Was it you Jim Chalmers….or you Penny Wong…..No?….then who could it have been? Oh no, it turns out it was our Prime Minister ‘One-Term-Tony’ Albanese!

How unusual for him to not read the room (not)!

You would think, after getting everything wrong with the farcical Voice referendum, Albanese would thoroughly think through important issues and discuss with his colleagues before making important decisions.

Instead – and reportedly against the advice from Penny Wong – he jumped in again with his ‘Captain’s Choice’ option and chose his mate Kevin ‘Pink Batts’ Rudd as our Ambassador to the USA – our most important ally!

It never dawned on Albanese that Donald Trump might make a comeback and return as US President later this year, as he may well do.

It’s just another example of Albanese’s total lack of political acumen – he’s all ideology and emotion – no commonsense whatsoever!

Donald Trump’s recent comments about Rudd were all quite reasonable and measured given the circumstances. However, ‘their’ ABC (certainly not our ABC) couldn’t possibly accept that fact. They denounced Trump in the harshest terms – but what else would you expect from a Marxist collective like the ABC?

They said they couldn’t understand why Trump would attack such a nice guy? What has little Kevie ever done to deserve being treated like this by a possible future second term US President?

Well, how about the following utterances from Rudd’s infamous guttersnipe mouth:

“Donald Trump is a traitor to the West!”

“The most destructive president in history. He drags America and democracy through the mud. He thrives on fomenting, not healing division.”

“I think the general consensus amongst anyone concerned with a public policy process, domestic or international, thinks he’s nuts!”

“Despite FBI warnings, Trump cultivated QAnon conspiracy theories because he profited from them politically and financially. Now we are seeing the consequences.”

“Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Agreement took effect yesterday. This should go down as one of his most dangerous acts.”

You can see why the ABC and its leftie supporters attacked Trump on the last issue.

How dare Trump attack the greatest lie in modern human history – that we’re all going to die as a result of global warming. Rudd even called it “the greatest moral, economic and social challenge of our time” in one of his earlier speeches as Prime Minister.

No, we’re not going to die Kevin from global warming – it’s just a natural cyclical climate change event that needs careful management – not an hysterical response from you or anyone else that scares kids and ignorant adults like the Teals.

Given all the above, Donald Trump’s response at the interview with Nigel Farage on Sky News was very mild. He merely said:

“I don’t know much about him.”

“I heard he was a little bit nasty.”

“I’ve heard he’s not the brightest bulb, but I don’t know much about him.”

Who can disagree with the last two comments? His own colleagues like Jim Chalmers, and Penny Wong were far more scathing in their past comments – although they are all now pretending to support him in order to maintain Labor Party solidarity.  

Best mates Albanese and Rudd enjoy a hug!

Rudd then took a cheap shot at veteran broadcaster and columnist Steve Price – one of the most decent and honest people on the planet.

He referred to Steve’s journalist career as “long, tedious and meaningless.” As Steve replied, “He at least got the ‘long’ part right !”

It then got even worse.

Rudd described Steve as an “aggrieved hatchet man” the “greatest nonentity in the history of Australian journalism.” He also suggested Steve should “step off the sidelines and enter politics”.

Worst of all, Rudd then referred to Steve as being a “coward”. I’d certainly like to see old ‘Pink Batts’ Rudd say that directly to Steve’s face – then we’d see who’s really a coward !

During the past few weeks, Rudd has been sucking up to various Republican heavyweights – something Rudd is eminently skilled at doing. After all, that’s how he got to be Prime Minister – sucking up to his colleagues until they woke up to him.

However, only a fool would believe that these US pollies and officials are not seeing through this shallow little man’s futile attempts to get onside with Trump through them. They are just laughing at him.

And Trump certainly won’t fall for his shenanigans. He will simply ignore Rudd who will then have to resign, as did a former British Ambassador to the USA, Kim Darroch, after he allegedly bad-mouthed Trump behind his back.

Or, Trump might just play along with Rudd’s charade and dangle him on a bit of string for a while.

Given Rudd’s well-known inflated opinion of himself, that might be fun to watch!

Thanks to Sky News and Johannes Leak for his cartoons.