In February, the Tasmanian Government’s Parks and Wildlife Services (PWS) undertook a public consultation process to seek community views relating to the reinstatement of the Captain Cook monument at Blackfellows Point.

Overwhelmingly the submissions were not in favour of reinstating the memorial at Blackfellows Point with the majority of the opinion that it was not “culturally sensitive or appropriate to do so.”

Themes included:

• Hundreds of monuments already exist across the nation commemorating the early explorers and colonisation, it was strongly suggested that another was not appropriate.

• Blackfellows Point was seen as a particularly insensitive location to house a Captain Cook memorial.

• Many submissions noted that reinstatement goes against PWS pursuit to acknowledge and pay respects to all Tasmanian Aboriginal people, the past and present Custodians of the Land.

• Globally society is moving away from honouring colonising forces who have displaced First Nations people across the world.

• To some members of the community Cook’s legacy generally represents colonial violence, genocide, ecocide, cultural destruction, dispossession, and ongoing oppression.

• The symbolisation of colonialism and oppression may be disrespectful and painful to some people and the focus should be on reconciliation and healing rather than celebrating European colonisation.

Has there ever been such a Woke response from any government in Australia – let alone one that is controlled by the Liberal Party?

Or a response that is so totally deficient in factual history?

Senator Jacinta Nampijinpa Price astounded the nation during the recent referendum campaign when she dared tell a journalist there were no ongoing negative impacts of colonisation – the only continuing impacts, were positive!

Pointing out that Aborigines have the same opportunities as other Australians, she said that constantly telling them they were victims was “the worst possible thing” that can be done to any human being, creating the impression that “someone else” was responsible for their lives.

She said that those in remote communities who experience the “highest rates of violence in the country” do not do so because of colonisation.

It was often because “young girls are married off to older husbands in arranged marriages,” she said. Domestic violence has been an ongoing problem in many communities and little is being done by taxpayer-funded indigenous groups to stop it.

These were certainly not the answers expected by the many Australians indoctrinated by our seriously failing education system as well as those in the mainstream media who push a victimhood agenda.

Chairing the function was left-wing tabloid Sydney Morning Herald’s David Crowe, who immediately challenged her unorthodox denials about colonialism.

“Would you accept that there have been generations of trauma as a result of that (colonial) history?” he asked.

Referring to her mixed-race background, Senator Price said this would mean that those whose ancestors were brought to Australia in chains as convicts were also suffering from intergenerational trauma!

“So, I should be doubly suffering from intergenerational trauma,” she declared.

This brought the house down and Crowe moved immediately to the next question.

In one fell swoop, Senator Price exposed what historian Keith Windschuttle long ago named “the fabrication of Aboriginal history”.

Captain James Cook

Once again, James Cook is being demonized – this time in Tasmania – as a coloniser and instigator of the so-called ‘invasion’ that supposedly took place from 1770.

As George Orwell stated in his best-selling book ‘1984’ “In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” So, let’s be true revolutionaries and look at the facts.

Lieutenant James Cook left England in August 1768 and sailed on a remarkable voyage of discovery and scientific exploration.

His craft HMB Endeavour was not a warship it was a former coal carrier that had been chosen because it could carry large quantities of food and other provisions on what would be a voyage lasting several years.

On board was a group of scientists headed by botanist Joseph Banks. Together with Banks was astronomer Charles Green whose primary task was to measure the passage of the planet Venus across the disk of the Sun. This would help to improve navigation and also measure the distance of the Earth from the Sun.

Clearly this was not an invasion force but that’s not what many believe – or at least don’t want to believe!

And the level of ignorance doesn’t stop there. According to one survey, 48% of Australians believe that James Cook arrived in Australia not in 1770 but in 1788.

He is therefore falsely accused of having been a member of the First Fleet and therefore, in their twisted minds, a member of the white colonial force that supposedly ‘invaded’ this continent.

As a result, Cook’s statues have been attacked and his memory defiled by these ignorant people.

The truth is James Cook arrived in Botany Bay on 29th April 1770 and was not involved in any activity that could even remotely be called an ‘invasion’. For a start, only he and approximately 40 members of his crew stepped ashore – hardly an invasion force!

He was also under strict instructions from the British Government in relation to any native people he might encounter to: “…..endeavour by all proper means to cultivate a friendship with them.…shewing (sic) them every Civility and Regard.”                                   

Unfortunately, the aboriginal people who met them on that day were aggressive and threw stones and spears at Cook and his crew. They in turn fired muskets to scare them away. The shot used was a light, non-lethal load and meant only to sting and scare. No-one on either side was seriously injured.

Even when Cook offered small gifts there was no positive response unlike that provided by other local people in several of the Pacific islands that Cook visited, including Tahiti.

In view of these FACTS, surely, the Tasmanian Premier, Jeremy Rockliff, won’t support the activists who flooded the Tasmanian Government’s Parks and Wildlife Services with negative and historically invalid submissions opposing the statue’s reinstatement?

We shall see what he has to say.

Tasmanian Premier Jeremy Rockliff