Those were the words of our current Minister for High Energy Prices, Chris ‘Blackouts’ Bowen in 2019 that lost the ‘unlosable’ election for Bill Shorten and the ALP.

They may well also lose the next election for the ALP-Greens given Bowen’s total mishandling of his Energy and Climate Change portfolio.

His latest claim on the cost of transitioning Australia’s power grid to meet his net zero targets has been totally refuted by experts who state that he has underestimated the cost by something in the vicinity of $100 billion!

This follows media exposure of several errors or evasions in his various claims about expanding Australia’s EV fleet.

Robert Gottliebsen wrote recently in The Australian newspaper that Bowen’s climate crusade could very likely lead to an even greater increase in our cost of living.

He also criticised the CSIRO report that Bowen refers to all the time. He said it was “badly prepared” and omitted to include the massive cost of installing transmission lines.

Gottliebsen also noted that it ignored the short life cycles of many wind and solar investments that would add considerable disposal and replacement costs to CSIRO’s estimates.

Opposition Shadow Minister for Climate Change and Energy, Ted O’Brien, commented: “By deceitfully ignoring billions of dollars’ worth of network and integration costs, the Minister (Bowen) is deliberately telling lies and is consigning Australians to energy poverty.”    

James Morrow, National Affairs Editor at the Daily Telegraph. also pointed out that many experts have criticised Bowen’s unwillingness to learn about nuclear energy, preferring instead to stick to his outdated ideological anti-nuclear views that no longer apply in the modern era.

He cited Australian Nuclear Science & Technology Organisation’s (ANSTO) former CEO Adi Paterson – who ran our only nuclear reactor at Lucas Heights from 2009 to 2020 – as one of many experts who have strongly opposed Bowen’s assertions.

Mr Paterson stated that, “Nuclear is costly to build but global experience shows that customers pay less and industry benefits.”

However, the overwhelming issue is the sheer magnitude of Bowen’s net zero campaign and the enormous negative impact it is having on all of us – particularly in regional areas.

The real question Bowen needs to answer is what does he and his like-minded comrades in government and the business corporate sector not understand about:

Because 1% is the percentage of global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions that Australia produces……………… just 1% !!!!!!

In contrast, China produces over 30% and its emissions grew by 10% in the second quarter of 2023, rising approximately 1% over the record levels seen in 2021.

And they are using our coal and other resources to do it !

To potentially reduce global CO2 emissions by up to just 1%, Bowen and his Labor-Greens government are putting all of us through totally unnecessary personal hardship as well as costing our economy trillions of dollars; money that could be better spent reducing our cost of living as well as on critically important defence and national security materiel like drones and missiles.

It’s all about virtue-signalling on the part of politicians and money-making when it comes to billionaire industrialists like ‘Twiggy’ Forrest.

His rant the other day against nuclear energy proved what many of us have always thought about him – that he cares little about Australia and is only interested in increasing his own personal wealth.

This is the man who made his money digging iron ore out of the ground to supply Communist China with what it needed and continues to need in order to build its economy. It’s no wonder he sucks up to China at every opportunity.

He doesn’t support an alternative energy source like nuclear because it would compete with his ridiculous pipe dream plan to produce pure ‘green’ hydrogen, so he disparages it with claims that are totally false.  

According to the left-wing World Economic Forum, China is the largest producer of hydrogen globally, but less than 0.1% is produced using renewable energy sources.

Crackpot ‘Twiggy’ thinks he can produce hydrogen – with an economic price tag – using 100% renewables!

And, of course, the biggest joke is the fact that the greatest beneficiary of Bowen and ‘best mate’ Albanese’s net zero crusade is Communist China.

While they lead us down the path to energy chaos, Xi Jinping just laughs at our country’s futile attempts to prove how virtuous we are in relation to what is simply a perfectly normal cyclical climate change period of mild global warming.


Meanwhile, we are pouring millions of dollars into China’s coffers that helps their military build-up and planned goal of achieving world domination by 2049, the 100th anniversary of the founding of the PRC.

Thanks once again to Johannes Leak for his very appropriate cartoon!