Our one-term Prime Minister Tony Albanese has often claimed that one of his political heroes was the late and great Bob Hawke, Australia’s PM from 1983 to 1991.

That being the case – unless of course Albanese was lying again – you would think he’d take notice of Bob’s views on nuclear energy, which he encapsulated very clearly when he said:

“The time has come when we’ve got to think big if we’re going to face the big issues of our time. We’re going to have to be prepared to think about changes that are quite radical.

“I do appreciate the very strong feelings held by people in this issue.

“The simple fact is [compared] to fossil fuel power stations, nuclear power is clean and is necessary to reduce the impact of fossil fuel.”

Instead of that, Albanese is allowing our Minister for High Energy Prices Chris ‘Blackouts’ Bowen’ to dictate the disastrous direction we are taking with renewables while at the same time ridiculing the use of nuclear energy.

The main thrust of Bowen’s argument is that nuclear energy is far too expensive and also has the potential for a disaster like we’ve seen in the past with poorly constructed and maintained first generation power plants in the former USSR and Japan.

On the latter, he fails to understand that the world has moved on since those events and nuclear energy is now seen to be the second safest means of energy production after solar.

He bases the issue of cost on the ludicrous CSIRO/GHD GenCost report which had so many holes in it that no-one other than Bowen took any notice of it whatsoever.

Its estimates were outrageously wrong and its views on SMRs (Small Modular Reactors) were based on just one example without any reference to other studies that fully support their viability and cost effectiveness.

Bowen clearly believes that the 32 countries currently utilising nuclear energy have got it all wrong and only he knows the real truth. 

The fact that Australia is the only top 20 economy that doesn’t use nuclear energy has gone completely over his head – as well as those of many of his comrades in our Labor-Greens government. 

And Prime Minister Albanese believes nuclear energy works overseas but “doesn’t stack up for Australia” ……… with no reasons given for this absurd claim!

It would be hard to make this stuff up!

As can be deduced from the image above, there is clearly something very strange about Bowen’s bizarre fixation against nuclear energy – but he will never admit that.

Therefore, there is an obvious need for the Prime Minister to show a bit of backbone and replace him before he does any more harm to our economy and people’s lives.

Bowen’s obsession with renewables is causing enormous distress to our regional communities and the cost of his renewables crusade will be astronomical.

Will the Prime Minister step in and at least replace Bowen?

That seems highly unlikely given he’s done nothing in relation to his other incompetent performers like Linda Burney, Andrew Giles and Clare O’Neil. 

Albanese clearly lacks the ticker to make tough decisions and is proving on a regular basis that he is totally unsuited to a leadership role – least of all as our Prime Minister.

LNP Opposition leader Peter Dutton is showing us the way. We need to follow and support him in his quest for commonsense solutions to our many problems.