It’s not the ABC – it’s News Corp’s Fault!


While other members of our Federal Government’s Senate Committee raised serious concerns about the way the ABC handled Laura Tingle’s recent remarks, Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young criticised media giant News Corporation for allegedly taking advantage of the incident.

“They are so obsessed with the ABC, and they send their cronies in here to attack journalist after journalist,” she ranted.

“Every time they go after you and your journalists, it’s to suit their business model.

“It’s not because they care about the integrity of your journalists, or the message that is being sent to the community, it’s because it suits their business model to destroy the ABC.”

The wild-eyed Senator then suggested that the public broadcaster stop hosting News Corporation personalities and commentators on their programs.

“Blacklist them. They don’t contribute anything to this actual debate. They’re doing the bidding of their masters, and that’s it,” she said.

Isn’t she a great advocate for freedom of speech!?

The Greens just go from bad to worse.

Meanwhile ABC Managing Director David Anderson has admitted that a comment claiming Australia was a “racist country” by Tingle was a “misstep”.

The chief political correspondent for ABC’s 7.30 program, Laura Tingle, has been criticised for the comments made during Sydney Writer’s Festival on May 26.

Tingle also accused LNP Leader Peter Dutton of inciting racial abuse against migrants seeking to buy or rent a property, pointing to his migration cut proposal.

She overlooked the fact that the Labor-Greens government is also planning a major reduction in our migrant intake.

What a great journalist she is – no unbiased facts, just ideology!

During a budget estimate hearing on May 30, Anderson was questioned about the broadcaster’s stance on the issue.

The managing director admitted that Tingle’s comment was a “misstep.”

A “misstep”.….. he didn’t admit that what she did went completely against the ABC’s Charter – just a simple misstep, according to Anderson!

What planet does Anderson and his comrades come from?

Or perhaps it was a Starship? 😉

Anderson went on to say: “Ms. Tingle has expressed regret at those comments–the way that they were summarised and truncated. And I agree with her that that was a mistake. I think it’s a misstep for those comments to be made the way that they were unqualified.

“Laura Tingle has done an excellent job on our platforms, but when speaking off the platform for any journalist to make statements that are not qualified by context and analysis, that becomes problematic in that you don’t apply the same rigour that you would otherwise on your own platform.”

Anderson continued to defend the journalist by saying she did not deserve the “ferocity and frankly vicious attacks” that the ABC observed in the past week.

He also alleged that other media outlets used Tingle’s comments to spread “misinformation” about the broadcaster.

“So, what happens is that with comments like that are then re-reported by other media organisations, you are dealing with misinformation that is hurtful to the ABC,” he said.

“I will say that some media organisations have really taken this and run with it.”

So, the ABC’s official view is that FACTS are actually “misinformation”.

Can you believe this stuff!?

When questioned by a Coalition senator about whether Ms. Tingle should leave the ABC due to the incident, Anderson said that would not be the case.

“I don’t believe that Laura Tingle should leave the ABC,” he said.

Nevertheless, he claimed that Tingle was not let off the hook and was “counselled on the matter.”

Tingle is an ABC Board member – and was ‘counselled’ by a staff member! It would be good to hear what was actually said at the alleged counselling session.

Anderson finished his presentation by saying: “There is some behaviour out there that exists across commercial media. That includes News Corp that we see coming at us.”

So, it’s not the ABC’s fault or Laura Tingle’s – it’s News Corp, Skynews, The Richardson Post and countless others we should all blame for calling out her atrocious behaviour!

It’s time for ‘their’ ABC to be completely restructured and solely funded by subscriptions. Taxpayers shouldn’t have to pay for this nonsense.

Laura Tingle and David Anderson

Thanks to Afred Bui at The Epoch Times and Google/iStock for images.