Once again, our Minister for High Energy Prices, Chris ‘Blackouts’ Bowen, shows his complete lack of knowledge of nuclear energy – together with most of the other issues relating to his portfolio.

He has also proven his vast superiority over all his parliamentary colleagues in terms of sheer stupidity. 

And that’s quite an achievement given they include complete dolts like Immigration Minister ‘let-everybody-into-our-country’ Andrew Giles and Home Minister ‘let-everybody-out-of-detention’ Clare O’Neil.

The fact is, the world is currently experiencing a huge increase in nuclear energy, something Bowen appears not to understand.

The UK is planning to quadruple nuclear energy capacity by 2050, China wants to build up to 8 nuclear reactors a year, France wants to build up to 14 new reactors and 25 countries at COP28 signed a pledge to triple nuclear energy capacity.

Nuclear power generation is likely to break records in 2025 as more countries invest in reactors in order to reduce their energy costs.

India, Korea and several countries in Europe are likely to have new reactors come on stream, while several in Japan are also forecast to return to generation.

French output should increase even though nuclear already provides approximately 70% of that country’s needs.

All of this is according to a report on the state of global electricity markets published by the International Energy Agency (IEA).

Meanwhile, nuclear energy is banned in Australia!  

Bowen has just claimed that the Opposition Leader Peter Dutton’s support for nuclear energy is symptomatic of the latter’s “culture wars” thinking. Does he even know what that means – because nobody else does?

He also said that “the alleged boom to small modular reactors is…. a mirage.”

These latest idiotic outbursts are all examples of the government’s growing hysteria leading up to the Dunkley by-election, which the ALP-Greens are expected to retain but with a reduced majority. How big the swing may determine Albanese’s future – and possibly Bowen’s too.

In fact, with a bit of luck, the equally incompetent Giles and O’Neil (both pictured below) will also go in any subsequent reshuffle – although that might be wishful thinking given the ALP’s ‘mates’ rule.

Peter Dutton and Ted O’Brien, the Opposition’s climate change and energy spokesman, are meanwhile finalising their climate change policy focused on lowering power prices, firming renewables with nuclear, and ensuring there’s enough gas in the grid to secure baseload power together with coal.

The Coalition policy will include details on where nuclear reactors could be built, the cost of nuclear, timelines on projected delivery and the complementary roles renewables, gas and coal will play ahead of nuclear potentially coming online in the 2030s.

Several prominent ALP right-faction political figures and union leaders support the consideration of nuclear energy, so this creates a problem for our socialist-left government ministers and, of course, the Prime Minister who appears to be gradually losing control of this debate and general influence within the party.

He appears increasingly insecure as time progresses following his total failure with the Voice referendum. His performance in Parliament and during media interviews has deteriorated and he appears cranky and churlish when faced with questions from the Opposition and journalists.

A swing against the ALP in Dunkley of more than 3% would be very damaging to his credibility, much of which has already been lost as a result of his blatant lies on several issues including the recent Stage 3 tax cuts.

The Dunkley by-election result is eagerly awaited on both sides of politics.

Thanks to Geoff Chambers writing in The Weekend Australian, Will Shackelat Nuclear for Australia, the Guardian newspaper and Johannes Leak for his wonderful cartoon