ABC journalist Laura Tingle with PM Albanese

Under the ABC charter, journalists are legally prohibited from taking sides on political issues and must abide to the need for impartiality.

New ABC chairman Kim Williams reiterated this position upon taking the top job, declaring in March journalists who breach this principle should leave the public broadcaster.

“If you don’t want to reflect a view that aspires to impartiality don’t work at the ABC,” he said.

“I really think this is a very serious issue.”

Despite this, ABC journalist and staff-appointed Board member, Laura Tingle made controversial and politically biased remarks during a panel discussion at the Sydney Writers’ Festival last week. 

She labelled Peter Dutton “dangerous” and called Australia “a racist country”.

The comments triggered widespread backlash, including from Indigenous Senator Jacinta Price who claimed the rant was divisive, and from the Coalition which formally asked the ABC for an explanation.

One weekend earlier Tingle fronted political show Insiders on the ABC which broadcast a similar rant, accusing Mr Dutton of spreading “dangerous” ideas surrounding immigration.

“I think what was concerning is for a political leader to come out and say not only is housing the fault of migrants, but you can’t get a childcare space, you can’t get through the traffic on the roads, you can’t get in to see the doctor because of migration – that is lighting this thing up in a really disturbing way,” she said.

“Regardless of whether (Peter Dutton’s) policies make sense, and I would say they don’t make coherent sense in what he has put out in this Budget Reply, the hot buttons he is pressing there are very dangerous for our community,” she told ABC audiences.

What a load of unadulterated rubbish!

Peter Dutton was simply stating the obvious truth that if migrant numbers remain excessively high in proportion to housing availability – including rentals – then property prices and rents would go up, which would increase our level of inflation and cost of living.

Clearly, Tingle has no grasp of basic economics.

And her claim that Australia is a racist country is contemptible. I don’t know if she has ever lived or travelled much overseas but I can assure her that Australia is one of the least racist countries in the world.

And I base that on the fact that I’ve lived and worked in seven countries on five continents and have fought against racism all my life – including in South Africa during the apartheid years.

The only large-scale racism we’ve seen in Australia was when the Albanese government stupidly tried to corrupt our Constitution by inserting the race-based Voice proposal that would have legally divided our country on race.

That has been further extended as a direct result of our pathetically weak Prime Minister and his left-wing comrades failing to act decisively against racist and anti-Semitic mobs of activists calling for intifada and death to all Jews.

It’s the Albanese government and the Greens that ABC journalists should be attacking – not the Coalition parties.

ABC reporter Louise Milligan

And then we have Louise Milligan who has been described as “appearing to move effortlessly and forever among non-critical friends, in what she and they see as a dystopian world controlled by evil men.”

“Milligan’s world as presented in her latest novel is a desolate one, inhabited by predatory men.”

What a great summation! 

Her hatefulness towards men in general and centre-right politicians in particular is palpable.

And, let’s not overlook Paul Barry and Sarah Ferguson.

They are obviously totally left-wing biased and yet they are still allowed to voice their opinions on the ABC.

Ferguson’s recent over-the-top interview with Peter Dutton was the worst example of biased interviewing seen for a long time. Dutton was talking sensibly about a number of important issues and all Ferguson could do to counter that was to constantly interrupt.

What a pathetic, amateurish performance!

Paul Barry, meanwhile, spoke through the back of his head once again on a subject he obviously knows nothing about.……nuclear energy. He made a complete fool of himself.

And this is the man who once told me that he considered himself to be a “good journalist” – I think not Paul.

And where is new ABC Chairman, Kim Williams, while all this is going on. All talk and no action just like his predecessor.

The ABC continues on its left-wing crusade despite all the promises made by Williams when he joined this farcical organisation.

ABC Chairman Kim Williams with PM Anthony Albanese

Along with many others, I haven’t watched or listened to the ABC for many years.

The rubbish they produce frankly isn’t worth watching or listening to and, more importantly, their totally biased left-wing reporting is a complete turnoff – literally

Many people fervently believe that this Abusive, Biased Collective should be totally restructured.

It’s unfair that all taxpayers should have to contribute the enormous amount of money allocated to the ABC – in excess of $1,000,000,000 per annum – when so many of us want absolutely nothing to do with them.

The ABC should be required to raise their funds via subscriptions from those who support them – not from those that don’t.

They should be brought into line with other subscription-based media entities such as Foxtel, Stan and Netflix.

People living in remote areas who depend on the national broadcaster for its news and weather reports could, if necessary, be financially supported.

Let’s hope our next Prime Minister, Peter Dutton, adds this to his list of ‘things to do’ once in office.

It’s appropriate and necessary and way past time to do so.

Thanks to Paul Collits at Politicom and Sky News for their contribution to this article and John Spooner for his cartoon.