This time over Nuclear Energy

If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

Joseph Goebbels…. Nazi Germany’s Head of Propaganda

Our Labor-Greens government has embarked on yet another doomed campaign like the one they spent a huge amount of taxpayers’ money on with the race-based and divisive Voice debacle.

Rather than actually looking at the fact that taking a technology-neutral approach to how Australia assesses its energy mix is a sensible thing to do, Albanese and Bowen (pictured above) have decided to run a fear campaign, attempting to scare voters into believing all sorts of nonsense.

The images above and below are examples of their childish propaganda. They want us to believe that nuclear power plants will be dangerous, emit harmful substances, and be located in beautiful places like the ones depicted in their advertisements – even next to the Sydney Opera House!!!

They really think we are so stupid that we will believe this tosh!

In relation to likely locations, the Albanese government’s plans involve tens of billions of dollars of network upgrades, which is essentially big, new infrastructure investments in poles and wires being built across the country.

Instead, nuclear power plants will utilise existing coal plants and infrastructure that will avoid the enormous costs and environmental impact that all of the additional new transmission poles and wires will require.

In terms of safety and environmental harm, the chart below produced by Our World in Data clearly identifies nuclear energy as second only to solar and ahead of all the rest.

To put into context, more people died worldwide from lithium-ion battery fires in 2023 than from nuclear disasters over the past 68 years.

Australian attitudes towards energy sources have also shifted markedly, the 20th edition of the Lowy Institute‘s annual poll has found.

Asked the question “Do you support or oppose Australia using nuclear power to generate electricity, alongside other sources of energy?”, 61% of respondents said they were “somewhat” or “strongly” supportive of Australia using nuclear power to generate electricity, 37% said they were opposed and 2% said they didn’t know.


Albanese has ramped up his attacks on the LNP nuclear energy plans, calling them “nuclear fantasy dreamed up to delay real action on climate change”.

The truth is, the Opposition hasn’t suggested delaying other activities relating to climate change – all they are suggesting is cancelling the ban on nuclear energy and letting the market decide if it is a viable additional source of energy to renewables, gas, hydro etc.

So, why are Albanese and ‘Blackouts’ Bowen so scared of letting the market decide?

The simple truth is, Albanese is against nuclear power for purely ideological reasons. It goes against his Uni student political views in just the same way as his anti-Israel / pro-Palestine beliefs. It’s now in his DNA – infected from his days at Sydney University.

And this is despite the fact that nuclear power plants operate in 32 countries and generate about a tenth of the world’s electricity.

So, what about Chris ‘Blackouts’ Bowen – well that’s even easier to explain. He is just plain dumb! Remember, he’s the guy who was Immigration Minister when hundreds of illegal immigrants died unnecessarily at sea trying to get to Australia.

Then he lost the ‘unlosable’ 2019 federal election for Bill Shorten by arrogantly telling us not to vote for the ALP if we didn’t like their policies! So we didn’t !

He hasn’t the foggiest notion of what his energy portfolio is all about. He doesn’t see it as requiring him to produce cheap, reliable electricity. And he doesn’t know the cost to taxpayers of his ‘Net Zero’ crusade, which is likely to be trillions of wasted dollars.

Wasted because Australia only produces just over 1% of global CO2 emissions, so nothing we do as a nation will have any measurable impact on global warming and the supposed relationship it has with CO2. (Which it doesn’t, by the way!)

What a dope!

And, of course, behind all this are Adam Bandt’s Greens. God help us if they are allowed to continue as the policy makers for the Albanese government.

PM Anthony Albanese and Adam Bandt – watch your back Albo!