Pictured above are Palestinians celebrating in a street in Rafah, in the Gaza Strip, after Hamas announced it had accepted a truce proposal amid the ongoing conflict between Israel and the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas.

Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh on May 6, informed mediators Qatar and Egypt that his Palestinian terrorist group had accepted their proposal for a ceasefire in Gaza after nearly seven months of war.

Unfortunately for them, their celebrations ceased when the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) commenced its long-promised assault on the Hamas terrorists still hiding behind innocent Palestinians in Rafah.

This followed Israel’s understandable decision not to accept the ridiculously one-sided ceasefire agreement that would have left Hamas in power in Gaza and, eventually, to ongoing attacks similar to the evil and brutal onslaught made by them on 7 October.

The interesting body language shown in the photo above clearly shows that the people concerned aren’t simply celebrating the supposed end to hostilities – if they were they would have just had their hands in the air. This photo, however, has them clearly showing ‘V’ for victory signs. 

If anyone had any doubts about what it would mean if Israel allowed Hamas to continue in government this should surely demonstrate the likely outcome. The Gazan people would have continued to support Hamas and encourage further assaults on Israel just as at least 70% of them did following the 7 October attack.

And if that still isn’t sufficient evidence, then the photo below showing Iran’s Tehran Times ‘Victory’ front page story surely makes it abundantly clear.

A permanent ceasefire, therefore, that leaves Hamas in power in Gaza is clearly totally unacceptable. Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu seems to be the only world leader who fully understands that.

Even some of his own people appear not to comprehend the full extent of what’s happening. They are demanding that he ‘bring back the hostages’ – but offer no ideas on how exactly to do that other than what their government is already doing.

At a time when they should be solidly backing their government and demonstrating against Hamas, they are doing the exact opposite! It’s quite strange behaviour.

Reaction in Iran to supposed ceasefire!

Western democracies who aren’t fully supporting an unconditional return of all hostages by Hamas and also their unconditional surrender are failing in their duty toward a democratic ally that has resisted ongoing attacks by terrorists and neighbouring countries since 1948.

The State of Israel was established on 15 May 1948. A Palestinian State was not established because the conditions required for statehood were not met.

One of the leading architects of the establishment of Israel was Australia’s Dr H V (‘Doc’) Evatt, Minister for External Affairs in the Chifley Labor government, a strong supporter of the Zionist movement.

Evatt was president of the UN General Assembly from 1948-49, and as chair of the Ad Hoc Committee on the Palestinian Question he led the negotiations that brought about the establishment of Israel, which he viewed as a great victory for the U.N.

As president of the General Assembly, Evatt also presided over the historic May 1949 vote admitting Israel as the 59th member of the U.N.

The Chifley Labor government also opened Australia’s embassy in Tel Aviv.

Going back in the history of that region, the map above shows the  Kingdom of Israel (blue) and the Kingdom of Judah (gold) during the 9th century BC.

There is no mention of Palestine.

In the previous century, the Israelite kingdoms of Judah and Israel emerged. These were preceded by a single kingdom ruled by Saul, David and Solomon, who is said to have built the First Temple in Jerusalem.

Therefore, the claim by pro-Palestine activists that Israel in an occupying ‘settler’ nation is complete nonsense. Israel is shown to have existed over 3000 years ago.

The map above will also help explain the term “from the river to the sea”. The Jordan River flows south from present day Syria through Israel to the Dead Sea. The latter is shown on the map in light blue shading next to the Kingdom of Judah.

The Mediterranean Sea is the one referred to in the pro-Palestine chant.

As Prime Minister Albanese has recently acknowledged, the chant is both anti-Semitic and illegal ‘hate speech’ as it calls for the elimination of the State of Israel and the Jewish people who live there.

University students and staff – including Vice-Chancellors – who clearly support what would be, by definition, another Jewish holocaust should be dismissed.

Those who preach hate speech in the wider community should be arrested, placed on trial and, if found guilty, imprisoned or deported.

There is no room for the blatant anti-Semitic behaviour we have all witnessed in recent months – it has to be stopped NOW! 

Hopefully, pro-Palestine politicians like Tony Burke and Jason Clare will not view this article as Islamophobic – it’s just recording the facts – they might even learn something from it!

Thanks again to cartoonist Johannes Leak for his wonderful depiction of their total lack of knowledge and morality on this issue.

Lead image is courtesy of AFP via Getty Images.