New York Attorney General Letitia James has announced a new Woke lawfare target: America’s beef producers.

On February 29, Ms. James announced she is suing America’s largest beef producer, JBS USA, for its greenhouse gas emissions.

While announcing her suit, Ms. James claimed animal agriculture is a significant contributor to global greenhouse gases and that beef production is the most significant contributor to animal agriculture’s emissions. 

Ms. James also claimed JBS is misleading consumers concerned about climate change by making net-zero pledges she claims JBS is unlikely to meet by 2040.

When companies falsely advertise their commitment to sustainability, they are misleading consumers and endangering our planet,” said Ms. James.

James Taylor, President of The Heartland Institute, believes that in light of Democrat Letitia James’ abuse of power by targeting people and businesses she ideologically opposes, it is time for attorneys general in Republican-led states to give Woke people and businesses a taste of their own medicine.

“What goes around comes around, which is why Republican-state AGs should apply Ms. James’ tactics against some of the left’s favourite people and businesses,” he said.

Mr Taylor pointed out that electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers market EVs for supposed environmental benefits. However, EVs require lithium batteries, which need materials that are mined at horrific environmental expense utilizing child labour in impoverished countries.

“Also, recent research shows EVs produce more toxic pollution per kilometre driven than conventional automobiles. By Ms. James’ legal rationale, these are prime targets for Republican state lawsuits,” he said.

Mr Taylor also noted the fact that “wind and solar companies claim these renewables are good for the environment, but in reality, they are prime fodder for a Ms. James-style lawsuit.

“Wind turbines and solar panels require lithium, cobalt, and rare earth minerals that inflict massive environmental damage and utilize slave labour.

“Wind turbines and solar panels also require destroying massive amounts of prime agricultural land to produce the same amount of power – or even less – than conventional energy sources.

“Climate activists also claim that air travellers are among the worst climate villains. Matt Damon, Oprah Winfrey, Harrison Ford, Leonardo DeCaprio and many other entertainment divas fly on private jets while claiming to their fans and supporters that they really care about the environment.

“Many of their acolytes are amenable to watching these virtue-signallers because they claim they are committed to protecting the environment. By Ms. James’ logic, those are additional ripe targets for Republican-state lawsuits.

“These are just a few potential targets in a target-rich environment. According to Ms. James’ rationale, each person or business builds an environmentally friendly brand under false advertising that misleads consumers’” he said.

When Ms. James announced her suit against JBS, many Democrats and climate activists applauded her Woke lawfare tactics.

We can expect other Woke administrations to do the same – and not just in the USA.

As ridiculous as the JBS lawsuit is, Ms. James knows she has endless government money and resources to throw into such suits, while the targets of her political lawfare must raise their own money to defend themselves.

Moreover, Ms. James believes that predominantly left-wing New York City juries will likely render any verdict she desires, regardless of the facts or perhaps even the law.

So, what might stop Republican state attorneys general from applying Ms. James’ rationale and tactics against the left? The answer is nothing. It’s up to them.

Mr Taylor asserts that if they don’t give left-wing idealogues a taste of their own medicine, this Woke lawfare abuse will continue unabated and will likely gain momentum.

Exactly the same applies here in Australia. Beef and other food producers need to be supported by governments, retailers, the general public and the media.

Activists need to be stopped by whatever means it takes to do so. We should not let them dictate how we live, what we drive, and especially not what we eat.

Remember, it’s not just the beef producers that would be affected – it’s all of us!

This article was originally published in The Washington Times but has been amended. Original information and commentary were provided by James Taylor, President of The Heartland Institute (