based on the Marxist credo that centralised control of food production is critical in order to ensure obedience.

The World Economic Forum is following that same path and we will all suffer accordingly if they’re not stopped.

One of WEF’s primary objectives is for their big conglomerate members to take over all farms and agricultural businesses and entirely eliminate smaller private farming operations. This will give them total control over food production.

And that’s what ‘ecocide’ is really all about. And it’s happening right now in the Netherlands, France, Germany, New Zealand and many other countries.

We could be next!

Thanks to Josie Fischels at US-based National Public Radio (NPR) for some of the information included in this article