The Walt Disney Company is in deep trouble. Its last four high-profile releases bombed at the box office, losing over $1 billion between them. Once Hollywood’s most successful film studio, Disney was dethroned last year by Universal Pictures.

The reason for Disney’s decline? It has gone woke, to an almost comical degree.

Last year, the company admitted to investors that there was a growing ‘misalignment’ between Disney’s output and ‘public and consumer tastes and preferences for entertainment’. ‘Consumers’ perceptions of our position on matters of public interest’, it said, are risking the company’s reputation and profits.

Viewing figures and box-office sales spell this out clearly. Audiences are growing sick of the woke slop that Disney has been serving them. They are tired with scripts that are weighed down by clunky political messaging. They are fed up with storylines being mangled to fit ‘progressive’ narratives.

They are irked by Disney’s desire to lecture them instead of entertain them.

If it is possible to watch a society – an entire civilization – go insane, we are watching that phenomenon in real time. Across all forms of media, the headlines bring fresh evidence daily.

Western civilization – that aggregation of cultural, political, social, religious traditions that has formed the basis for European societies and those of their current/former colonies/territories – is committing suicide using every weapon at its disposal.

The fundamental principles of Western civilization are drawn from a variety of sources, including Judeo-Christianity, Greek philosophy, Roman government, and British legal theory and practice.

Among these principles are:

  • A belief in the existence of truth and the ability to discern it;
  • The pursuit of scientific inquiry to elevate humankind’s understanding of itself and the world;
  • The existence of the nation-state and the rights and duties of citizens;
  • The rule of law and the importance of private property;
  • The value of honesty and integrity;
  • The need for punishment of crime and protection of the innocent, especially children;
  • The primacy of family and the role of parents in the upbringing of children;
  • And the balance of liberty and individual responsibility as a necessary precursor to limited government.

Each of these pillars of Western civilization is being undermined, corrupted, and dismembered by left-wing activists and socialist governments.

Where we once had a society that held science in the highest esteem, we now hear that men can become women and vice versa by sheer force of will.

Despite the fact that this is impossible as a matter of chromosomal biology.

We once believed women needed distinct, safe spaces for themselves and that they deserved equal opportunities in sports. Now biological males who “identify” as female are permitted to expose themselves to girls and women in bathrooms and locker rooms and are taking women’s places and awards in sporting events.

Anyone who dares raise objections rooted in biology or basic fairness is denounced as a “hater” or a “transphobe.”

We once aspired to the Aristotelian notion of the “city” as a civilizing influence on humanity, a place that “exists for the purpose of living well.” Now hundreds of homeless people – many suffering from addiction and mental illness – live in garbage-ridden clusters of ramshackle dwellings and tents. And that’s if they have any shelter at all.

Citizens who object to the filth, the crime, or the public use of drugs are told that homeless people have the “right” to live where and as they do or even that it is more “compassionate” to leave them to their fate.

Criminals, too, are now released back onto the streets without even the need to post bail, where they are free to continue victimizing others, while citizens who defend themselves or others find themselves arrested and prosecuted.

Both private property and the rule of law are under attack – especially in regional centres like Alice Springs, Darwin, Dubbo and Tamworth. Shoplifting costs retailers millions of dollars and corporations are closing stores in crime-prone areas.

Where there was once a societal consensus to protect children from sexually explicit content, schools now include books with sexual content in their libraries, teachers discuss their sexual identities and preferences with students, and children are encouraged to question or even change their “gender identities” without the knowledge or consent of their parents.

Health care professionals funnel troubled young people into “gender transition” programs, including experimental drugs and irreversible surgeries.

Our federal government no longer protects the integrity of our borders or the citizens residing within; it allows people to pour into the country illegally and does nothing to fix the situation.

Worse than all of these – indeed, at the root of all of these – is the abandonment of truth. Without truth, all arguments collapse like sandcastles.

But for many of today’s most visible and vocal intellectuals, academic theorists, and thought leaders, there is no such thing as objective truth; there is “my truth” and “your truth”; or “power” and “class warfare” and “systemic racism” and “heterosexism” and “ableism” and other “isms” that replicate like bacteria.

And then there’s Prime Minister Albanese’s “My word is my bond” type of ‘truth’.

It took hundreds – if not thousands – of years to create the largely safe, civilized, highly technical Western society we presently inhabit.

The advancements we enjoy – including peace and prosperity – aren’t “inherent” or inborn; they’re not “human nature” and cannot exist where even a significant minority of people do not know them or subscribe to the values that make them possible.

Without the pillars to support it, the entire edifice of what we consider Western civilization will collapse, taking every one of its achievements and attributes with it.

And there are plenty of people in Australia who would love to see the collapse of our society and are working diligently to that end – not least the Marxist Greens and their despicable leader Adam Bandt.

Thanks to Laura Hollis writing in The Epoch Times, Spiked Magazine, Institute of Public Affairs (IPA), and Johannes Leak for his cartoon.