“We will decide who comes to this country and the circumstances in which they come.”

Then Prime Minister John Howard set this standard in 2001.

Now we learn from Senate Estimates that despite Foreign Minister Penny Wong announcing in November last year that only 860 visas would be issued to Palestinians from Gaza, over 2,270 have actually been issued since 7 October.

Moreover, it appears that many of these visitors’ visas were processed and approved within 24 hours of application, which means it is inconceivable that appropriate security screening could have been undertaken.

Australian government officials have not clarified the exact processes being used for these identity checks.

Gaza is controlled by Hamas, a proscribed terrorist organisation, and the region is a war zone. There are no Australian officials operating there, so Hamas provides the so-called ‘facts’ relating to would be immigrants to Australia as well as the number of fatalities etc., which our government and mainstream media dumbly accept.

Two published surveys involving Gazans have shown a very high level of support for Jihadist terrorism with approximately 75% of the population indicating support for the barbaric Hamas terror attack of 7 October.

One such survey by the Palestinian Center for Policy & Survey Research found that 63% of Palestinians favoured “armed struggle” as the best strategy to secure an independent state and to end, what they saw as Israel’s occupation.

This is despite the fact that Gaza was an independent unoccupied state until the 7 October attack by Hamas terrorists and the Gazans who supported them in that attack.

This resulted in 1,200 people being killed – mostly civilians – including young children and babies, several of whom were beheaded, as well as multiple rapes, torture and 240 taken as hostages, including once again young children and babies.

More than half of the latter had foreign passports – from 25 different countries.

Australian Jewish Association (AJA) President Dr. David Adler said the Labor government was “exhibiting a reckless disregard for the safety and security of Australian citizens. It is almost certain Australia is importing Hamas supporters and those who celebrated the 7 October terrorism.

“It is possible we are bringing in Hamas members and operatives. We may even be bringing in some who participated in or assisted the 7 October terrorism,” he said.

Our government, however, says all Palestinians offered temporary Australian visas have undergone the necessary security checks and that there are still strict character, security, and identity checks that must be undertaken as part of the visitor visa process, even for children.

The government says visa requests from conflict zones may receive priority, and there may be an increase to the number Australia would usually accept, but these visas exist as part of Australia’s immigration system and have not been specially created.

The visa in question is subclass 600, which allows for temporary entry for up to 12 months. In most cases, people will live with family in Australia.

Opposition Leader Peter Dutton has criticised the speed at which the visas were being issued, characterising the process as “a desktop search from a person in Canberra in the Immigration Department, without the requisite security checks being undertaken which is reckless…… and it’s also dangerous.”

It’s beyond belief that proper security checks could have been made within the timespan provided by authorities. It has even been admitted that at least one visa was approved within an hour!

So, is this just another lie by the Albanese government – or simply incompetence on the part of the relevant Ministers – O’Neil, Dreyfus and Giles?

Ministers Clare O’Neil, Mark Dreyfus and Andrew Giles

And then we have the issue of allowing far too many migrants into this country.

A new poll has shown an alarming number of Australians are against mass migration, after recent research showed the average Aussie was $7,848 worse off in 2023.

The survey, conducted by the Institute of Public Affairs, revealed that a staggering 71% of respondents believe that the current migration intake is exacerbating the housing affordability crisis for young Australians.

The research sheds light on the growing concerns among Australians as the Albanese government steams ahead with increasing the nation’s migration intake.

62% of respondents in the poll expressed reservations about the federal government’s proposal to allow 1.6 million more migrants over the next five years.

60% of respondents advocated for a temporary halt to immigration until essential social infrastructure, such as schools, roads, hospitals, and housing etc., catches up with the surging population.

IPA’s Deputy Executive Director Daniel Wild said, “Australians are turning against the federal government’s out-of-control mass-migration approach, which is crippling the day-to-day lived experience of the average Australian, making it harder to secure housing, and sending their incomes backwards,” Mr Wild said

He said there was clearly a need for a serious debate on Australia’s migration policies.

Some would say that the time for ‘debate’ is well and truly over. We need to reduce the number of migrants NOW and also ensure that those who are allowed to come to this country have the skills, attitude and personal characteristics that we are seeking.

You only have to look at what happened outside the Sydney Opera House on 9 October and what is currently happening in the Sydney and Melbourne gangland wars to see that we have made horrendous immigration mistakes in the past.

And from what region of the world did all these migrants emanate?

We really don’t want to repeat the same mistake again!

Many thanks to Rex Widerstrom at The Epoch Times, News.com.au and Johannes Leak for his very relevant cartoon