Clementine Ford: “Coronavirus isn’t killing men fast enough!”


Last year, one of Australia’s premier theatre companies came under fire after a number of cast members emerged wearing Palestinian keffiyeh scarfs as a gesture of solidarity with the Palestinian people during the opening night of a major performance.

The controversial protest occurred during the Sydney Theatre Company’s (STC) Chekhov classic The Seagull. The actors involved were Harry Greenwood, Mabel Li and Megan Wilding.

After the protest, Greenwood wrote on Instagram: “It warmed my heart to see these beauties at the opening of The Seagull wearing traditional keffiyeh in protest against the genocide in Gaza and ongoing occupation of Palestine.”

The protest came amid heightened tensions in the Middle East after Hamas’ deadly attacks on 7 October which saw 1400 Israelis lose their lives and many others raped, tortured and taken hostage back to Hamas’ underground tunnels that were built with international funds provided by ignorant governments in countries like Australia.

The fact that many Palestinians joined in Hamas’ brutal attack on innocent Israelis appears to have been lost on these actors. As was the fact that the only people proposing genocide are the Hamas terrorists and their supporters – not Israel.

They also overlooked facts such as Jewish people having lived in what is now Israel long before Palestinians and that the Jewish faith, Judaism, predates Islam by about 2000 years!

STC CEO Anne Dunn said the company had fielded a number of calls from both theatregoers and donors who were angered by the actions of the trio.

To her credit, she said the theatre company apologised for any distress caused.

Dunn also confirmed she would be seeking “undertakings” from the three actors about their onstage actions. This, of course, was attacked by equally ignorant fellow actors.

And now we have the Sydney Opera House management happily endorsing the participation of Clementine Ford at a show planned for next month.

Corrine Barraclough at The Spectator Australia wrote the following about Ford a few years ago when the City of Melbourne handed over a hefty chunk of ratepayer’s money to what she called the “far-left hateful exhibitionist feminist Clementine Ford.”

“The mastermind of the breathtakingly creative #KillAllMen was one recipient of the Council’s $2 million COVID-19 arts scheme.

“Presumably, this was a special thanks for Ford’s contribution to the soaring male suicide rate, gloating about male tears, publicly shaming a mentally disabled man and destroying many careers over the last few years?

“Always keen to remind us what a weeping pustule on the backside of humanity she is, Ford chose the very same day to publicly shame a 14-year-old boy who sent her some hate mail. She publicly divulged his name and photograph and only took it down after the boy’s mother begged her to do so.

“At 39-years-old, she has acquired so much maturity, she decided to publicly name and shame the young boy, and post his photo.  

Why? Because of his gender.

Because in her ugly warped world, men are the enemy in every chapter of the fiction novel.

Don’t be hateful – and you won’t attract hate.  

Don’t try to take the moral high ground – when you’ve chiselled yourself a gutter.

It’s not rocket science.

We should all call BS on Ford’s brand of hatred.

We should all call BS on her lies around masculinity. 

This creature would be expelled if she acted this way in school.

Stop funding her hatred,” she wrote.                                                                    END

And Clementine Ford’s hatred is not just against men, she also has plenty to say about Israel as can be seen in her disgusting commentary after the 7 October massacre by Hamas terrorists and their Palestinian supporters:

As a result of the decision by Sydney Opera House management to endorse and encourage this woman’s rantings at their ‘Play the Girl’ show on 10 March, a petition has been raised that reads as follows:


“Clementine Ford is performing at All About Women at the Sydney Opera House as part of International Women’s Day this March. As concerned community members, we wish to express our strong, urgent concern that Ms Ford is being provided a platform by the Opera House, a globally recognised icon and state government organisation.

Events over the course of 2023 have underscored the profoundly negative impact that dis/misinformation, vilification and hate speech is having on our democracy, social cohesion, and public discourse.

We are of the view that Clementine’s very public communications since the 7 October Hamas massacre has had a significantly negative impact on social cohesion and public discourse in Australia. Antisemitic incidents have increased by 738% since October 7 (source:

As community members, it is our position and that of our signatories that Ms Ford’s content has been a direct and harmful contributory factor in this hateful climate. 

Clementine’s social media content since 7/10 includes casting continued doubt on the horrific gender-based violence committed against Israeli women and children.

She also continues to vilify Jewish Australian women, calling them “enthusiastic supporters of a murderous regime”, “pathetic”, “disgusting” and “fucking basic and gross”.

Ms Ford also continues to dox Australian Jews and businesses owned by Jewish Australians, directly inciting verbal harassment, boycotting and resulting in threats of violence. She encourages her followers to boycott and harass Jewish business owners in Australia. This is racially motivated harassment.  

We wonder if Clementine’s content was instead targeted at Australian women belonging to other minority groups would Sydney Opera House still deem her a suitable speaker? And if said groups expressed their distress and offence to your board, would you also choose to ignore their concerns? 

To have Clementine perform on a world stage at Australia’s most iconic venue (now also known for hosting a mob on its steps chanting “F*** the Jews”) is a gross violation of the rights and safety of our community.

It is a further insult and of great distress to us that you platform a purported feminist who also publicly denies the sexual atrocities committed by Hamas to hundreds of Israeli women. That you have given her a public role for International Women’s Day is truly unthinkable.

Clementine Ford also famously posted in 2020 that “Honestly, the corona virus isn’t killing men fast enough.” Again, this is distasteful, offensive and hypocritical. 

As she has demonstrated repeatedly, Clementine’s behaviour is at direct odds with the values of the Sydney Opera House, the integrity of International Women’s Day and indeed the values that make Australia a socially cohesive, safe and inclusive country. 

We respectfully ask the Sydney Opera House leadership to urgently take measures it considers addresses the above in light of the facts presented above.”                                                                                                                              END

If you would like to sign this petition, just go to

Many thanks to Corrine Barraclough at The Spectator Australia and